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  1. Its been some time ... since I was visiting this forum... as everyone can see I returned just to say that I'm very excited at news of UC getting the feel of FPS (walking inside ship and stations, bases on planets). Since the beginning - 1998 I guess - when I first bought BC3000AD with PC World Computer magazine cover CD, all the time playing UC, UC:AWA, UCCE (i still own 3 copies of game : DVD-Box, from Direct2drive, and from gamersgate.com), I was hoping that this will get into the game. I remember reading all those 100+ pages many times, and just dreaming that some day I will be walking on these ships with my crew etc. This game even today is still unique and advanced in many aspects that no one has explored in such way. I look forward to SC expanding this game and this genre. I also subscribed game on steam, but the free release, so I'm waiting for The Lyrius Conflict DLC to be completed, since there seem to be no way to get one of already bought copies/licences to steam (or I'm wrong ? hmmm....). I wish You good luck in Your future plans for this series, SC. Adding tutorials for new players, besides youtube videos that people started publishing, into the game just to get them excited more looks like good idea (someone has already mentioned this). Game is and allways was great, just not everyone discovers this, like I did.
  2. I use : Avast 4.8 Professional Windows defender Windows Firewall I' behind router (NAT) For semi-manual malware and rootkit scanning I use gmer (doesn't run at 64-bit windows, so i use it ony at my second pc), Ice sword (the same problem as gmer), Sysinternals Autoruns, Process Explorer, Rootkit revealer. Sometimes when I suspect deep hidden rootkit I use bootable cd with AVIRA to scan system disc without running possibly infected OS. And what most important I DO NOT USE PIRATE SOFTWARE. That makes maintaing security of my PCs a lot easier.
  3. Well.. uhm .. this channel has name "syfy channel" oh LOL I never thought that I will see such play on the words... well You see in Polish word "syf" means : "syphilis, mess, crap" (by English - Polish and Polish - English PWN - Oxford Dictionary). "Syfy" in Polish is a plural noun with the same meaning.... Well I know that creators on this channel didn't konw about this funny meaning this word I Polish, and I dont't want to speak about quality, nature of this channel, because I don't know is it crap or not but heh when I read name of this channel I just couldn't resist....
  4. UC is freeware, its unsupported now, so if You expect that some kind of patch will be released, I'm pretty sure that there will be no new patches. I must say that I never had this problem with this game, this version You are playing. Besides this is wrong place to post about UC because its unsupported now. As of bugs - from programmers point of view - there is no such program that is 100% free of bugs, especially such complex as games are. EDIT : Third sentence above is no longer valid, because topis has been moved to proper place. Try uninstalling and installing game again, maybe this will solve Your issue.
  5. Until patch 2.0 to UCCE was released my favourite ship was firestorm - it has many very powerful PTA turrets, and eight superfighters which are almost non destructible, but its slow and its manuverability is very low. Now with patch 2.0 its Ensgtrom - powerful PTA turrets, its faster than firestorm, has the same amount of marines, flight enginers, medics, system enginers, as firestorm and... cargo bays in the same size as firestorm, which is too small sometimes (then I relocate cargo to shuttles cargobays) for me. I like to play Battlecruiser mk3 - it's fast, has moderate in efectivnes pta turrets, has quite good fighters, but they lack sometimes armor and shield when fighting against nighstars, megarons and huge cargobays - especially cargobay 1 which is place where the most used spare parts and replacements of support craft (if it is destroyed) are stored. You know I like repairing fighters etc. without the need of docking to starstations. And sometimes I had to do this.
  6. All I can say is that I have two copies of UCCE - one from D2D and second from BMT Micro (DVD-ROM) and I didn't noticed this problem with D2D version - patching from 1.0.x to 2.0 works good. I remember that BMT Micro DVD-ROM version was shipped in something about 2 weeks (with standard check in customs office) - I was really surprised... I remember that letters from my gradfathers friend in UK to my grandfather many years ago was delivered much slower heh...
  7. Well, as of Gal Civ , that I've played - I had the same feeling as canshow in case of Gal Civ II - once I finished game with satysfying score, when I tried play again I felt that game is extremly boring. When I read at some gamers magazine that Gal Civ II will be based on the same idea I realized that I don't want to buy it and play it, because it's not worth this something about 100 PLN or even more. Oh, and even I if Demigod would fit my gamers taste, I'm not sure I would like to play it and contribute to that kind community as shown at example above.
  8. Hi all ! I'm quite new on this forum, but I'm not new to BC/UC series - I'm playing since about 1998 - First edition of BC I played was published on a CD of Polish edition of PC World magazine - I'm pretty sure that it was 1.x version with some foreword about take two inside magazie describing the game. Later I found BC version 2.0 or in PC World or a few years later as freeware on 3000ad site, then was BCM freeweare, UC freeware and finally paid editions - UC:G, UC:AWA, UC:SE and now UC:CE. I'm visiting this site from time to time, to look what's new on forum etc. I must say that beeing part of betatesters team of new 3000ad game was great expirience. And I'm pretty sure that there will be not soon other comparable game to BC/UC series, if ever. Honestly there is not much games that keeps me for long hours in front of monitor when I have/had spare time.. for last 11 years. Its good to see that there are still some of old BC veterans active on forum..
