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  1. Well, if anyone plans to start one or something. I am still around and waiting, really.
  2. All support crafts were tested with all systems in perfect state. And I use a shuttle MK2 to unload my minerals to Cygni station using my AE, so the Shuttles can make it the egress altitude and past it as well. I used a Raven FC in my Elite Force Pilot career to planetfall and emerge LV103 so that has no problems either.
  3. Hello, again. I have been trying some more things and I just noticed is that for some reason none of the crew can emerge from the planet to do simple tasks such as cargo sweeping for shuttles. I know that they are capable of planetfalling and then emerging with a RTB command, but not the other way around. What both Shuttles and FCs do (I tried with a carrier too), is go up to the highest altitude the planet allows but never emerge, instead they keep bouncing off the highest altitude indefinitely. I tried up to 30% AI, I am using a probe to extend my TACOPS Range to set the waypoints. They Launch from a landed CC. I tried using shuttles with regular personnel then with pilots, then the FCs with a pilot, then with both pilot and copilot but I got the same results. How can I make them emerge by themselves without having to make the CC emerge and probabbly get itself into combat?
  4. Canshow seems to be right on the fact that ships are spawned whenever I enter an area, so having a probe in the surrounding areas is not going to help to avoid being attacked, correct? To be more presise the probes are located in LV-103, LV-104, LV-105 and Mantisi. Regardless of what LV you are in, you get no early warning from a probe. And since all the mentioned areas are already active (SC's Statement), do they/should they work differently?
  5. Thank you, Canshow. I wanted to make sure it worked like that. Means a "Surveillance Network" is completely pointless then.
  6. So far, I (FAL/COM) remained in the Falkerie Sector, I placed probes all over it which include 3 or so areas and the Gammulan Mantis Station's area past the wormhole. I did that for security reasons, to know when it is the right time to emerge and trade my minerals. But I noticed that there is absolutely no activty in the sectors I have my probes on, in fact there is no activity in the Falkerie Sector. But whenever I emerge into Cygni Station's Area, the place is flooded with both, friendly, neutral and hostile targets, some of which have cloaking system, so that would explain how they made it past my probes. But others are just Transports and non cloak capable ships. Only other navigational unit there is, is a Fluxfield, and NPCs dont use it, so it is out of question. So how does this work exactly? NPCs just happen to be created at the navigation units without passing through the obligatory area that links the navigation unit to my current area? Also NPC ships that flee to planets disappear? I tried to follow them with Tacops many times and they just disappear.
  7. Will keep digging then. Who knows maybe I can get an artifact out of it. Thanks for your patience SC.
  8. Well. What can I say? I found video disks while mining in LV103 and it happened twice, first with my FAL/MIL Battlecruiser MK1, and now with my FAL/COM Jenstar. http://i.imgur.com/IQKR1.png So can you actually find things buried like spare parts, misc or weapons? Or this shouldnt be happening? What could be in those disks anyway, would be interesting to watch.
  9. Thank you SC, I will look again. I must have missed something.
  10. I have checked the new 3000ad games, like AoA, AAW, UC (original). And they display nicer graphics than BCM, but do they offer more things to do? some have Multiplayer and have different AI, but I was not pleased with UC AI changes over BCM's when I tried it at a friend's house. Shuttles take ages to land and deploy a drone, they do a spiral to the ground that is too slow. But no matter, other than the AI changes and Multiplayer capabilities, what else do UC/UCSE/UCCE have to offer? What functions it has that BCM doesnt have? New crafts, new weapons, new locations, new actions? I am into ROAM so missions dont count. I am asking, because it is not just buying the game, but upgrading the ram to 2gb at least (DDR1 not cheap nowdays). That's if a 1.6ghz sempron and a Geforce7300gt can handle the UC series.
  11. That was fast! Thanks RT! I will watch on the minerals carefully then.
  12. I just love to mine, I could spend a whole day landed on a planet, deploying and extracting drones, taking off docking at station and coming back. Now it is known that certain combinations of minerals can cause radiation or an explosion, but I havent had the pleasure to experience any of them yet. I will also try to cover my doubts about the I/Weapons I/Explosives, and regular missiles too. I had the cargo bay on my Jenstar complete with each and every mineral there is to be at the same time, with a few exceptions, now, there hasnt been a radiation leak or an explosion anytime. And I am sure my crew knows better than just dump the minerals and ores in the cargo bay without putting them in containers first. I would like to know what triggers explosions, leaks and such. Intruders that place a charge in the cargo bay? Damage from combat that happens to affect the cargo bay? Shock from transition between planet to space, space to planet, jump, worm or flux? or the stupid marine or medic that passes by and screws up something? or just... "happens" out of nowhere for no reason? And I would like to ask something similar about the "dangerous" cargo too (Dangerous because I think so). Having Illegal weapons, explosives or the weapons bay full of missiles/ammo is dangerous? I mean if the weapons bay gets damaged in combat or an intruder puts a charge there, will the ship blow to smithereens?
