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    Finished ACM Campaign - SPOILERS!!!

    "btw, did you join up with the two Empirian ships? They later cloak for the duration of the mission.">OHHH!! so THATS where they dissappeared to! It got really annoying hearing "DISTORTION FIELD DETECTED" everywhere I went. Except, here is something, one time, I had saved my game, and after I loaded, I could detect them! Then I went to TacOps, and they disappeared! Then went back to bridge, and couldn't detect them anymore. Then I loaded my game, and same thing, waited five minutes, and the moment I went to TacOps, they vanished again! (still have saved game if you want to investigate) One more thing, I can't get ships to be put in the "recently ordered" list unless they are clicked on in TacOps. Should they also be added when I give them an order from the command menu?" The Distortion Field comes from the two GAMMULAN ships you picked up in LV-103 they are cloaked and are randomly transporting invaders onto your ship to destroy your systems. the way that you deal with these ships is when you jump into the system you will have to be fast and sometimes when you restart from a saved game. So what you do is target the ships as fast as you can before they cloak and then add them to your priority list by hitting the 'P' key. After you add them you can re-target them by hitting the Tab key and cycling through to the target you want. you can then fly in the direction that your target designator line indicates and when your range finder tells you that you are close to the target you just open up in the general direction until you see the impact of your weapons fire on the shields of the other craft. and you get a bunch of points for destroying the two ships. I also added the two Empirian ships so that I knew where they were.