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  1. Reven

    Registration doesn't show

    I posted again in the tech support forum and it was deleted. If there is still something wrong with my sig, or if there was an issue with the post, can whomever deletes them at least PM me with the issue?
  2. I had a post deleted from the UCSE tech support forum the other day - I guess I missed the big "READ ME NOW" sign for putting my registration in my signature. Anyway, I finally did, but I notice that nothing shows under my "product purchased". I thought at first maybe that didn't show on the public one, but other people's registrations show theirs. If I go to edit my registration, it shows, but not when I view it. I'd rather not have detailed posts deleted, so I'd like to know what I need to do in order to make my registration legit.
  3. This is due to the way the file is packaged. It is stored as a Microsoft Windows Installer package file (.msi). This is embedded inside the .exe with a Windows Installer runtime. InstallShield is doing that nowadays and it's pretty brain dead. When you run the installer, this is what happens: 1) It unpacks the .msi insall package into your temp directory along with an .ini file and the Microsoft Windows Installer runtime. 2) If you already have the Micsosoft Windows Installer on your machine it then immediately tries to run it. If not, then it installs it, and adds an entry in your HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/Software/Microsoft/Windows/CurrentVersion/RunOnce registry key that will cause the installer to try and install the package when you reboot. 3) It then creates ANOTHER copy of the package file inside your temp directory. So, you now have the .EXE at 137MB of space and two copies of the package at 131MB each on your system. 4) It then finally processes the install script inside the second copy of the .msi package. I've tried a lot of different ways to try and get it to install under Windows 2000 and no go. But, for the one who is trying on 98 with the small boot drive, what you need to do is edit your AUTOEXEC.BAT and put an entry with TEMP=X:/TEMP where X: is a drive with lots of space. Once you do this and reboot, your Windows temp files will now be on the larger drive (which it should be anyways). Anyone who is developing install scripts, I highly suggest using Wise Installer Pro. It doesn't yet bow to the Microsoft Windows Installer foolishness that InstallShield does.
  4. Reven

    BC3K v2.09 Released

    quote:uhm, it takes 10 engineers to clean an Interceptor? Well, ahem, it was a really intensive date. Lots of repairs needed after they're done.
  5. Reven

    BC3K v2.09 Released

    cruis.in, the person "whining" was me. The situation is this: You have 20 system engineers. 10 of them have been up all night cleaning out Interceptor 3 cuz Lace and Rogue used it for their date the day before (those seats really recline). So you take engineers 1-10 off-duty so that they can get some sleep, and put 11-20 on-duty. You go to assign system engineers to a repair, look at your perscan and see that the system assigned the previously off-duty engineers. Kind of throws a wrench in your crew shift rotations. This way it's simple... if they're off duty, they don't get assigned. If you need them bad enough, then put them (suprise suprise) on-duty, and then assign them. Thanks for the change SC. I don't have to assign people to medibay so much now. ------------------ Cmdr. Tolian Reven GCV Excelsia Ex Turbo Modestum
  6. Reven

    Shuttles not deploying ATV

    Ah. So, the part where is says 'Deploy ATV' and it actually doesn't isn't a bug. It's a feature. The Tacops console is playing "Lets make a deal" with us. Was it not a bug when my shiny new 2.09G version ATV (manually launched) as it followed its waypoints tried to do a 'leave planet' maneuver after it's last SEAD order? Some engine in those vehicles now. Point is, planet ops are still hooped. Every time I try a patch I try the same things: 1) Log onto tacops, send a couple shuttles down to deploy two ATV's, and two teams. 2) Have a space battle in an interceptor. 1 is broken, and 2 the AI still cheats (a game play decision I think is what I was told a year or maybe two ago) and moves ships faster than their max speeds. Thinking about it, the tacops code could be cleaned up a lot if the new Shift-E landing code was triggered just before any deploy/extract command. This would make the elevation problems totally irrelevant. If there is a waypoint after, another Shift-E to launch could be triggered, or if not, the current waypoint could be changed to a 'wait for orders'. Trivial - 10 lines of code. Anyways, thanks for the latest patches. Looking forward to the next one. Reven [This message has been edited by Reven (edited 12-28-1999).]
  7. Reven

    Shuttles not deploying ATV

    I assume that this same issue is responsible for Extract ATV, Deploy Team, and Extract Team waypoint orders failing as well? ------------------ Cmdr. Tolian Reven GCV Excelsia Ex Turbo Modestum
  8. Reven

    boarding parties

    I'd like to know what the logic is for intruder generation. What has to be true for my BC to get boarded? Are intruders beaming off other ships... off other planets? Are they auto-generated on my BC randomly? I had a situation where two intruders boarded my BC and proceeded to the same IC. There seems to be some logic preventing more than two people in an IC, since no one could get on board to kill them. Perhaps when an IC is docked, the IC and the IC docking bay could be considered the same room. This is logical because A) there might be an open canopy and the intruders would be sitting ducks to my techies drilling holes and inserting all sorts of strange and wonderful nasties (gasses of varying lethality, biotoxins, grenades, nanites, biting insects.. etc). Now, Rattler: quote:Hmmmm, Now where did those intruders gain those Secret sheild frequencies? What do you mean secret? I'm leaking them on purpose. quote:they were probably high IQ Insurgents. If you and SC are right, then considering the score (0 marines/ships lost or damaged to 30+ intruders lost), then I'm single handedly depopulating you of your brightest and best. I'll make you a deal, I'll keep leaking you my shield harmonic codes, and you keep on sending your best over for a visit. As for the star trek theme, let this die-hard treky answer something: quote:Didn't you watch StarTrek?...If this weren't possible, then why doesn't your IOD and PTA take down your shields when it fires? In Star Trek, shields are almost completely permeable to anything outgoing. They are one-way force fields only. Outgoing weapons fire isn't affected or limited to shield down-time windows. It's actually unfortunate that 'transporters' are used this way (as a method of intrusion) since a little rational thought will uncover the weakness in the theory. If they are 'beaming' over, then I could simply 'beam' them into outer space. They are being detected on my ship... and tracked. So, unfortunately, it's not something that's practical. Any 'magical' transportation technology posessed by two groups is useless as a method of invasion/takeover. Besides, if they really could beam something on my ship... you'd have to be pretty brain-dead to beam over people instead of a thermonuclear device. Anyways, it makes for good game play, though. I'd still like to know what the rules are for it. ------------------ Cmdr. Tolian Reven GCV Excelsia Ex Turbo Modestum
  9. Reven

    Surface ops

    Heh heh heh <rubs hands in inticipation>. ------------------ Cmdr. Tolian Reven GCV Excelsia Ex Turbo Modestum
  10. Reven

    Surface ops

    Ok, we were told not a lot of devel on surface ops until there was more interest. How about this for sparking interest in surface ops... We were told that we might get support craft dockings at planetary Starbases... but how about this... how about the ability to take over planetary Starbases, the same way we can take over Starstations. I think I can pretty much guarantee that if we could do that, interest in surface ops would soar. What do y'all think? ------------------ Cmdr. Tolian Reven GCV Excelsia Ex Turbo Modestum
  11. The subject says it all. Using the mouse for flying controls would be heaven! If I had a choice, I'd pick control a la Tie Fighter/Terminal Velocity/Descent and not like the old Wing Commander/Privateer method. Switching in and out of control mode with the mouse could be as easy as a right click on the button. Since left clicks are used for all the popups, this shouldn't interfere.