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  1. Save Error UC:CE

    Derek! How do I fox this problem?
  2. Save Error UC:CE

    How do I fix it? Any ideas? This game is frustrating without being able to save.
  3. In steam version UC:CE IN GAME: Go to SYSTEM the last tab should be RESUME/RESTORE Instead it's: -menu_quit_save_resume_menu_quit_save_restore which leads back to the title menu without saving character profile and assets. No way to save. No way to restore.
  4. Elite Dangerous

    Necro-ing my old thread: Anyone still playing this game? I'm pretty active ATM. Lowly indie, flying a Cobra MKIII running contraband and slaves! Anyone else playing? I'd love to get SC and a few old BC commanders to create a faction and take over the bubble! That would be epic!
  5. Universal Combat Advanced

    I know I'm prolly wasting my breath here, but wtf. Suggestions if you make a UCCE Advanced addition: * Bring back the 'switch to' command for shuttles and fighters. NPC pilots CAN NOT trade with stations and CAN NOT jump through flux fields. At least I haven't found a way to work this. * Something in the game makes combat sounds incessant and prevalent ingame, even when there is no combat in the system, no combat in probe systems, and no intruders. Please look into this. * Allow some way to add music ingame without the current, complicated file format system you have currently. I can't just drop any old MP3 into the music dir and make it work. It has to be a specific codex, and format. * Fighters in escort of CC - STOP being in escort when they jump through gates. They default to SAD. If there is a hostile star-station in the region, the fighters will jump to that star-station and DIE! I have to manually click on each fighter ( after jump) and put them all back in escort. * Also, there used to be an ALL function in the fighter command menu, where I could order all fighters to perform the same command. Please reinstate that feature. Remember. Customer service is just as important and product production! I know this is a niche title, but you should make the game as enjoyable and stress free as possible (without dumbing it all down for the masses). You really could get it right this time, if you just listen to the people who actually play this game. Space-simmers aren't overly concerned with graphics, what we care about is game-play. Graphics are easy to update. Game-play - not-so-much. Thank you You can ban me now.
  6. What Spare Parts

    As far as spare parts, your Tradcom will tell you what you need. On the fly, out in space, droids, droids droids.
  7. Love this game! It's eats too damn much of my free time though.
  8. Supply Stations in Space??

    I think they were supposed to be for EV mutiplayer FPS combat.
  9. Apogee

    [RP] Pluto/Sol Shingen walked out of the engineering bay. Bodies littered the corridor. He went to work. He lifted the first body and dragged it to the end of the corridor. He went for the next. Mariko came out of the engineering bay, "There are too many bodies. We either jump to empty space, or we bury them here." "No one cares anyway," [/RP]
  10. That's only happened to me while viewing a planet in tacops.
  11. Universal Combat Advanced

    Kudos to Derek for releasing UCCE 2.0 on Steam That really says a lot about how much you believe in this franchise. You're one of the few developers that have the integrity to release legacy software for free. I really respect that. 'nuff said.
  12. January 2015 Insurgent Fleet Muster

    Sign me up. The Devil's Hand is dead. The first and only Indie fleet is gone. The insurgents are prolly my best fit. The Deathstrike is a capable ship with an outstanding crew, Born and bred in combat.
  13. Universal Combat Advanced

    I can't wait for this release. It should be awesome! Derek, just please play-test it first and make sure that all the planets and moons in the game can planet-fall without a crash to desktop! Well.. except the hostile ones. We can't land on those anyway... Been there, done that. Not a good plan.
  14. Universal Combat Advanced

    Hyper-drive recharge rates do increase with upgraded engines and reactors. Also crew XP will increase over time, but I don't know if that increase the recharge rate for the hyper-drive.
  15. TV - Syfy's Ascension

    I'm watching it. I don't have many hopes for a Syfy title anymore, since they canceled Firefly. Sue me.