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  1. Guess my attention to detail isn't what it should be. Anyway, I found my original Box purchase of UC and got that installed and am playing that for my fix. I'll keep my eye out for the patch that removed the activation as you've stated. Thanks again for your help.
  2. Its odd the link for activation was the 2.0 site right out of the activator, and yes i did patch before running the game. I'll try a uninstall and re install see what that gets me.
  3. So i got your email and tried the new key... I got the same error. "The serial Number entered has not been found in the server's database. Make sure the Serial Number is not mistyed and try again." I've sent a follow up email as well.
  4. Looking at the site now, don't see a transfer option and the deactivation option stated the same thing about the key not being found on the server. Ahh the deactivation option is the same as the transfer option you're refering too. heh
  5. Cool. Guess i'll need to get another activation then. I've upgraded my computer since then, this current machine has never has the install except for now, and the previous one was rebuilt twice. Some where in the middle the ISP changed my IP address. Anyway thanks for the Info.
  6. I just sent the mail you requested. Thanks for the assist.
  7. Its been a good year or so I guess since I've played UC-AWA and i figured I'd install and give it a go once more. So i pull up my archived email and enter in the CD key from the original purchase receipt email I got. I navigate to the proactive site as the activation software instructed, but instead of a nice smooth activation I get this.... "The Serial Number entered has not been found in the server's database. Make sure the Serial Number is not mistyped and try again." I'm not typing its a direct copy and paste from the original mail so I know it is right. Looked over the first couple of pages of the activation thread but didn't see anything that would assist me right away. If i've got to send an email in thats fine, just wanted to post here incase something else is going on with the site database or some such... any one know anything about this error or gotten it themselves?