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  1. ok.....ok....if you enjoy your little video game so much that you would kill someone over it.......why would you kill someone over it go to jail and never get to play your little video game again........but all in all im not surprised if your look hard enouph all over the world there are foolish imbalanced people who do stupid things for stupid reasons....why someone would agree to or entertain that type is beyond me
  2. GrandLordZeolot

    Dirty little intruders

    ive had many interesting engagement with intruders i swear the like the good ol acme loonie toons shows. so during one of my many trading runs in my shuttle i park my CC send out a marine in a sc1 turn off launch controls and hope out the nearest airlock. so about 20 min later when i see intruders i think, hey how much damage could they do before getting caught? so i set all remaining marines on search and ignore them....... oddly enouph upon returning to my ship i see sc3 and sc4 just floating outside i think wtf? and apparently i can redock wtf? so i look at perscan and logistics and apparently upon discovering that launch control was off the intruders went to the bridge smacked around my flight, navigations, and comunications officers till they turned it back on............ so i scan the 2 floating shuttles and see theres about 8 or 9 items in each no people i tracbeam it and i blows up taking out tracter controls............s.o.b.
  3. GrandLordZeolot

    UC freeware first impressions

    i figured beforehand that since RT has an advanced version of the game and the kia/save thing is news to him then it must not be a problem which also brings me to my next subject of first impressions. 7. forums. with a game as complex as this it seems to have a well monitored and modorated forum. there seems to be hundreds of commands and variations of those comands, and being able to search and post for help is a great complement to the game. be sure to check for my exploites after i track down universal combat CE. after that arrives ill comment on the differences between the versions
  4. GrandLordZeolot

    UC freeware first impressions

  5. GrandLordZeolot

    UC freeware first impressions

    i hope im posting this in the correct section, even tho it seems to be inactive i figured the would be a surge of new users since UC became free ware. i decided to write this in hopes that people who are playing the current or latest version can come and tell the noobs the improvements to the series. now im going to mix up the pros and cons. 1. UC is not as hard as people and reviews make it to seem. even tho you simply cant just pop it in and go joy riding the controls are quite eazy to learn....you just have to FIND!!! them in the docs file. and you provided with a 80+ page manual 69 page tutorial a faq and a much smaller and sumed up tips file. now me i was detrimined to like this game so i read it and am impressed by the scope of conrtol you have of you asset. but a in game help would appeal to much more new players example when you press pause there should be a help button which leads you to the manual tutorial ect.. same thing but it would fool people who want to play to read as they play. 2. Not to many people get over the first hurdle sadly i personaly had to convince every one i know to reinstall it after what, a total of 8 min frustration... but that leaves the question is any one playing the muliplayer? as with my WOW char after hours and hours of trading and cloaking on unsuspecting ins/ i want to show some emy player gam/ what i can do. but unfortnately i only see forums posted of people looking for "someone anyone" who wants to go online.... and they where posted in 2005. 3. Ok ive basicly got a grasp on the concept of the game. i send my drones out to mine have probes out in all surounding secters(i love to ambush) and then i realize just how expensive fuel cloak and shield jucie is. and you get what 75000 evey 12 ingame hours. which are relitively close to real life hours i might add. so i hatch a brillant plan to trade then ill have the funds to kick butt in far away galaxies. so i hope in my speedy shuttle ado a few trades. then like shuttles with very weak shields tend to do i get shot down. and lose every thing the hours i played worthless down the drain because if you die once you cant just reload the save.....EVER. now am i the only one who thinks that this is total bull? now ive played many games and not once never have i encountered something as drastict as this. i mean you can often command option just before you die and quit the game or better yet whenever you get into danger but common. 4.Ok on the subject of saved games. UC orginally made in what 2001 is very very prone to crashing. not only that but in order to save your game you have to quit the game and THEN to restart the game load it all over again. very bad combo. well not really bad but very annoying. im pretty sure that the crashing issue has been"looked into" since 2001 but still feel free to coment 5. Huge ships. who hasnt seen stertrek starwars babylon5 battlestar gallactica .....(do i need to continue?) and not wanted one. i must give due where due has been earned and derek smart has earned his every thing to the minut detail while still being original with the ship design. its truly a beauty to behold and i still havent even got to the OTS's. One thing is missing. if im to be boarded i would like to got down there in FPS mode and defend my ship. mind you at the expect of leaving it on auto. and i would also like the ability to cloak sneak up on an ins/ ship and board them fairs only fair. maybe that has been done in the newer versions but still comment on it. ending note lets keep this topic only about likes and dislikes of the freeware and then compare it to the newer titles i want to get the collecters edition. the Galcom Echo Squad seems to be geared tward the fighters and id rather stick to the big ships onless you can...comment anyone?
  6. GrandLordZeolot

    Here's a weird INTRUDER story...

    Heres a funny intruder story. i park my CC in a relatively safe spot, right next to galcom and hop in my shuttle to do a few trade runs. half way thru i notic ive got 4 intruders on board and open launch controls to combat this i send my tough a nails marines to the shuttles themselves 4 each with the rest on search. and as expected the intuders make a bline to the shuttles. i think "ha, score 1 for the good guys"..............then somehow one, just one gets by 4 guards steals the craft and flies off, with the marines..... only to be instantly shot down by the galcom. and im siting there with a missing shuttle and 4 dead troops wondering how i was gonna explain this to HQ
  7. GrandLordZeolot

    Universal Combat v2.00.31 Freeware

    after taking about 2 hour to fully understand the controls via tutorial and manual it is my understanding that UCCE is the latest in this series. what is the difference, meaning what advancements have been made other than the muliplayer. also after finally learning how to play.....then realizing that mainatianing your ship (go megaron!!!!!) requires huge amount of money i started trading in my shuttle. and was finally shot down after building about 700000 credits. it said i was KIA then it wouldnt let me reload the save. is that intentional? if so has that been changed in UCCE?