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  1. I redownloaded twice already! once the download manager is done downloading, I click on run, then once the status bar is full, nothing!
  2. I'm awaiting knightblade too, although I'm mostly in the flying.
  3. Hello to all, I have purchased the registered version of echo squad and downloaded the file, however I can't seem to be able to extract the download: After the status meter is full nothing happens. Could this be a vista issue? any advice please? Thank you!
  4. I see, but wasn't a sequel planned to echo squad nevertheless? (before knightblade, that is?). Also, could the extra scenarios for talon be available for echo as additionnal gaming content? Also, I thought the port would be named galcom excalibur? was there a problem with that?
  5. That looks great news, however, I've been away for a while and I've noticed changes regarding talon elite. Is the PC version discontinued/renamed/modified? Wasn't talon supposed to be the sequel of echo? Sorry I'm confused LOL On a side note, I just bought echo and also downloaded the addy content.
  6. Oh, pity: I was looking forward to the boxed version. Oh well, here goes for an online buy, along with parkan 2. I just hope the ongoing episodes will soon follow. P.S: I just hope talon elite WILL go out boxed as planned. but for ES, I'm lucky after all: I was among the ones to pray for a version not to go on gametap, and I was heard LOL.
  7. Which might be never... I just hope I'm wrong!
  8. Seriously? this might help me a lot! Could you possibly tell me who they are so I could discuss the matter with them? On the other hand, the guy they gave me (responsible for project sylpheed in a way since I was patched to him) just told me what I said, which is why I bothered to go through duane colbert to contact game arts in the first place. Don't remember the name, though.
  9. Actually, after contacting square enix, they said that the decision of making a PC port would be that of game arts to take. That's slightly confusing.
  10. No: the game has been develloped by game arts (as well as some programmers in SETA) and published in japan by square enix. And game arts can be contacted directly by duane colbert. Besides, I guess the best reason for this would be the ability to say hello to one more space sim on our PC's: We can't really say that the genre is numerous.
  11. I was hoping it could ( and visibly I'm not the only one!). besides: it could be moddable Anyhow, it might (considering the reviews of it on x360) sell better on pc as a budget title!
  12. The game is an X360 exclusive game (I hope this will come to change) from square enix narrating the struggle between 2 humain factions over the control of earth: The game proposes space combat (anime style) in a nice kind of way, and considering space sims are quite rare to find, I think (and I'm not alone) that it would be interesting if it could join with our PC games. P.S: some project sylpheed videos exist on youtube.
  13. Hi there, I've got news for us die hard space sim pc fans: I've been in contact with duane colbert from microsoft in order to ask him for a possible PC port of the promising project sylpheed on X360 and interestingly, he said that if a sufficient number of voters manifested an interest in the PC port of the game, then game arts studio in japan might consider releasing a PC version. I have made an official petition on the matter: http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/psylpheedpc/ Please, spread the word (and voters, come to me LOL) best regards.
  14. Well I'll try to get it nevertheless (I should be able to succeed as long as it's not gametap exclusive).
  15. Excellent news: yet more starfighter space sim goodness. As long as this is retail, I'll be able (and glad) to buy it!
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