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  1. Hey guys one of my horses just had her foal we have a new horse!! Arrived this morning about 9:30. http://www.primefleet.com/images/horse-baby.jpg Now I have to think of a name any suggestion?
  2. Ole Marvin send him my greetings Denny hows the Chief doing these days? Pass along his email I lost it awhile back.
  3. Well we don't depend on the Russians any more Sho we did it the Dragon 9 rockets on its way to the ISS. http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/47514404/ns/technology_and_science-space/
  4. Read this the other day also very cool hope they find some funding!
  5. Looks like they had an engine failure due to high pressure in one of the nine main engines on the Dragon 9 rocket and had to abort. Pretty cool to see that we're really close to commercial flights into space won't be long now until the average Joe can purchase a ticket into orbit. I'm sure we'll see this in our life time. http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/47486307
  6. Here one more pic my wife took today of me and my horse, Yep getting old lots of gray starting to show these days. http://www.primefleet.com/images/horse4.jpg
  7. Here's a few pictures of two of my horses and a pony I got for my grand daughter. In the first picture my personal horse Priness is to the left and Penny is to the right. My grand daughter and her pony are in the third image. http://www.primefleet.com/images/horse1.JPG http://www.primefleet.com/images/horse2.JPG http://www.primefleet.com/images/horse3.JPG Cool animals very very loyal... Cheers
  8. Sounds good Badman I'll be there yeah! Long time no see been doing well I hope. Kal I'll set a date soon lifes got me busy right now recently bought a horse ranch takes alot of time mending fences caring for my babys. I'll have to post some pics soon one of my horse is 16 1/2 hands she's awesome.
  9. And many many more!!!
  10. Thanks guys I look forward to chatting with you maybe we can set something up for this weekend?
  11. Hey Eclipse, and Canshow good to see you guys are still here how you been? The forum sure is quite right now but i'm sure its just the calm before the storm once Lod is released I'll bet it changes. Quasar was and excellent MP gamer hope he returns with LoD. At least the core members are still around having fun. I fired up UC last night for the first time in years talk about a blast from the past it was just the way I remembered it. Although it took me about 15 minutes or so to remember all the controls it's just like riding a bike once you've done it you never forget. lol! I'll create an MP topic for the average Joe in the general MP discussion forum later so we can see if we can pull something together. Since I'm not a Fleet member at the moment it dont seem right to go into a fleet forum and start marking on the walls.
  12. None to my knowledge, Remo. A few of us had talked about it earlier, but nothing ever got off the ground. I'm thinking a lot of the regulars have either moved on or are anticipating the release of LoD. -Sho Are there any MP topics we can move to to see what games we all have in common? I dont have my setting right yet for the forum can only see recent topic's
  13. Hey Race long time no see hope everythings been going well. Are there any MP sessions in the works guys?
  14. Hey Ben/Sho been a long time sure good to hear from you guys again. Congrats Ben on #4 enjoy your time while their little they grow up way to fast I'm actually raising my grand kids now. Two girls and a boy 5, 3, and 2 years old they sure keep us busy. I'll put up some picture today since I dont have to work. Just notice my Avatar images is about five years old I'll have to update it later show off the gray. lol!
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