  9. At first I must say that after installing UCCE I patched it to 2.0 using upgrade patch. Then I saw a couple of problems : 1. There is no engstrom carrier in appendix, looking at creation dates of files in this folder I saw that it isn't updated at all - all docs are from release 1.x.x. 2. When I started a new commander career (roam) with Engstrom carrier I noticed that I cant launch probes at all. I must say that Launch Control was On-line, and all officers were on-station, and probes were loaded in proper slots at CC (they were marked with green at tacops, and there was "launch" option when I clicked right mouse button at them at tacops). I tried to launch probes (1 to 6) at two locations - Earth and Mars with no success. I noticed also that this problem does not exist when I play commander career with Battlecriuser MK3 carrier. I don't know if there are planned new patches for UCCE 2.0 or this is last, final patch, but I have hope that it isn't last patch, because I really would like play Engstrom carrier with full funcionality as other carriers in this version.
  10. You're right, I have it usually switched off, but when I'm going to enemy terriory, I would like to launch FCs, and then I have to enable launch control. Sometimes I forget to switch it off again just after launching supprt craft, when I'm attacking/defending with my mother ship in heavy combat. But I dont have enabled launch control, when intruders are aboard, never. BTW when intruders board my ship, I want to have already ready force to fight them as intruders are going to kill my crew and me if there is such oportunity. This what I wrote is not only used by me to prevent craft stealing, the best way of prevention in this case in switched off launch control and transporter control, but to quickly restore peace and order on my ship, because consequences of letting intruders going here and there over ship, could be not nice. Ofcourse I know that there is CO, and its his task to fight intruders, but I prefer to do it in my way - Resnig likes to send unarmed marines to fight intruders, when there is such opportunity . So I manually prepare marines to fight in they way described above, in prevoius post, and these marines that I dont need at the moment I send to medibay, where they are waiting for My orders - CO can do nothing with it.
  11. As I'm playing BC series quite long (almost from the begining), and UC series too, I decided to share a couple of my thoughts in this thread. In case of intruders I allways have at least 10 marines combat ready and searching the command craft, not only when intruders are on aboard - allways. When 1st shift of marines has something about over 20% Fatique level I change them with another at least 10 (combat preped ofcourse) and so on. Next thing is, when intruders come board my ship i switch off launch control and transporter control in Logistix. So they have no escape. The advantage of having allways some number of marines ready to combat is that if I'm focused in heavy combat is space I do not have to remember to ready the marines, when intruders board my ship, and when intruders came - they have "welcome comitee" on my ship to take care of them . Looking at the intruders activity, when they are moving over the ship, I was seeing many times that they like to go to cargobays and steal some of my equpiment, and later they usually go to shuttles, and try to launch them. So when marines remove the problem of intruders once again I allways check in all shuttles cargo bays, if there is some stealed equpiment left by intruders before they died, or has been transported to Detention hold. Usually in UC - there is allways something to put back in cargo bays of mother ship. It is a good habit to send probe to region where You suspect that there will be enemy forces, especially in large amount, when your ship is badly damaged, and you want to travel this way. In case of shuttles and assinging marines to pilot them - this is not bad idea, but only if there is no flight enginers free at the moment. If there are, I always use flight engineers instead of marines - they aren't pilots, but they better pilot shuttles, and they unlike the marines do not like doing "joy rides" when collecting cargo pod(s).
  12. You see, if there is an option in tactical->crew->flight engineers to order flight engineers to ready the FCs, which always worked, in case FC were not completly discharged, so I use this option. Usually I'm using this option (tactical->crew-... etc.) when i want to order quickly ie. marines to get ready for combat, and pilots to go to FCs, and ... etc. The problem appears when my favourite method of issuing orders to my crew fails in case and only in this case, when i'm trying to ready interceptors with 0% charge level. IMHO it shouldn't be problem. To be honest i'm playing BC series since 1998 (begining from BC3000AD 1.x), and I don't remember this problem in earlier editions. But, ofcourse I do not remember so good all the editions - it was long time ago when I played BC (1.x, 2.09, Millenium). So IMHO when program interface gives two ways of doing something - these two ways are equal to each other
  13. I write this for those, who have the same problem, because i found some kind of workaround. I couldn't ready FCs using Tactical->Crew->flight engineers and sending them to FCs, BUT when i opened tactical->launch->FC3 and FC4 and assigned 2 flight enginers for each of two FC that were affected with this strange behavior, i noticed, that this time interceptors are readying, almost in the same moment. So it looks like if I use tactical->crew->flight enginers and assign enginers - this takes no effect, but if i use tactical->launch->fc3 and fc4 and assign enginers - it works. Strange...
  14. Thanks, at least you have tried I checked FC status many times, I was sending over and over again enginers - with no effect. Checked everything. Thats why i decided to post it, because i think it is really strange - maybe some kind of bug.
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