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  1. Harald

    Battlecruiser Millennium FREEWARE

    Fortunately, I found a newer Reader which solved my pdf-file-open problem. Harald
  2. Harald

    Battlecruiser Millennium FREEWARE

    My questions: I cannot open the pdf-manual files in the bcm 10903 free bundle. 1. Is there another source for these files? 2. Are the files mentioned below valid for the bcm 10903 version? 3. If not, where can I get them? 4. If yes, is there an additional source which works faster? Thanking you in advance for your patience. Harald quote:Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr: It looks like I forgot to include the PDF manuals in the install script. ooops I have sent them to 3DGamers and should be posted here later today. If you just extract the archive into the game folder, the two PDF files will go into the DOCS folder and the shortcuts will work correctly. EDIT: 3DGamers have their mirror up now. The others should follow suit shortly.