  13. I meant those in 3000AD website (http://www.3000ad.com/download/) . Maybe the invalid ones could be deleted or corrected?
  14. Hm, just to let you know, some of the download links dont work. I am not sure exactly where to put this, but I hope I dont enrage anybody. 3D Gamers takes you to Fileplanet homepage, in whatever case, the link should be http://www.fileplanet.com/153779/150000/fi....09.03-FREEWARE File Cloud gives me a not found error so maybe it died off And GamespotDLX took the game off, it bounces you to their mainpage. I ran a search and couldnt find the game there anyways. All the other download links work fine.
  15. I could wait for posts. I dont have a problem with it. So of my 'Yeh' counts too...
  16. Well, considering that Falkeries and Gammulans are not in very good terms, I could be locked up in the Gammulan Carrier that just beamed marines to Deadelus and Deathstrike. My Viper FC would be stored in their cargo bay, repaired and ready to be sold at the nearest station. Why was I captured? A failed attempt to sabotage the carrier's operation by shooting their engines and hyperdrive offline. I was hired to do that of course. First a PTA shot that managed to knock my EMD offline then disabled by a missile. So right now I am waiting for some energy failure to break myself out. If I could get to the cargo bay and enter my Viper, I could shoot a big enough hole in their hull from the inside to get out. That's if they didnt dissassemble or block my fighter with some sort of security code. Whatever the case is, I would have a very limited flight time and firepower as my reactor cell will be near to depleted.
  17. hmm... I'll wait see what Quazar says and see what happens next in the story. Sure I will find somewhere to sneak in without being a pain to anyone soon enough. Heh. If I get to join, dont ever hesitate to smack me if I do something wrong or notice something is off with my posts please.
  18. I should probabbly wait until a new thread is open. I dont see where a FAL/MER pilot will fit in the insurgent-galcom war... hrm... anyways, if I see I could fit at some point. I will ask here for permission before I dive in. Thanks!
  19. I would like to join if possible. I am not new to Roleplaying but this would be my first time doing a space based game. What do I need to start? (if accepted of course)
  20. I understand the carrier pilots (aka Hellraiser, Shadow, etc) have the pilot atributes, but if you choose the pilot career, you cant see your pilot atributes but instead your overall AI. So if your AE is also subject to the effects of the pilot skills, do they get better as the overall AI gets better or with bombarding and dogfighting experience? And to get this out of the way too, dogfigthing with a cruiser/armed transport/carrier using the AI, also uses the pilot atributes from the AE or combines the AE's and officials' which are currently on duty for the job? I understand specific systems like PTA are controlled by the Tactical Officer but I am not completely sure if the combat maneuvers and control of the main guns are the sole responsibility of the Commander. Yes questions are repetitive and stupid, I am a Falkerie trader/miner moving to the military, fed up of the Gammulan rule.
  21. So what I got out of this is that I did ok, engaged the AI, but the AE's AI is very ineffective in combat. I guess I should wait until I can get a usb joystick. The keyboard doesnt do the job. And I no longer have the sound card joystick port for my older ones. Thanks again for all the help!
  22. What does that mean? the information you gave me clashes with RT's. But I am not looking for arguments or things like that. I just want to know if in the Elite Force Pilot career, the AI is good for something and if so, how can I give the AI full control of my ship.
  23. So basically the AI is meaningless in BCM unless it has to do with your crew?
  24. I hope I dont look like a complete idiot asking something two times in a row. I am sure I must be missing something about this, but the manuals dont help much. Basically my AE's AI got to 100 (EFP Career), that is supposed to be a good thing, but there doesnt seem to be much of a performance improvement. And I was very disappointed when I tried to take down two VAL/CRI Raven fighters that were attacking a friendly ODS. I armed my FC (Light Fighter, Zodiac) with Firestar, Questor and Perseus Missiles for the occasion, activated the AI Autopilot (The one that flashes red) and ordered to attack one of the two Ravens. But was destroyed by a missile my AE didnt even try to fool using EMD, in fact, he didnt even do any evasive maneuver to dodge the shots from the ravens. So I would like to know how do I really engage the AI to do the job. I know the Carrier Pilots do a very good job with low AI, at least much better than what my AE could do with 100 AI. The manual doesnt cover this, the only thing I know is that SHIFT+A activates the AI Autopilot, either that or click on the autopilot button until it flashes red. And judging by how long it took to get 100, he should be an ace pilot so far. So I must have forgotten to activate something...
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