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  1. Laza

    Multiplayer Probs

    ...or maybe someone has a server running i can try to join ??? if there's someone let me know definitly like to check this one out online
  2. Laza

    Multiplayer Probs

    thx, for this answer BUT... ...i play BCMG now for 3 years. and in single player mode i jump wherever i want to. This is a Multiplayer issue. the ship keeps bouncing against the jumpgate though the coords are set in the navitron computer. it should and must but wont jump. greetz Laza
  3. Hi, if theres anyone outhtere who knows BCMG may answer to my question 1) When i open a server and then join this server on the same computer i cannot pass through a jump gate or equiv. 2) sometimes, not very often i do get to pass through a jump gate but my buddy strangely cant jump. 3) we're running in circles, and the server (my comp) kicks him ????? strange all very strange to me. i have years of expierence in rts games, but this one has me wondering. please clue me in on this phenomenon. greetz Laza