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  1. Wow!!! Ok, I'm late coming in on this one, but I just wanted to post my impression of this game. I love it. As with all of 3000ad's games you have to read the manual, think about how you want to approach the problem and then get ready to die many, many times before you either get the hang of it or give up. To be honest, I have not been playing many flight sims and had to dust off the X52 joystick. It did not take me long to get the hang of it, but I kept on targeting the wrong craft and would get blown out of the sky before realizing that I needed to kill those guys first...once that happened I was rocking. This game works as designed. I did not have any problems running it and looks good. Fluid game play along with a tough AI makes this game a real challenge. I have not had this much fun with a flight sim since UC. So, I decided to re-install my UCCE, but could not find the update that was given for free years ago...no worries though, I bought the v2 UCCE, installed it and immediately had fun in space. Nice work Derek!! And thank you! Nick
  2. As always Derek I am impressed. Good to see you cranking these games out. I have been silent but continue to buy all of your games. This one looks good and is on my list. Good luck to you...
  3. Happy Birthday Derek! Midlife huh? You have done well... I like the look of your newest release. Finally sold out, but in a good way... Nicholas Dogris, Ph.D.
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