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  1. Hmmm, thanks for that. But i suppose you are right, i've tried for ages and im just not getting anywhere. And my pc crashed a while back and i need a new key for UCG now anyways so that doesnt really help.
  2. Hi, thanks for the reply. I know that the definitions I want to change reside in that file. I have managed to find and change what I wanted. The problem is that I dont seem able to get these changes to take effect in the game. I can get changes in the OBJDEFS.scr file to work ok, but that isnt what I want. Am I just missing something really simple here?
  3. Ok, I have just found out that I have overlooked the fiarly obvious fact that the .ini files are protected by a checksum (i think). But I have also found GBS-III, which I have been working with for most of the day now. I am semmingly able to change specs of a ship from the objdef.scr file, copy the sample roam script and then I can get my newly modded ship into the game. But I like most of the actual specs of ships the way they are, the main thing I want to do is change which support crafts are available in a carrier. The GBS-III_Docs file says that you can use the objclass.scr file to do this (well not exactly, it says "If you are intersted in changing the class definitions such as supports crafts, types etc, look at the OBJCLASS.scrfile". I did manage to find and change what I wanted and prepare the scripts, but I cant get the changes to work in game. Any help would be great. (sorry for the now pointless post above but I just didn't know)
  4. !TO ADMINS & MODS! I know I have been asked to register my game before I make any posts, but the link is currently down. I will register when I am able to do so. This seemed the most relevant to make this post, appologies if it isn't right. I wanted to ask about file editing in UCG. I have owned both BCMG and UCG for a little while now, I have owned the former for longer though. A while after buying BCMG from the shops, I looked at the file structure of the game (a thing I often do with PC games) and noticed that I was able to change aspects of crafts usable as CC's by the player (e.g.: carriers). I could change things like which support crafts were available and the number of marines onboard. Most changes I made seemed to work fine in the game, although I did notice a file appear in the game directory, titled "bcpapidebug", which said something like "file assets.ini authenticity verification failed" but the game worked fine so I just ignored it. A while after buying the CD version of UCG from 3000AD.com (and after numerous failed attempts at installing and registering the game) I tried the same thing with UCG. When I edit the assests.ini file in UCG, that same debug file appears and the game always seemed to CTD no matter what I do. I was just wondering if there is a way around this? Any input would be appreciated. If not then maybe giving players the ability to edit crafts, for singleplayer only, would be an idea? just a thought.
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