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  1. Sinistra Dextera

    First Person Mode - Whats wrong/right with it?

    Since so many give feedback on what's wrong with FP, I will first say what's right with it. Distance rendering is good, objects are smaller when they are further away. There is a reason why most assault rifles today have an effective range of about 150 - 200 meters without optical enchantments (most of up to 400 meters with optical enchantments). Actually if I am going to compare FP mode to any other game out there, it would probably be Operation Flashpoint. If you have played it, then you would notice that targets that are at distance are hard to spot and you must often look for moving shadows. Now of course because of the graphic details, in UC you have to look for small dots instead, but it doesn't change the fact that you may use realistic tactics like not walking on the horizon to remain hidden (how is AI detection in this matter anyway?). Well done! Movement: Well done, have you been in the army SC? The breathing part with sniper rifle reminds me of my days when I tried shooting a high caliber rifle in standing position. The aim would always go sideways because both elbows are in the air. In crouch position the elbow has support, but your sight is going up and down because you are breathing. As for running and jumping around, it was relatively well done, not sure if marines equipped with gear that would weight over 20kg should be able to jump at all, but if improves gameplay for some people, then sure, why not? By the way, is the planet's gravity taken into account when jumping? Weapons: Reload is ok, one thing that could be done is the ability to shoot that final bullet in the chamber while you reload in case of emergency. Not sure if I could justify hand grenades in an age where we have battlecruisers. Instead there could be grenade launchers mounted on weapons, but otherwise it's all good. HUD: Maybe a different layout for widescreen users? Just a thought. At last there is one small issue with the sniper rifles. When you zoom in, you have the same mouse sensitivity which makes it hard to aim (in situation like this i thank god for having a mouse with three different mouse speeds). Would it be possible to lower mouse speed as you zoom in?
  2. Sinistra Dextera

    First Experiences...

    My first experience is getting killed a lot..... by my self. First time I thought: How hard is it to fly a huge carrier? In real life I even made my car airborne for a few secs. Sadly first time I tried to land, it was pretty much identical to landing my car - few flips and straight into ground wrecking everything. Only then did I consider reading the manual and using joystick. However I could probably make the tanks fly if the physics engine in this game would allow jumps, that is just my style.
  3. Sinistra Dextera

    You know you're a NOOB when....

    ...when you fly around in a shuttle looking for drones not realizing that you can extract them no matter where you are. ...when you frantically typing your asset name several times, assuming there is a bug or you keyboard is broken, when you try to start new career as fighter pilot or a marine.
  4. Sinistra Dextera

    Universal Combat keyboard commands sheet.

    Thanks for the link, getting a rare game like this is nearly impossible here in Norway and buying online using USD as currency is so profitable (with USD going down and NOK up, its half the price of what it is 4 years ago ) While I wait half an hour, anyone care to explain what the following quote is about? Thanks in advance.