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    [UCCE] Fatal Crashs

    LoL Well not sure whats going on with the ticket system on my end then .. i registered, went to submit a ticket then it would not let me go any further with out selecting a dept, and its still refusing to let me do so >.< Hmm well thank you on the quick response then.. I guess all my fans need to just wait till I have time in between trashing and pillaging Ter/Mil colonies, for me to respond to their tells and IMs. And I will see if running windowed will help. NOOO!! the juice keeps the shakes and the pink elephants away!! I swear I was boarded by them.. I currently have everyone searching the ship... they will not steal another shuttle!!! Cheers
  2. Im posting here because I tried to submit a ticket and it will not let me, it asks to select a department, and there are none. I just picked up UCCE, and I played some of the older titles a long time ago.. took a bit to get use to but Im having alot of problems with crashing. All my drivers are up to date and the problem is universal across all casts/class/misson etc. This is whats happening; I alt tab out of the game, it crashes 90% of the time I get an IM (instant message) it crashes either a few minutes after getting it or right away, I use msn and skype..skype is not crashing it but I do have to quit/save.. leave the game.. then reply which is really annoying. Virus scan wants me to action something, it boots me to desk top and crashes the game. Windows Updates and it crashes the game. Basically anything that runs in the back ground that either needs my direct attention or other wise seems to affect the stability.. and really I don't want to close down every app that I have going, since I have them going for other games and enjoy chatting with others in IM while playing. IMO I think a windowed setting would help, has helped me in the past with other games that seem to have stability issues when playing full screen and you alt tab out. And the option to save in game would be nice, since I have to quit/save everytime I want to try something and have a fall back point. Another thing I have observed is it seems to randomly disallow things like shooting your weapons, hyperspace travel and observing planets.. theres no real pattern but seems to mostly happen after resuming/restoring a game. Anyways I doubt there is any quick fix for it.. but I would like to keep playing, its just getting rather annoying atm.