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  1. I could have sworn that was the thread i read yesterday and it said [email protected], but i had everything right other than that email. Ok I dont know what the heck happened to my game, i have editted it in no way or done anything like that, but something is really messed up somehow, among the mining drone disappearing, now i have what seems like some tech issues. Iridium wont go down with cloaking on, and the RLI wont go up and radine is reading 0 while i have over 2k (RADINE).
  2. Almost messed up askin how to send it, took me a little while to figure it out. I had a lot of bad issues earlier playing through gametap but after i got the real game, this is the only problem, i might have missed something somewhere but i swear i have tried everything i could find in the manual and searching the forums and i cant find drone 3 anywhere on LV115. Which UC title is the latest? I am getting it as soon as i can get a downloadable order site, i thought UC Gold was, seems it is not, but love my wife for gettin it anyway. Thanks SC - Edit Er crap, my yahoo mail is giving me a Failure Message, wont let me send files to [email protected]
  3. I had some issues the other day and TOWed a mining drone to space, you might can try using the Support Unit Locator (SUL) on the radar (TRS), my mining drone showed up with that selected I believe. TOWed it back down and picked it right on up. However, i have ran into another problem with my mining drone, i had assigned all my drones to LV115 - I am Gammulan and thats where i started so I have been mining there for a while now - but here rescently mining drone #3 has disappeared. Tactical - 3 Item Quantity ------------------------- Drone 3 Deployed Status Deployed Level 100% Assign LV115-Full Drone 3 s Drone 3 Not on Board __________________________________________ Commlink - Current 13:12 02:10 Mining Drone 3 deployed from SC-1 __________________________________________ Tacops - Observed LV115 and used the zoom option and tried every selection (always show on Support Units) but it doesnt show up ___________________________________________ Anyone have any ideas or suggestions? I have enough money to replace it but i cant do anything while it is still active. I am currently on my 3rd mining run w/o DRN-3, at this point Id really like to replace it or find it. Maybe he found some Iridium
  4. I am not good with computer techy jargon/nomenclature and whatnot so i will more than likely need revisions eh i build my pcs and rebuilt comm/nav systems on the AWACS, but i cant pass a basic pc college course ...
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