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  1. Is this scenario limited to fleet members only? I've played it a couple of times already.
  2. TDH seemed like a good corp to me...but that corp died because no one wanted to play MP... Intercorp died before UC was released. [ 08-23-2007, 09:54 PM: Message edited by: BC_Vet ]
  3. Curious.. Jag hasn't replied yet. Inquiring minds....
  4. hehe ROFL!! More proof that these "vets" of this game, prolly don't ever freakin PLAY this game. Obviously my reply was self-evident, so either you didn't read it, or u ain't never been there. The beauty of this game is that u can play forever and never see what I've seen or did what I've done. There r no vets in BC...only people that have played this game forever.
  5. quote:Originally posted by Quazar: Today, the situation is kind of how it was in May 2004 (when MP really got going in earnest), and that's this: Fleets need players. To attract and keep them, Fleets should undertake periodic MP, RP or both, as their members see fit. It's really that simple. If you can't afford the time to play online as much as you would like, that's fine. Really it is! [smile] We want you to take part in the action - no matter how sporadic your participation, or our scheduled events may be - because you being there makes it more fun for the rest of us.Why isn't there any mention the the indie fleet started by Shingen? I've read most of the indie forum and why aren't they also part of the fleet history? It seems he was able to to enlist the same amount of members as the rest...and were active within Fleet MP more then most, but no mention of "TDH". True there was some sort of conflict between parties, but does that negate the history? No, I'm not trolling..just asking. However, in the final assessment, I would have to conclude that there is no active Gammulan leadership. Chavik, Sho, u need anyone in your fleet? I'd rather be indie or Gammulan, but there isn't much point. Thank u all for you replies. Knowledge is Power.
  6. Anyway.. I'd be happy to join a Gammulan fleet, and participate in regular fleet activities, if there is some sort of active leadership. If Gammulans have to report to some GalCom leadership, then I ain't interested... as it blows the whole mythos. If needs be I can provide a domain and website for the fleet.
  7. quote:Originally posted by Remo Williams: The person with the answer to your question is Shohashi I'm sure he'll speakup soon enough patience. These guys care believe me you don't stick around for as long as they have and not care. Yeah well if I didn't care i wouldn't be here either.. just cause I got a 2007 account don't make me a freakin' newbie POS. Good ta see ya Remo.
  8. REMO!! Hell yeah. From the horses mouth to God's ear.
  9. u know.. for what it's worth..never mind. Obviously no one has an answer, nor cares anyway... Sad.. Gammulans deserved better...
  10. quote:Originally posted by Kalshion: What is it you don't understand?Why no Gammulan leadership in either RP or MP? I thought the topic was self-evident. What part didn't u get? It's just a conversation, dude. Aren't you following along here? C'Mon it can't be that hard. UC MP started in and around May of 2004. Roughly. Since 2004, how many times did the current Gammulan fleet participate in RP or MP. Answer? None. Not Once. Look. I came here to inquire about the Gammulan fleet, but if I am to be a crucible..so be it. Execute me, ban me, condemn me and be done with it. The truth and the question remain: Who controls the Gammulan Fleet?
  11. Nothing. I was off-topic in that forum and was corrected. Now we are on the same page..yes? Aren't you following this whole drama? Please read above. I could quote if u like.
  12. Thank u.. aramike. I agree whole-heartedly. However.. the topic at hand remains. Truthfully, if the community cannot tolerate inquiry then something needs to be re-evaluated.
  13. OK..sue me.. I'm curious... quote:Originally posted by Jaguar: quote:Originally posted by BC_Vet: My apologies..but some things need to be asked. In their proper places, and this was and is not the proper place. You want to raise caine about the Gammulan fleet, take it to the gammulan fleet forum and we will discuss it, although, you may not like what I have to say about it. LOL I'll bite. Why no Gammulan leadership in either RP or MP? But this CAN NOT be a banning offense. Free and open discussion or none at all. If we can't be civil I don't wanna play
  14. I stand corrected. My apologies..I simply posted what was perviously stated. I had no idea that there was a vast web of politics behind it all.
