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  1. Well I Know How 2 Use Them Now Thxs Now I Got My SC On A planet And Now I Can't Get it Off lol Ps:Love The Game Hard 2 Get 2 Know It Im On My 5th Station Capture So I Got 2 B Doing somthing Right SUPER CARRIER: FIRESTORM=Full upgrade=Gots 2 Love It Can I Have More Then 8 Fc? Well Thxs 4 The Help
  2. Well Then How Do I Know Where 2 Put My Mining Drone? Can U Or Sum one Give Me A Manual On Them. B/c The One I Got Only Tell You What They Do Not How 2 Use Them Thxs 4 The Help Man
  3. Hello Im New At BCM I Need Help At One Thing Thats It B/c I Use The MANUAL For Most Of The Game But Theres One Thing I Dont Get How. Can I Tell If There Any Minerals On A Planet Or Moon. Can i Use A Scanner On One of the other then How What Are The KeyBoard CMDS I dont see it in KEYBOARD_CMDS.PDF Well Thx 4 Ur Time
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