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  1. I did a search for shared video memory and another search for Radeon 7560D on this forum and the steam forum, but I could not find anything. I'm trying to find out if there's any information on whether the steam remastered version of Galactic Command Echo Squad works with the Radeon 7560D graphics card. The graphics card has 512 megabytes of video RAM on its dedicated video processor and much more RAM on it shared video RAM processor. The game says it requires 2 gigabytes of video RAM. Can the 2 gigabyte video RAM requirement work with shared video RAM. I have a HP Pavilion computer with a Quad core A8-5600K Processor, in which each core has a clock speed of 4 gigahertz. It has eight gigabytes of system RAM and a Radeon HD 7560D graphics card. Can I try downloading the steam demo? Will anything get damaged if it doesn't work. Will it likely work? If it doesn't work, is there anywhere where I can buy the old version of Galactic command Echo Squad?
  2. As I've said before, I have no plans to make any gameplay changes in this game. All gameplay elements will be exactly as-is in the UCCE v2.0. I'm not planning on making this refresh a bigger deal what I've already planned. Also, the first page in the thread said " Below is what I am doing and is subject to change without notice. 12. An all new 32 mission campaign based on the Insurgent incursion into Lyrius (sound familiar?) and which will feature both space and planetary combat missions. And of course the standard free flight scenario will also be available during which you can still trade, explore, go look for trouble etc". What I look forward to the most will be the new advanced campaign scenario. Combined with the new planetary graphics, I would buy the game just for that reason. I also think there should be more time in between missions to allow for mining and buying replacement fuel and missiles. Will the game still work with a 1 gigabyte memory graphics card?
  3. Universal Combat/BC has no equal in space combat, it appears,when I looked at youtube videos of rebel galaxy and starpoint gemini 2. The capital ships stay in the flat xy plane when firing at other ships-whereas in bc/uc they dive/climb and turn while firing their passive turret arrays. The resource management is also second to none- I bet. The plutonium for shields runs out quickly and you can not have it on for long- or you will deplete your plutonium. Not to mention cloaking, and counter cloaking to see cloaked ships once you progress far enough into the game. Also, the missions go way beyond just destroying things. You have to read them twice to understand what to do. Because of the above, capital ship combat in bc/uc is in a class by itself. You have the best star trek like experience in this game than any other-so it is definately worth an upgrade.
  4. The game is not yet released although there has been protype releases. A google search of listings dated 30 days ago or later say it will be released in 2015. Here are two sites that say that. http://translate.google.com/translate?hl=en&sl=de&u=http://www.gamestar.de/spiele/enemy-starfighter/50854.html&prev=search http://www.gamespot.com/forums/system-wars-314159282/enemy-starfighter-2015s-sleeper-hit-31506842/
  5. Enemy Starfighter looks like a different kind of game. This game is a free room game with a purpose. The purpose is that you engage in a guerrilla campaign against an enemy. In other words you take part in a huge war. This is a lot like Starshatter and Falcon 4. In fact one website thinks of this game as one which has a dynamic campaign. This is at http://www.pcgamesn.com/indie/indie-space-combat-sim-enemy-starfighter-boasts-dynamic-campaign-mission-planning-lots-screen-shake. I found this game while doing a Google search for space combat dynamic campaign. Furthermore, the official game website thinks of this game as a guerrilla war free roam type of space combat game. This is at http://enemystarfighter.com/game/. This is a lot like the new carrier command game.
  6. Games can get stale when the enemy is overpowered and you get the upperhand through ship upgrades. Once the game reaches OP, then you stop playing. Doesn't mean the game isn't good. Just that you don't have to play a campaign to the bitter end. Sometimes, however it is worth sticking with it and seeing if the enemy gets really mad. I saw one person on the forum get attacked by 15 fighters at once. If you determine that the enemy isn't going to react, then it is time to quit-but sometimes you want to stick it out for a while to be sure. Try reading this post where one player really got them mad at post 58 at http://www.3000ad.com/forum/topic/23000029-how-well-is-your-game-going/page-3#entry87165
  7. Yes it is repetitive shooting of other ships- but you do it it with a capital ship. You get to be a big bully and cause lots of destruction. That is appealing. Good air or space combat is important. But if the missions are repetitive, the game is only fun if it has a dynamic campaign. Star Shatter has a dynamic campaign. But haven't tried it to see if it has as exciting a dynamic campaign as Falcon 4. What's good about universal combat is that the mission orders are complex. Many mission orders have to be read twice to understand. The game is only as good as its missions. And Universal Combat has good missions. And very good combat.
  8. Has anybody heard of the game Rebel Galaxy? I did a forum search for Rebel Galaxy and found that it was not mentioned in the forum. It is a game where you get to pilot a big ship and do lots of destruction. The website describes the game well and is very dramatically and interestingly written. Check it out at http://rebel-galaxy.com/
  9. One thing also about universal combat is the missions in a campaign are structured and complex. You get that feeling like you are captain picard because you are asked to do so much. In other space combat simulations, it is straight combat. In fact, in the manual, it says that going on a galactic killing spree does not get you promoted.
