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  1. Buzz313th

    New recruits wanting to join, report here

    Thanks guys. JB
  2. Buzz313th

    Replacing Probes

    Disregard the post I found it... Sorry.. LOL JB
  3. Buzz313th

    Replacing Probes

    I have searched and found no answers to my dilemna. I have purchased a few probes from a starbase to replace probes which I have used. Unfortunately I have not figured out how to get the probes in the cargo bay into the launch silos so I may launch my newly bought probes. Anyone mind telling me how to get the new probes ready for launch? JB
  4. Buzz313th

    New recruits wanting to join, report here

    I believe so... Should I try registering again? JB
  5. Buzz313th

    New recruits wanting to join, report here

    Ok, count me in. I would like to give the organized online play a try. I am very new to this, and I can only commit when I have really free time. I'm off to register at ISS and the database. JB
  6. Ok I will buy that. Anyway, let me know how I can get in touch with ya in regards to the offtopic conversation. (Email, Chat, PM Etc.)] JB
  7. Whooow... Derek, don't go away. I would like to chat with ya for a bit. A little off topic, but never the less I would like to have a quick conversation with ya. Thanks for that offer, I will take ya up on it. One lame question though. I do have UC, UCAWA and UCSE. I find myself using UCAWA to play, mostly because I am seeing smoother play, (Framerate wise) and less CTD's with UCAWA than UCSE. Please explain to me that it's just in my head. JB
  8. Maybe... Try twisting my arm a bit. JB
  9. Wow... no shit. I'm glad I mentioned it. Too bad it took me 70 US dollars to figure out it was in fact something wrong. Thats ok, I will chalk it up as Monetary support for something I would like to see continue in development. Thanks Ben Thanks Derek. JB
  10. Ok, I have UC, UCSE and UCAWA. I started with UC and then learned that it was updated so I bought UCSE. After a few days of learning the game, I tried using the DJP's to transport my AE as a marine and they only work when I am transporting to another DJP on the current base, I cannot transport to any DJP outside of the local base. I then reinstalled UC and I had no problems Transporting outside the local base. Then for a complete leap of faith, I purchased another version of the game, UCAWA and tried and it won't transport off the local base either. It seems that UCAWA and UCSE have an issue with the DJP's and I was hoping someone can give me an idea why I am the only one having this problem. Thanks in advance