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    Online Appendix?

    Hi what up every body I just Started playing Battlecruiser millenium very shortly ago. I have a gametap account and play thru them.Battlecruiser and universal combat gold were added to the gametap library a few months ago. I then started playing battlecruiser not long there after. At first it was very hard and confusing. Then gametap added three documents to there websites manuals page. The first its user manual second a tutorila and third key mapper. After this every thing began to make sense and I was able to survive and complete a mission. Missing from the game and documents gametap provides is Stats and info on dif crafts and weapons. In the user manual and the tutorila documents it makes refrence to an online appendix. A place with stats and info on everything from battlecarriers,cruisers,transports,fighters,shutles,ground vechiles,and of course all the diffrent weapons. It also makes refrence to a map and a listing of space stations and starstatons. I have had to kinda just expierament around with the diffrent carriers and cruisers. Had to kinda just figure out on my own what roles better suit each diffrent carrier and cruiser. I would still like to see some stats and info on the diffrent crafts. So I guess my overall question is does this online appendix still exsist? Or is there some other online refrence to ship and craft info and statistics?