  10. Wow, Ensign-1 is hard to find. Glad I came across it on the forum. It was listed in the arcade section of the indie MOD database site. Looks anything but arcade. Looks like a very interesting game- especially because you can go in first person mode on any ship- including capital ships and fighters. The game I thought looked good was Star Point Gemini. What I like about it the most was that it had gimbaled targeting and beam weapons. It had beam weapons even on fighters. Also found out on the forum that Starshatter was not as unique as I thought when I did a forum search for it. Capital ship maneuvering is ackward in that game because it will not let you do a full 360 degree loop.
  11. Simulations may be going more and more niche. Elite dangerous sounds way too hardcore and huge. Whereas the galactic command battlefield is more reasonable.
  12. Unfortunately this is not 1982 when elite first came out. Sophistication was new. So the more sophisticated it was the more people wanted it. That is not true anymore. A huge campaign stretching a galaxy. Seriously. People run away. But in 1982 everyone would want it.
  13. nexus. wow, it puts starshatter to same. looks just as good as naumachia space warfare. Glad to know there are great space games in the pipleline that are being developed or are atleast considering to be developed.
  14. I'm most excited about a number of games on http://www.indiedb.com/. I'm most excited about naumachia space warfare in the combat sim genre. I'm also excited about games in the futuristic sim genre and realistic sim genre on the website. I'm looking forward to the battle tech game, which will be like mechwarrior, a jane's longbow like helicopter game and others. It has a ton of good to be developed simulation games.
  15. I saw naumachia space warfare on http://naumachia.aureasection.com/news/, which is a work in progress and ad astra on spacesim central, which looks like a good fast action shooter.
  16. I have a Saitek X-52 joystick and have the X axis inverted when playing Universal Combat Collector's Edition version 1.0.4. I just downloaded the very latest update for DirectX. When I move the joystick right, I roll left and vice versa. I do not see an option on the joystick to invert the X-axis. When I play other games, the X-axis functions correctly. What could explain this?
  17. Hillarious bunch of a rambling. She took herself way too seriously.
  18. It's good to hear that they're are plans to develop elite 4. Games, however, take for ever to be made once they decided it is a go. Steel beasts 2 still isn't out yet and maybe will not be out for all of 2009. I wouldn't even hold my breath for all of 2010. Let's just hope creating the game is as easy as they think it is so it doesn't get canceled during development as many games are.
  19. Happened to see this video on youtube.
  20. On sidebar of the you-tube videos, I saw videos for the games independence war special edition defiance, and free space 2 source code Project. The website for free space 2 source code Project is at http://www.hard-light.net has anyone heard of these games?
  21. "The weakness with missiles is that you need to keep a lock on the target for as long as 15 seconds to burn through the jamming." False. The only missiles which need to maintain a lock are those with CTL guidance logic. Check the appendix." I was referring to the tips file in the documentation folder, which advised you needed to launch a missile every five to eight seconds to overcome the jamming. A non-CTL missile's ability to acquire a target is unaffected by jamming. However, a missile's ability to hit a target after it is launched is affected by jamming. To overcome the jamming, you need to reacquire the target every five to eight seconds to launch another missile. This is where I come up with saying that "The weakness with missiles is that you need to keep a lock on the target for as long as 15 seconds to burn through the jamming." You need to keep a target in view for an easy acquisition for that length of time. "To burn through the jamming, you need to maintain a lock on the target and launch a missile every five seconds. False. Launching a missile every five seconds is just wasting missiles because each missile will maintain a separate track on the target. The only reason to launch several missiles against a target, is if they are CTL with a quick lock or if they are ATL or ATL/V and you wan to dispatch the target quickly. Launching several CTL missiles at a distant target (e.g. beyond 100km) is a waste of missiles because unless each one has a lock, they will all fly in dumb fire mode. If you are in close engagement with a large or stationary target, the tracking logic makes no difference, since the missile will fly straight ahead and hit the target anyway." That you should not ripple fire missiles for the purpose of overcoming jamming is good advice. For a target that uses jamming heavily, you need to be close enough for a launched missile's flight time to not be much longer than eight seconds. You may need to be closer than that for targets that jam missiles well. To hit a target that uses heavy jamming, you would need to vary your distance so the flight time is the above-mentioned amount, wait for the missile to arrive at the target, and then launch another missile. As for the keyboard remapping link, VP-soft.com is a site that is no longer in business, although other sites refer to this address. If you go to shareware.com and enter the keywords keyboard remap, you will find some good keyboard remapping programs.
