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  1. The problem with leaving the CC on a planet is that while you're gone, the aboriginal delinquents will come out of the jungle and spray-paint graffiti all over it. Doesn't do much for your reputation.
  2. quote:Well, I'll speak about my own experience, with UC:AWA and UC:SE (oh, and BCM). The speed of every space asset has been significantly reduced from BCM to UC:AWA (What? why is that Firestorm crawling at like 161 m/s?!) I guess that's your issue. Dont know if vehicle speeds have also been reduced.Not an issue, just wanted to know if that was the way it was supposed to be. quote:As for the NAV/TAC modes, you should take a look in the manual, it's likely to be there.Haven't been able to find it yet. Asking for help is a last resort, when I've run into something I jsut can't find or figure out. quote:If these boxes are annoying you, open up the RTM, in the VDD. Then, filter what you'd like to be shown on your TRS and your TDD. Slap me and call me stupid!! I'd completely forgotten about that. Thanks for the reminder. I've been playing with BCM for some time now - to the occasional annoyance of my wife. Now I have two games she can be annoyed about! I've been playing UC in Roam mode until I get the hang of some of the control differences, etc. So far, it seems to be more challenging than BC. Which is cool since I'm always up for a good challenge.
  3. Just bought UCG yesterday. That's about as high as I can go until I upgrade a couple of things. I find it to be just as enjoyable as BCM, though there are a few things I haven't been able to figure out, even with the manual right in front of me. First, the speed of my ship is a lot slower than it was in BCM. My ship of choice is the Megaron, but it's top speed in UCG seems to be about a third of what it is in BCM. Is this part of the game's design, or have I missed something, somewhere? Second, in BCM, you can switch between Nav and Tac modes on the display simply by clicking on the word. That doesn't seem to work in UC, so if it can be done, then how? And lastly, those little boxes that display some ship information. (Type of ship and distance.) Is there a way to get rid of 'em? Sometimes there are so many of 'em cluttering up the display that I can't even see what I'm supposed to be shooting at, let alone actually doing any shooting. All in all, a very satisfying way to kill an hour or twelve (OK, twelve. ). Some of the control changes are taking a little getting used to, but that's part of the fun. (although the first time I pressed SHIFT +E and nothing happened, I admit to panicking just a little - like right into the ground. Oh, well.
  4. Perhaps I've just been lucky, but whenever I feel like gallivanting around in a shuttle, I generally just tell my CC to go park itself at the Star Station that's nearby. Or sometimes I'll tell it to defend the SS. Never had a problem - When I get back, the CC is intact, all of the support craft are still there, and if there have been any intruders, my Marines have slaughtered them, because I never seem to have prisoners on board that I didn't already have. I don't believe I'd leave my CC unattended on a planetary surface, though.
  5. I've played with the UC demo, and I liked it (except for those annoying little boxes with ship information that clutter up the screen. Can't even see what you're supposed to be shooting at!). But I'm also a bit hesitant to pay for something that isn't supported by the publisher/whatever. We're on a very tight budget. $20 may seem like nothing to a lot of people - it doesn't to us.
  6. In the Errata section of the Appendix, I've seen these objectives listed: 1. Gain more member nations for Galactic Command. 2. Allocate resource units to build additional starbases, starstations, and defense systems within the Terran quadrant. Can these things actually be done? It'd be pretty cool if you could save up a qudragazillion creds. and then build your very own starbase!
  7. RT, I meant a specific game objective. Something like taking eight Marines and destroying/capturing a certain objective. Landing Marines with the objective of "blow stuff up" is about as appealing as zooming around the galaxy with no other purpose than to blow stuff up. I do have one objective left, though, that had slipped my mind. I never did locate the Reingard. Now I have purpose again. If anything gets in my way, I'll just have to blow it up, but blowing things up is no longer all I have. While I'm here, does anyone know of any other campaigns that have been written for BCM? That would be cool.
  8. 'Cause I had nothing better to do, I tried some mining. Can be quite profitable. I'm one of those that believes a "campaign" is going to have certain objectives, and when they've been achieved, or not achieved, then it's either game over or move onto another phase. First game I've ever encountered that just leaves you hanging. And zooming around blowing stuff up just because you can gets old after a while. I've got plenty of imagination, but no matter how much imagination one might have, it doesn't get a whole lot of exercise if the only objective is to zoom around the galaxy blowing things up. Floating slag? Throughout all of the missions I've been on, I've never gotten more than minor damage to my CC, and I've only had to replace two fighters. I do know a little about strategy and tactics. But back to the original question. Is then end of the "first tour" the end, or am I waiting for something else to happen? Planetary ops? You mean like drop a bunch of marines on the ground and tell 'em to go shoot something up? Seems as though an objective of some kind would help. I'll probably zoom around blowing stuff up for another day or so, and if something interesting doesn't happen, I'll retire BC and go onto something else.
  9. OK, once again I've searched and searched, probably not using the right words, or something, so another question. I came to a point where I was congratulated for finishing my first tour. Is that it? I haven't even been in space for three days, yet!! CTRL + ALT + C doesn't do anything. So now I've been zooming around the galaxy trading stuff around. I've got a full tank of gas, I'm loaded for bear, and I'm getting a bit bored with just flying around aimlessly. There don't even seem to be any bad guys around to blow up. I've even gone so far as to save my game and then fly into a black hole, just to see something happen! So, is that it? Have I reached the end? If not, what do I need to do to continue? Thanks in advance, --M
  10. quote:So, without a co-pilot, well, you know the drill.Yep. Found out the hard way.
  11. Yeah, they are kinda stupid like that. Hmmm... I launch fighters without copilots all the time. A question just came to mind that I've never considered before. Do cloned pilots retain their experience, number of kills, etc.? I've never really paid any attention to whether they do or not. And I'm not really anxious to experiment around with getting my pilots killed off to find out. If not, I'll have to come up with something a little better than the Kamikaze attack to get rid of thoroughly trashed fighters.
  12. As long as you have a pilot or two that aren't worth a whole lot to begin with, you can launch the junk-heap(s) against an enemy star-station. That takes care of the problem real quickly.
  13. That would work if the crew were dead, wouldn't it? Or even if they were alive, if one were cold enough.
  14. I've searched, probably not using exactly the right terms, but haven't found an answer to this question. And it's probably so obvious I'll hurt myself when I find it. Suppose you retrieve a fighter, or one just barely limps in, that is so trashed that not even the scrapyards want it. You could buy two new ones for what it'll cost in parts and time to repair this junk heap. So, is there a way to replace a terribly shot up fighter that hasn't actually been destroyed? I tried just abandoning one, but it was still shown as being in service, even though the crew was dead and there wasn't much of anything left to it (down to three or four AP, I think). Or do I just have to fix 'em up no matter what it costs or how long it takes?
  15. quote:Originally posted by Ben Zwycky: ...only heavy carriers can use artifact upgrades...How? I've never had anyone with the AI levels, etc. needed to use 'em. When I get one, I just sell it off and I'm done with it.
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