  15. quote:Originally posted by Kalshion: Because its a requirement to join any offical fleet? You have to register in the database, there is no reason to argue it.Please read my above post. I wasn't making an accusation..but asking a question. What purpose is applying to a database without active fleet leadership? I was informed that THERE WAS NO ACTIVE LEADERSHIP. quote: Thats correct: The SC stated that only the current version of his games have MP, meaning you won't find servers for older versions of UC, just the newer version. And no, as far as I can tell, fleets were never intended to be an advertising vehicle, as you so put it, they are intended as a place for people to get together and take part in fleet matches or roleplays.Again, please re-read my above post. I simply stated that in order to PARTICIPATE in any sort of Fleet Action scenario, one needed an updated version of the latest UC. Which would completely EXCLUDE anyone with an earlier copy of the same game. Ben has solved this (at least to UC 2.00.30), but again I WAS JUST ASKING. I appreciate ur comments, but they seem rather hostile, and I can't fathom why. Perhaps it's just me.
  16. quote:Originally posted by ShoHashi: I totally concur with this. We will revert back to the way it was before the initial announcement was made with Jaguar originally being the leader of the Gammulan Fleet unless he decides to officially step down in that capacity. -Sho Well Sho whatever.. you yourself said that there wasn't any Gammulan Fleet leadership, now there seems to be a wave of obvious mis-directed hostility. I probably unintentionally opened a can of worms here...
  17. wtf? Is there someone in a command position within the Gammulan fleet, or no?
  18. quote:Offensive Advisor Jaguar GMV Prosterno(bringer of Destruction) Gammulan War Council Head of Diplomacy Fleet Recruitment Officer, Gammulan MilitaryHey..wait a minute.. what's wrong with this picture?
  19. The problem with launching all your assets around a friendly station is that you might come back and find some of your craft SOS or destroyed. AI pilots will engage hostiles anywhere in the region if u leave them on default SAD orders. With pilots below 50 AI, I couldn't advise this tactic, it's cheaper just to shut off launch control, walk back to ur shuttle and then u won't have to worry about losing assets when u r out-of-system.
  20. Curious. Were you planning on revamping the forums as well?
  21. quote:Originally posted by ShoHashi: By joining in the Fleet Database.And what purpose would that serve? Would I be in command on a defunct fleet? I fail to comprehend here. What use is applying with the database? quote:As of right now...for Fleet Action.Yet to play in Fleet Action one needs the updated, upgraded version of Universal Combat that the servers will support. For Fleet roleplay one simply needs access to this forum. Were the fleets intended as an advertising vehicle? quote:Way back when...before there was MP in the game, Fleets interacted with each other via RP threads. When MP materialized, most of the Fleet interaction moved on to MP matches to include the current Fleet Action. There was still some RP, but it slowly started to become inactive. Unfortunately, Fleets are a shadow of their former selves with a lot of the people just moving on or whatever. There is still a handful of active people in the Fleets trying to keep it going via Fleet Action, including Ben, Eclipse, Chavik, myself, etc.Yes, I remember Blades, Gallion, Chavik, aramike, Desylva, Tac, Rattler, Ben and Shingen. It just seems to me that these stories were the very reason for fleets in the first place, and once they died, so died the fleets. Just an observation.
  22. quote:Originally posted by ShoHashi: At this time, there is no one in control of the Gammulan Fleet.If no one controls the Gammulan fleet, how does one apply for membership? quote:I'm not entirely sure, but perhaps the current active fleet members just don't want to be part of RP for whatever reason.Then what is the purpose of a fleet? quote:That is not true. RP activity is not a requisite for fleet membership. -Sho Again, if some sort of activity (either MP nor RP) isn't required, nor expected, then why have them in the first place? Again, I'm just curious.. then there is this above: quote:Originally posted by Remo: The 3000AD fleets will no longer follow the status quo of inactivity that weÔÇÖve followed the last few years. All fleet members must contribute to the fleet by either RP or MP activity to maintain fleet membership. If you do not have the time or desire to do either please state your resignation here so that you can be removed from the DB and no longer receive any fleet notices by email. It seems to me that the fleets used to have a purpose..now they are just dead. Sad.
  23. Just curious here, but who's in control of the Gammulan fleet? Has it been dissolved? Also, why isn't there any fleet presence in RP? From what I can ascertain, RP activity seems to be a requisite for fleet membership, yet there aren't any fleets active in RP.
  24. You have to turn the autopilot off and shut off power to the engines in Logistix before you even try to leave. That way, when ur gone, none of ur crew can take off and crash land ur brand new CC into the side of a mountain. Hell, sometimes, I'll even launch my shuttle, land and exit it, then walk back to the CC and turn off launch control before I leave the planet. Just in case.
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