  22. Probably the best way to survive combat in a command craft is to avoid the two quickest ways to become destroyed. The first quickest way to become destroyed is to not keep track of additional craft that are hyper jumping to your location to join the fight. Often when you enter a portal, you will first be attacked by a manageable two craft, but then be destroyed in about 20 seconds. In a matter of seconds several ships will hyperjump in to attack you, so that you end up having having to defend yourself against as many as six to eight craft. A good way to keep track of additional incoming ships is to use the fatal system. Since the ships come in so quickly you will need to program a button on your joystick to pause the game before you click on a button to assign a fatal. To pause the game, you can use the pause key or target any object and use the escape key. In the fatal list you will see a bunch of ranges for multiple craft. In one of the columns you'll see which targets are hyper jumping to the command craft, which is you. Therefore, the fatal system can be a good situational awareness tool in addition to a missile acquisition system. Pausing the game every time you need to assign a fatal is not really cheating, because in real life you would get to give commands quickly to your crew to do things like assigning fatal missiles quickly. You'll probably only have time to assign five fatal missiles but you can try to assign as many as all eight fatal missiles. It is a good idea to assign at least two fatal missiles to a target. Even in general, missiles are an effective weapon despite the fact that they can be jammed. You should not just rely on the PTA turrets or the nose mounted fixed gun. The weakness with missiles is that you need to keep a lock on the target for as long as 15 seconds to burn through the jamming. To burn through the jamming, you need to maintain a lock on the target and launch a missile every five seconds. After the second or third missile, the next missiles will start hitting the target. This is difficult to do in the heat of battle. However, only some targets will end up jamming any missiles at all, and you will get a hit on the very first missile. I at least as often get a hit on the first missile as not. Furthermore, considering that it it often takes 15 seconds to aim the nose mounted gun, missiles are definitely worth using. It is also a lot easier to be in the range for a missile shot than for the nose mounted gun. A second way to be destroyed, is to let enemy targets get too close or lose track of their aspect angles, or orientations to you. Every time I am taking heavy damage and target the last enemy attacker, I notice that the TV camera view of that craft shows a front view or orientation of it and that it is shooting sparks off. This means it has its nose pointed towards me and is firing its fixed nose mounted gun. To get its nose off me I turn sharply with the the rudder and dive. I try to get the targets TV camera view to change from a front view to a side view, which would indicate its nose is no longer on me. A good way to get an enemy's nose off you is to dive or climb 45░ and then move forwards towards the target. The TV camera view's orientation of the target should change from a front view to a top/bottom or slide view. It is a good idea to make sure that when attacking a target with the nose mounted gun that the target you're aiming at doesn't also have his nose pointed at you You also need to keep your distance from enemy craft. A good way to do this is to make that go backwards key made into a sticky key so that you do not need to hold it down to keep going backwards. A good way to do this is with a keyboard remapping program such as one from vp-soft.com or a shareware program. The Saitek x-52 can also be programmed to do this. You need to get your nose on enemy targets as quickly as possible to survive. Since a command craft has a low pitch rate, going backwards while turning will increase your turning room allowing you to get your nose on a target. Going backwards helps to compensate for a command craft's low turning rate. Intruders can often be avoided by listening for a crew member to announce that something is out there. As soon as you hear a crew member say that, then you should pause the game and click on the button to turn the cloak on. Then do a hard turn and dive 45░ downward. This will help the cloak make the intruders unable to track you and board your ship.
  23. The space combat genre and sims in general are dead? For how long, because things change fast these days. May be long term for the American market. But what about for India and like countries, which has a huge middle class and number of engineers that would be very interested in games that require a lot of figuring out. Also, sim player enthusiasts have not gone anywhere I don't think.
  24. The space genre has died for the same reason the sim genre has died. All three of the sim companies Jane's, Microprose, and DID, which brought us Total Air War for the F-22, died in the 1990s. Everytime they tried to tone down the realism for accessibility, they get slammed by reviewers-which was a shame for DID in 2001. The development cost required that demand be in the millions. However, big video game companies like any big companies could for the sake of future innovation sell a few products with low profits, like the car companies selling electric cars or Sony and Microsoft selling low profit game consoles. But Space Combat Sims with any travel time have very small wide appeal. Unfortunately, there is the double standard that travel time in flight simulators is realistic while in space combat it will turn you away. Few are able to accept that looking at a black background is not much different than traveling in the air for five minutes between waypoints. In my opinion, the growing sophistication in space combat that evolved from the instant action Wing Commander to Universal Combat, Terminus, and Starshatter was never widely appealing due to longer travel times. I hope I'm wrong, but it may be many years before we ever see games like Starshatter the Gathering Storm, Terminus, and Universal Combat again.
  25. Hopefully, the spammers will instead go to other forums, which have far more readers and allow stupid and junky posts. It's kind of quiet here anyway. Maybe posts will pick up with Talon Elite because a different game will bring up new issues and tactics to talk about.
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