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    All Aspect Warfare - Angle Of Attack Announced

    Just wondering if the release date has been changed. May is almost up
  2. thomasc

    All Aspect Warfare - Angle Of Attack Announced

    Any updates on AoA?
  3. thomasc


    It's a decent game, but multiplayer is broken for me. The tournament mode doesn't work and custom games rarely work, if they do work, they kick me out because I have a high ping.
  4. thomasc

    Happy Birthday SC!!!

  5. thomasc

    What it is and isn't

    I'm not a developer, but judging from the last few games 3000AD has released, I don't think it will be moddable.
  6. thomasc

    What it is and isn't

    I would assume C++. I don't think AAW is designed to be mod-friendly.
  7. thomasc

    Playstation-itis, Anyone?

    You can die if you drink too much water
  8. thomasc

    Impossible To Install Video Game

    I bought FEAR2 retail the other day and the game requires Steam. This Steam system for retail games is a load of crap since I can't give my dad or brother the game to play through, because the CD key is tied to my account... To really kick me in the crotch is that I completed the whole game in less than 7 hours...
  9. thomasc

    Bethesda Rant

    You forgot about them working on DLC and neglecting the core game.
  10. thomasc

    Jousting like never before

    There are a lot of side-quests. When you become the marshal for the faction you're working with, you give friendly lords tasks (patrol, raid, etc) or get them altogether and go on a campaign. If you need any help with the game, let me know. I am fairly decent at it (level 38, own Dhirim, marshal for vaegir faction).
  11. thomasc

    Galactic Command - Excalibur

    It isn't coming. They're working on AAW and KB. AAW is announced for 360 and is coming in Q3.
  12. thomasc

    What it is and isn't

    Can the game be played using just the 360 controller (even on PC)?
  13. thomasc

    What it is and isn't

    Yeah, I agree with you on that point. Well, until build 1.5 is released .
  14. thomasc

    A crumbling tower

    They're already at #2, with the Wii being ahead of them.
  15. thomasc

    What it is and isn't

    First off, awesome game name Will you be using your own engine or an external one such as Knightblade using the C4 Engine? What's happened to Talon Elite now that AAW will be released in 2-5 months?
  16. thomasc

    To steal or not to steal

    Stalker is 80AUD RRP here (or was, its discontinued now). Its $20 on Steam.
  17. thomasc

    To steal or not to steal

    I use GamersGate. They have restrictions on some of their products, but the majority of the products (including 3000AD) aren't restricted geographically.
  18. thomasc

    Penny Arcade's Game

    4 out of 10... wow... its a good game though...
  19. thomasc

    Videogame piracy and the PC gaming industry

    Update: EA Backs Down From 10-Day Authentication
  20. thomasc

    Videogame piracy and the PC gaming industry

    Unlike everyone else's approach by shoving DRM copy protection down the consumers throats, is the correct way to combat piracy?
  21. thomasc

    Videogame piracy and the PC gaming industry

    There is always Stardocks approach to piracy...
  22. thomasc

    Dev Status Update

    Awesome update and your entertainment room is really awesome too.
  23. The multiplayer code is the serial number for the collector's edition. You'll need to: - Post PC specs - Update drivers and post your driver version you're using - Tell us which game you're actually playing as UC comes in a variety of forms. Random help questions: - Did you download the right patch? - Did you install the right patch? - Have you tried playing without the patch? Please don't get angry, we should be able to fix your problem with your help.
  24. thomasc

    WoW Access is intolerable.

    MacDonald's food was good for a while!?
  25. thomasc

    Dev Status Update (08-02-07 to 03-04-08)

    Congratulations on going gold. I'll be picking this up.