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    Vista-only game cracked to run on XP

    I shopping for a laptop right now. with the frustrations I've had with windows and this "turn your PC into an XBox360" crap.I am getting a mac. which reminds me..... Microsoft is at it again: Just saw beginning of E3 yesterday on G4. They are putting all this crap on the XBox 360. It bad enough that they are trying to turn your PC into an XBox 360, now they are turn your XBox360 into an IPod. And they announced a new console...you ready Exclusively for Halo fans: An XBox 360 with...... a new paint job. Don't all jump up and go buy it at once. I am surprised that they didn't mention any of your UC titles.
  2. Tobias Panax

    The $67 Million Pants

    I hope this idiot is disbarred. The last thing we need is people like him deciding the fate of city agencies.
  3. Tobias Panax


    one word: AWESOME!!!! I only wished that they had more character development with all the cybertronians(Starscream didn't get enough screen time in my opinion) Other than that good all around. Go see it! Then see it again! Then take your significant other to see it! Then take your neighbor to see it! Then take your mailman to see it! Then take...... 20/10
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    New recruits wanting to join, report here

    I want my role to be the representative of the Falkyrie resistance.
  5. [OOC:]Hello everyone, I decided to add some Falkyrie flavor to the UC universe.Just ordered UCSE this week and I look forward flying and fighting with all of you.I have been a forum lurker over a year and have amused myself with BCM..until now.The Gammulan players seem to ave become inactive lately...someone must have told them that I was coming(lol).In the meantime, enjoy my little story.....[/OOC] Prologue: "Every Revolution was once a thought in one man's mind" -Ralph Waldo Emerson August 12, 3005 Falkyrie Homeworld,LV-103,Gammulan Quadrant "Why do the Valkiies hate us, mother?" a wide-eyed Falkyrian youngling asked. Sadness welled up in her eyes, and soaked her plumage as she searched for an answer. Ju'iel was right.This is worse than the war. For centuries, the Falkyries had lived a quiet existence at the edge of known space.The Peace loving counterparts to thier more agressive sister race, the Valkyrians. The Valkyrians grew gealous of the attention that alien traders gave to the Falkyries.A peaceful Kingdom wedged between two empires. Just when it looked like the falkyries were going to be caught in the crossfire of an Imperial war, the Gammulans and the Valkyries signed an alliance treaty.The result was "The Great Ultimatum" and the partitioning of Falkyrie territory between the Gammulans and the Valkyries.
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