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  1. SC, did I wrote, that I can't run the game? Ok. doesn't matter. I think, this patch isn't in fact a patch but the same exe like main exe file from version 1.00.01. But doesn't matter, even a patch 1.01.07 don't remove gfx bug on radeon cards. SC, I've read your posts on rage3d forum, and I know, this gfx bug isn't caused by game but by radeon drivers...maybe someday guys from ATI development department will be make good drivers....
  2. Yes, I've read. But now look this: I have to explain WHY I've installed this patch to other directory than a game directory. It was only a test. I've wanted to compare a lenght of main game exe file and a lenght of exe file from patch. And guess - both are the same! I suppose, I've bought the game, it was already patched, although the version number is 1.00.01! That was my goal. And I want to know now, why the game suggest me I have version 1.00.01, although in fact I have a version 1.01.00! And probably Brooklyn51 had the same problem - He had in fact version 1.01.00 and tried to update to version 1.01.00 because the game suggest him, he had version 1.00.01! SC, I'm not kidding.
  3. Hi! I don't understand something. I have BCMG v. 1.00.01 (originally from CD-ROM). I've downloaded a patch 1.01.00. Readme says: "v1.00.01 (05-30-03)". I've installed this patch to other directory than BCMG. It has created directory "\DreamCatcher\3000AD\Battlecruiser Millennium Gold". main exe file ("bcm.exe") has the same size as "bcm.exe" from original game!. And after patching on the startup screen is still "v.1.00.01"! How can I correctly upgrade this game to v. 1.01.00 and after this to v. 1.01.07?
  4. Thanks Joel...I haven't knew. I'm very sorry, that I haven't respected the principles of this forum... Now, can I describe my problem? Ok, let's go: On the Radar panel and HUD I see many white and blue lines. These lines appear and disappear randomly. This effect increases, when I enable an option "Dynamic stars FX". I've tested BCMG with the latest patch on four computers: One has NVIDIA GF5200FX card, one (laptop) has a SiS 650 chipset (integrated GFX) and two has Radeon cards: X1550 and 9650. On computers with GF5200 and SiS 650 this bug doesn't appear. On both computers with Radeon cards I have this bug... I've tested many drivers (official Catalyst drivers and Omega-Drivers) - without success. I've tested also Universal Combat - on Radeon cards appears THE SAME GFX BUG! Can someone here tell me what the hell I have to do? Has really anybody here problems with both games running under Radeon cards???
  5. But I can't describe my problem, because my first post about GFX problem on Radeon cards by playing BCM/BCMG was deleted...
  6. I have one simple question: Who has here Radeon X1550 card (or similar from X-series). I need help! Best way -> PM me! I'm very angry, because my first post about graphic bug on RADEON card in BCM/BCMG was simply deleted! I've bought the original game and I want help! When this game is no longer supoortet OFFICIALLY I can request for help UNOFICIALLY right?
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