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  1. Shweet!, Thanks alot! I hope the patch with the latest revision(v1.00.03.03) comes out soon, BUT naturally, it will be done when its done. Cheers!
  2. Well, i too, like this game very much. Its like Star Trek without crappy looking ships IMHO Its like Star Wars without all the clowns and Luke with the hair for a shampoo commercial Its like Battlestar Galactica, but not the old crappy one (my humble opinion) the NEW version and so on.... So, yeah,, i really dig this game, since i love the act of commandeering a huge space vessel AND her crew so much... Automated turrets, orbital strikes, atmospheric flight, surface/fps - vehicular combat with fighter support, exploration, even huge battles,, this game has it all...!! BUT people are (none the less) ENTITLED to THEIR OWN OPINIONS,, so if somebody thinks that this game ain't no good for some reason, its THEIR LOSS,, ALAS; i dont think that we should be cursing them, lest we are whiners ourselves.,..,,, PS;; ''People buy a game, and bitch if it's not easy to play. Sim players, on the other hand, bitch if the Cessna cockpit has a gauge with too many bolts, or the waterfall display in a 688 attack sub doesn't use proper sound channel modeling for the ocean thermal layer.'' -You have a very good point there. So damned hard to make people happy,,, especially with a niche genre like BC/UC series.. BUT this is why i like these games so very much. They are UNIQUE. These games lets you accomplish what other games will not even give you a glimpse of. ....Sure, its hard, but the manual is good, and the community is helpful, so its all solved:)
  3. Man, that was really sweet! To be honest, i never paid much attention to the sounds in Battlecruiser series, almost dismissing them,,, since all i cared about was the gameplay, the freedom.... But now,, im really suprised, actually, in a very good way!! lol, the more attention you give to this game, the more it gives... (Honestly i had never thought i would be impressed by the effects/sound in this game) PS; Also tested UC-SE on a different machine, and it gave the same results with the ''weather boiling-everywhere thingy'' I ALSO tired BC Millenium Gold (Cd-Ver) JUST in case, and this time the weather worked perfectly fine for me.... Side note; Supreme Cmdr; thanks for the timely replies and the effort,, its very uncommon nowadays; where you will not even properly get into contact with the customer support,, let alone a developer himself,,, lol. ALSO, i relaized that i was getting the topic too out of hand, so i deleted some of the stuff written in my latest post here just in case. Cheers
  4. Supreme Cmdr; Yupp, its EXACTLY as you said. Seems the default/first weather condition is Boiling, NATURALLy with no clouds, whatsoever,, And as i use CTRL+K, it goes through a myrid of weather conditions, UNTIL it reaches boiling again..... And excuse me for saying that, but it SEEMS like my copy is stuck on ''boiling'' at the beginning of the game (random), for some reason,,, and refuses to change,,, even in the arctic regions,,, i landed on south pole on earth to try this out, for 2.5 hours, and didnt encounter any other effects except the continueing ''boiling one''. MAN!! OH MAN!! Once i had engaged storm weather conditions,, flying my capital ship through those thick clouds,,, Jaysus!! Such an awesome feeling!! (Not a single game in gaming history lets you fly through the planets atmosphere commandeering a capital ship (and her crew) like that,, lol,, brings tears to my eyes BUT please dont get me wrong, having a set of storms ALL THE TIME 24/7 would suck, thats why the dynamic weather system (NATURALLY) is such a great idea.
  5. OH MY GOD!! ITS BOILING EVERYWHERE!! HEheh! Sorry for the caps. BUT its true. I have been to the north pole, according to NIR, its currently BOILING as weather condition,,, been to Northern Europe, and its BOILING, too,,, Also, south pole is boiling as well, oh, and Germany, too,, hihih. (Where ever i setpos on earth, whatever the time, its boiling) Maybe it is related to us seeing no clouds and weather effetcs and whatnot? Perhaps,,, JUSt perhaps, the dynamic weather system is reading it as ''very hot'' for the whole planet, thus naturally dismissing any would be snow/rain/cloud effetcs and so on?? UPDATE; Just started as a Gammulan and checked the Planet Canaan. The weather condition is (Weather:) BOILING, AND yepp, its the arctic region of canaan,, But other parts of it are boiling, as well. Seems the Universal Combat thats raging on left the Universe boiling... or something,, BUT maybe im the ONLY ONE expereincing this anomaly,,, perhaps did something wrong with the istallation,, uhhh,,,,, or..... my system,...? (Except RT) ALSO; The weather forecast system is locked at 99m, no matter where i am,, whatever the time,,, READY; i am ready to send anyone save games or screen shots at your leasure. Thx
  6. Oooops, now i know how Saddam Hussein must have felt before he was handed the rope.......around his neck. Altough i killed no where near as many people as him... EXCEPT maybe im killing Supreme Cmdr's time...... uhuh... Ok, deal by me! If being banned for 90 days includes EVEN the SLIGHTEST chance of a ''possible'' thing with the game being fixed, than im game!! (coz i like this game too much to ignore,, hence all the different versions of BC games i own )
