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  1. All the game developers are racing to creating the shittest and most impossible experience in the world of installing your PC game, latest up today is Dawn Of War 2. It comes with a DVD that does NOTHING, despite your best attempts to understand it's purpose it all boils down to you having to get the game off steam anyway (because thats the only way to install the f*cking patches) you will then cry in agony when you discover it's impossible to install patches, and since you need to have the latest one installed to play the game AT ALL the game is completely worthless to you. easily rivaling Grand Theft Auto 4. you can read users woes in the Tech Support board on the Dawn of War 2 Forum http://community.dawnofwar2.com/viewforum.php?f=45 Also the save files corrupt easily, you can't access options and games for windows live simply rejecting you are other problems
  2. i just hope it doesn't boil down to the "Collect Rocks Minigame Thingy" To grind your level up so you can get the armor with 2+ to built in toilet
  3. yes, forgot all about the DLC thing (installing Fallout 3 DLC is more painful then self decapitation) and i am glad your playing experience wasn't as near mangled as others.
  4. I have a bone to pick with Bethesda Softworks, They make big, massive open world games. but they neglect to fix ANYTHING! Even now Oblivion has issues saving settings to the INI, common cases of corrupted game saves. and the game crashes ALL THE TIME (this is excluding many upon many gameplay glitches and bugs). They Make a Game, Throw it out Half Finished and they might fix just a few bugs in patches. but they usually create bigger problems. (they introduced a bug that makes chat scripts broken in the latest edition of their editor and have completely neglected to fix it out of laziness) I'm not saying their games are even that good. with broken RPG elements, whacked out combat, completely useless third person view and the weirdest emotion models EVER! Fallout 3 STILL suffers from common crashes not unlike Oblivion. only two patches have come out and barely fixed much. the only positive point i give them is their modding tools. their pretty good, considering the community ends up fixing most of the problems this lazy company refuses to touch on ( too busy counting their money and not doing anything but sitting around watching Leave it to Beaver reruns all day i guess) maybe one day Bethesda will learn that no one wants to play Super Buggy RPG 3000, but most likely not before judgement day. it's sad to see the fans who support these guys get F-ed up the ass every time, but atleast there are other things to do other then play their games, like become emo and cut yourself to death. or you can play "Who Can Outrun the Hippo At The Zoo?". but for now Bethesda will make money off of selling the beta versions of their products.
  5. I first became interested in Sci Fi when I saw the original Planet Of The Apes films. when did you become interested in Sci Fi?
  6. Whenever i start a new roam scenario i can't seem to be able to name either asset or character. the line that indicates that i can text is there, but i can't type anything, any ideas?
  7. Got nothing against Securom myself, i buy games with it fine. it's just the install limits that are a turnoff. i am more then happy to buy games that have fair DRM such as Command And Conquer 3 or Oblivion Game Of The Year Edition. I just can't stand having to deal with customer support when my install limits for Spore or Mass Effect run out ( i did not pirate either btw) We just need to keep what works (Securom) and get rid of shit that simply does nothing and is more likely to offend consumers rather then keep them (Install Limits) I also didn't buy Spore because it's a worthless time wasting toy and not much else... I would also like to point out that developers like Stardock who don't really use DRM are doing fine business with no problems.
  8. Whenever i click on BCStudio.exe, i get the generic crash window. any idea whats going on? edit: i got it working by copying everything to main folder... god i need to stop making these pointless threads. i'll just pick around with it some more:P the mod tools are awesome btw. complete shame that not many mods are made.
  9. retail boxed, and i am sorry as i didn't really think of that. and i am going to wait for a complete stable release of 2.0 before i try it
  10. after patching my game (UCCE) up to the latest version when i try to run the game it says it needs d3dx9_39.dll, i try installing the latest version of directx and that doesn't work. i try updating it with the patch version of directx but that has a network failure. any idea what i should do? edit: ok, i got that fixed, but now the game crashes whenever i get past the intro video. edit: just got the game working, don't know what i did. ironically this game is more stable then most games i have played recently. and all i ever hear people complain is it's "million bugs" ruin anything *sigh*
  11. never a bad thing to have 2, puts even more pressure on them to release this info
  12. a new website up is asking you to send a message to the Washington asking for them to reveal all of the alien evidence they currently have under wraps, they are currently trying for a record 1 million. this is inspired by a mention of aliens by president jimmy carter which ended up with people sending over 10,000 letters about the mention to the white house and caused the government to launch two ET studies. http://www.faxonwashington.org/ pretty cool, should give a look at what these people are all about even if it probably doesn't work...
  13. But spore was far more hyped and was PC only, mass effect having already built up a (Se)Xbox 360 (couldn't help myself:P) following and was not nearly awaited on pc as spore. thus it was spared the fate that spore suffered at first. though i do see what you mean, thanks for pointing that out.
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