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  1. Oh, forgive my inexperience in the matter, but isn't it de facto internet dependant?
  2. Oh browser based... ouch! oh well...
  3. Interesting! any plans for a PC conversion also?
  4. Very interesting! I was saddened when you announced that GCO was your last game! I'm glad to see that you were wrong! Perhaps a stupid question for old times sake, but must we consider that you definately stepped off the single player game trains or could we be... surprised in the future? I wouldn't mind another flight/space sim...
  5. Excellent! many thanks (what was the scenario's name again?). Also, I don't believe I wished you a happy new year 2010...
  6. Forgive me all, but I was looking at my old battle cruiser millenium gold retail copy and wondering about one thing: I always wanted to get that additionnal ACM scenario (what's the name already?) offered by the gamesto version... I was wondering if anyone has played that precise scenario? Can it be installed over a standard retail version of BCG? Also, I'm the owner of a UCCE package but have yet to try out that one... I think it states having ALL the campaigns and upgrades (although some sources states that BCG is not in the UCCE package), as such, I wanted to know if the gamestop exclusive ACM scenario of BCG was present in UCCE? If that's the case, it'll end all my troubles... awaiting your reply. best regards. mikael.
  7. I guess it's probably mostly the "last game" announcement that I find chilling! After all, the battlecruiser franchise is quite old already, so I guess that since it was so conforting to a player interested in space combat games today I kind of expected it to continue indefinately! Oh well, we'll just have to bite the bullet and destroy the gammulans planet by planet using fighters in universal combat CE! Thanks for the information commander, merry christmas to you!
  8. Oh, what a pity! This means that galcom echo squad will never get expanded with additionnal episodes? I was placing so much faith in this title, not to mention knightblade... IMO the franchise barely started to truly penetrate the dedicated space/planetary sim area with compelling single player stories. I think that to end all this promising franchise with GCO would be a pity (Of course, that's my opinion only)... couldn't at least GCO have single player options?
  9. Speaking of space sims, do we have any current info on the promising title knightblade? I certainly hope it's maintaned... Unless 3000's preparing another single player space sim... a continuation of galcom echo would be a superb candidate...
  10. Oh well, I somewhat expected that! But by my first question I mostly mean, does the steam version of aaw feature things like exclusive scenarios or campaigns (like the case of battlecruiser millenium gold: there was an instant scenario which I think was proper to the steam version alone)... Unless you later plan to release the steam AAW extras as downloadable content later on...
  11. So I take it this is not the case then... Also wondering, when AAW is mentionned as CURRENTLY only available via online distribution, does it mean there might be a plan of it going retail in the future?
  12. oh ho! next project? space sim? (no wait, there's knightblade...), galcom ES 2? I can hardly wait... Also, forgive me for not seeing but what are leatherboards? by letherboards and such, do you imply also more scenarios (like the steam BC millenium gold once had over the standard retail version)?
  13. Oh! In that case, I'll wait to buy it on the 3000ad store: I was very satisfied with galcom! Many thanks for the imput. I am awaiting the rest of the galcom story and knightblade with glee... best regards, and once again, congratulations. mikael.
  14. Many thanks for the precision: I think I'll buy both. I thought that 3000 had a private store however (that's how I bought galcom ES). Since I'm interested in buying the game to then engrave it and play it on a non internet connected comp, I've seen steem offer both as a dual pack (war pack). I just need to be sure that it's not a subscription/online only service like gametap first... Can anyone here confirm that? best regards to all, your help is very precious... mikael.
  15. First of all, well done in complementing the space sim catalogue with one more title. Those look highly entertaining and are likely to end on my purchase list soon. However, based on the descriptions of both games, I do have a few questions: As it is, I understand that angle of attack corresponds to the air campaign in the AAW scenario (which is my primary interest), however, the description also lists all aspect warfare of having aerial/space campaigns itself. Therefore, should I purchase both, knowing that my sole interest in those games is fighter/gunship piloting? Also, it seems the games have been released, but I can find infos only related to their demos... Is there something I'm missing? Thank you for your patience, your time, and your games. sincerely. mikael.
  16. Personnally, you know me: As long as there's a compelling story, I want in... Which is why I was one of the first persons who cried out of delight when V2 of echo was released in order to be able to play it without that gametap required subscription... I would also say that the games follow a trend which I will find interesting, especially with angle of attack and knightblade... All this to say that, yes, certainly, this game IMO deserves recognition in the space sim genre. Accessorily, it also deserves to be continued and to see more released episodes... LOL Hey badman, your posts are interesting. If you are interested, we could perhaps compare our sims, this way, one of us might find titles previously unknown to him. I do have quite a few myself, without bragging...
  17. And here comes GALCOM episode 2. Great news! One more for my collection. besides, I'm sorry I'm late, but I wish to all here a happy new year 2009, may your projects meet success in this new year.
  18. as you said: anti virus issues! Oh well, no one's perfect... perhaps I'll wait to have all episodes before burning the files though, although that's gonna take some time.
  19. No, I meant: install setup was displayed. Therefore, the file was working, so I can burn it LOL. Thanks again for the help. I hope the next episodes arrive soon...
  20. OK: thank you for confirming that. I can now burn the file on DVD. thanks to all.
  21. oh, sorry: file size is 602á272á087 octets (size taken on the disk by it is 602á275á840 octets). Also, I followed your advice and bought it at the 3000ad store. http://www.regnow.com/softsell/nph-softsell.cgi?item=13068-7
  22. File is exactly 588 157Ko, however the virus program is a good point. Despite not turning it off, generally my protection suite asks me to confirm the execution of programs (which I do). i'll try this while turning it off.
  23. Oh no! I simply want the game working. Perhaps it's something I forgot...
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