  7. Supreme Cmdr; ''I don't even know why this conversation thread exists. You guys must be bored. Normally I would just delete a thread like this, but I'm just going to let it stand so that I can see just how long the silliness will last. '' -Whow! man, take it easy. Believe me, this thread was not posted to bother you in any way. If there is such a misunderstanding, than you have my apologies. PERSONALLY, for me; the point of this thread is to; 1-find out if i am the only one who never ever sees weather effetcs on earth in a RANDOM GAME, (or are there others too?) 2-if so, is there something abnormal with the copy i own? OR maybe something's somehow wrong with my system or installation, or maybe something else..... PS! im NOT bored, i have universal Combat Collectors Edition,, you try being bored with THAT... ''If those shots are from the RFM game, uhm, did it not occur to you that the fact that its RAINING - complete with a dark cloud cover - is a clue that the weather system is working just fine?'' -Apperantly the first screenie was taken with the cheat, and looks rather awesome, the point probably was that UNLESS you use that cheat,, (AT LEAST ON EARTH) so far i have not seen any weather effects no matter how many random games i started, and seems neither did RT. R.A.N.D.O.M; YES, you are right, the weather is DYNAMIC, i know. BUT SINCE it IS dynamic, out of almost 4 dozen games i started ALL OVER THE EARTH, shouldnt i have seen rain/snow OR clouds AT LEAST ONCE? ''Also, the weather is based on the location on the planet. You won't see clouds at the North pole most of the time. '' I have been in africa, north pole, sweden, europe, asia,, even tried to zoom in / land on japan, heheh,, and as i previously posted, used tacops to SURVEY the planets DIFFERENT places as well, have not witnessed any effects yet. Ahhhh,, even typing this makes me want to play the game mooooore...... so much to explore and see.... RT; -I,too checked /searched the forums and found nothing related to the subject, hence my bothersome attempt to post about it.... ShoHashi; -Thank you very much for the worm welcome. Actually i wanted to login with Seraphiel (with whom i posted once like mayhaps 5-6 months ago) but no matter what i tried, i couldnt login to that account again (LONG STORY), so i created this one and logged in again after a long while now. -- Related to the fact that i just purchased a a new copy(download vers) of the game. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Once again, my sincere apologies to all those i have bothered with my post. BUT i have questions not exactly answered on the manual, AND WHO ELSE could i trun to??Should i have posted questions about UC weather effects in Battlefield 2142 forums? Thank you all for your replies.
  8. ┬┐Supreme Cmdr; ''Please don't post stuff like this in the tech support forum again.'' -Allright, point taken. ''If you don't know by now how the dynamic weather system works - or how to use Tacops to view different parts of the planet etc, you might want to turn in your badge and exit left.'' -Please don't make quick assumptions; I know how to view different parts of the planets using the tacops, and indeed, i did so, many times, and couldnt see any weather effects/clouds,, for my part....hence the post. And im afraid i cant hand in the badge, you developers should blame yourself for making too good games to resist. ''Instant Action scenarios specifically set the TOD and weather conditions to suit the scenario. The ROAM, Campaign scenarios etc, do not. They leave the dynamic weather system alone so that it is handled automatically (as it should be). '' -Thank you for the explanation, that was my assumption as well. But i was nonetheless worried. Im very picky about this game, since there really is nothing else out there to buy like it. So if i ditch this game, i wouldnt be able to replace it. Hence me being frantic about every nook and cranny. I take it by your response that there is nothing wrong with the game. (about weather/cloud efftects etc...) Thx for the replies. RT; Shweet deal, cheating is, but i think ill heed your warning and resist the temptation.
  9. Recently bought UC Collectors edition download verison. BUT i have many other battlecruiser games as well, namely 2 BOXED versions of the game, and 3 DOWNLOAD versions, including the latest Collectors edition. Anyways; Be it UC AWA on my older rig on XP, OR The UC collector's on my new rig (vista) etc,,, there is the same ''problem?'' Instant missions on earth mostly have clouds and such, but every time i start a new random game/campaign and land ANYWHERE on earth at ANY TIME, there are absolutley NO CLOUDS in the sky at all. BE it DAY, OR night, its ALWAYS crystal clear!! NEver seen storms/rain or whatnot in random/campaign either.... ==(maybe coz the weather effects are dynamic,, BUT should seen clouds etc LEAST a few times out of the dozens of random games i started through, though......?) ATTENTION; I have never played a random game MORE than 15-20 minutes. I log-in, choose a destination on earth and just land... just checking the game out for possible ''bugs'' BEFORE i read hundreds of pages of instructions to put in the game... and so far,, im in love,,, MAYBE thats why i might be going PARANOID...? ,,,, maybe if i waited/played for longer.........? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RINSE&REPEAT Ok, so i never see any clouds etc... on earth whenever i start a new random/campaign game. Never/not even once, i guess. WHEREAS instant missions include lotsa clouds/varied weather conditions...and are working perfectly fine.. ==SHOULD I continue PULLING MY HAIR out of my HEAD,,, OR is this normal?? I just want to know IF the random/campaign modes of my games are broken ((somehow))? Thank you.
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