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  1. UC-CE patched to the latest crashes upon exiting a vehicle or starting out on foot. Anyone have a solution?
  2. I downloaded the game via direct 2 drive, what do i need to put in 'key'?
  3. The machine I am running the game is not a low resource machine. 3800 X2 2GB of Ram Nvidia 8800GT 512mb If the option is available and there is no hint (during crash or where the option can be turned on or OFF) that it may cause problems on 'any' machine; then it is a bug in your software that people are paying for. But since there is not a large group of people here that have this problem, I figured this would be the ideal place to post and document it so they may search for it later so they aren't flamed for re asking. I'm going to assume 'Supreme Commander' often flames his board members judging by the way they make posts on this board. ...and now, it is peanut butter jelly time...
  4. the process of configuration elimination has revealed that "Optimize Models" option is causing the crash. Turing this off will provide a temp solution for anyone having this problem.