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  1. I could have sworn that was the thread i read yesterday and it said [email protected], but i had everything right other than that email. Ok I dont know what the heck happened to my game, i have editted it in no way or done anything like that, but something is really messed up somehow, among the mining drone disappearing, now i have what seems like some tech issues. Iridium wont go down with cloaking on, and the RLI wont go up and radine is reading 0 while i have over 2k (RADINE).
  2. Almost messed up askin how to send it, took me a little while to figure it out. I had a lot of bad issues earlier playing through gametap but after i got the real game, this is the only problem, i might have missed something somewhere but i swear i have tried everything i could find in the manual and searching the forums and i cant find drone 3 anywhere on LV115. Which UC title is the latest? I am getting it as soon as i can get a downloadable order site, i thought UC Gold was, seems it is not, but love my wife for gettin it anyway. Thanks SC - Edit Er crap, my yahoo mail is giving me a Failure Message, wont let me send files to [email protected]
  3. I had some issues the other day and TOWed a mining drone to space, you might can try using the Support Unit Locator (SUL) on the radar (TRS), my mining drone showed up with that selected I believe. TOWed it back down and picked it right on up. However, i have ran into another problem with my mining drone, i had assigned all my drones to LV115 - I am Gammulan and thats where i started so I have been mining there for a while now - but here rescently mining drone #3 has disappeared. Tactical - 3 Item Quantity ------------------------- Drone 3 Deployed Status Deployed Level 100% Assign LV115-Full Drone 3 s Drone 3 Not on Board __________________________________________ Commlink - Current 13:12 02:10 Mining Drone 3 deployed from SC-1 __________________________________________ Tacops - Observed LV115 and used the zoom option and tried every selection (always show on Support Units) but it doesnt show up ___________________________________________ Anyone have any ideas or suggestions? I have enough money to replace it but i cant do anything while it is still active. I am currently on my 3rd mining run w/o DRN-3, at this point Id really like to replace it or find it. Maybe he found some Iridium
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    Signature Tests Here Only!!!

    Sorry, thanks
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    xtracting mining drones

    I dont mean to sound stubborn or whatnot, but i have had the manual open on my labtop for 2 days while grinding hours away at learning this game, I do realize i could have missed a few things which is why i dont ask some of the more ridiculous questions that i know i prob just missed in the manual. I have a lot of respect for the idea and really wonder why it wasnt/isnt better advertised. ==GAME KEYBOARD COMMANDS== FIRST PERSON MODE -HOLSTER CURRENT WEAPON 0 Page 3 of 3 Doesnt do anything, weapon (sniper rifle) stays at his side in what would seem to be a pistol holster - aimed at the ground, weapon is in the lower left window showing as if it is equipped, my AEs hands also assume the position, holding the rifle - invisible rifle at that - and i can use it, but its aimed straight at the ground (while hands are aiming the invisible gun straight ahead) and in F9 view it is in the holster at his hip. (can submit a Screenshot but i have to leave for LA in 2 hrs and wont be back until 26 Dec) ==GAME MANUAL also end of GAME TUTORIAL i was using earlier== -7.1 SHUTTLES MINING OPERATIONS Page 62 of 96 ect ect To later retrieve the drone, you can either use the same steps above, but set a extract drone waypoint near the drone, or manually fly a shuttle and retrieve the shuttle yourself, using the shuttle HUD menu. I did that, but the mining drone would not extract, with the correct drone number, the shuttle circled - i changed the proceed to next wp to 4km, added next wp to extract drone #ect (tried with both Setpos and without a Setpos, even with a Setpos it didnt matter cause the drone was long gone from the pos b4 the shuttle arrived), now it landed and gave a ... ahh forgot the shuttle said it was taking off in 5 or something (did same with Extract Team, but i had no issues at all with extracting team), but the mining drone kept roaming, wouldnt stop. This was all through TACOPS, i had no problems extracting manually.
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    xtracting mining drones

    alright took me a while to find this thread but.. ok, i am new to the game, 2 days xp so far, well, 0 days since i just bought the game and have to start over, was playing through gametap Anyways, i was curious what the correct proceedure is for extracting a drone, i tried using TACOPS and setting WP to Extract MDrone #ect, tried issuing commands to the drone itself which didnt give me any options but still i could not get it to stop roamin around aimlessly, i TOWed the thing to space while i set in my G-Super Carrier and tried / and ALT+D and didnt work so i called the marine incompitent and if i could have i swear i would have put a bullet in his head, so i told him to dock and i sit my ass in the shuttle, launched and TOWed it BACK to the moon i was mining and used the interface option to the right just as quick as i disabled the TOW to extract it, it worked but i would like to use all 4 drones and if i gotta extract manually thats going to be rough. On a side note, i cant use my AEs guns, for some reason i cant unholster the gun, i press 1-3 and it equips the wristlaser/rifle/gun or whatever BUT it doest come out of the holster, i zoom in and it is aiming at the ground straight out of the holster, while my hands in F9 have assumed the position. I can use nades though, i have to run like hell after i toss em at my feet but it works, and if my marines are distracting the enemies i tried to jump over with my rifle equipped and shoot em in prone, but never could get a hit ... This is with gametaps version so i doubt ill have the problem now IF its not a user error which is what im asking.
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    Signature Tests Here Only!!!

    I am not good with computer techy jargon/nomenclature and whatnot so i will more than likely need revisions eh i build my pcs and rebuilt comm/nav systems on the AWACS, but i cant pass a basic pc college course ...