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    Big Reveal THIS WEEK!!

    I'll be there.
  2. rtoolooze1

    Game Shots

    Very nice.
  3. rtoolooze1

    Game Shots

    I must say, that Sentry looks fantastic! Looking forward to your next space combat games, indeed!
  4. rtoolooze1

    Bethesda Rant

    I have'nt had too many problems with either Fallout 3 or Oblivion. And once I installed the patches hardly no problems at all. (rare crash once in awhile) And while there are a few design issues and things I would like to see done better, I really can't complain and have had hours and hours of enjoyable gameplay. One of the biggest selling points for me are the big open worlds they have. In fact, after becoming an avid 3000ad fan years and years ago, I'm kinda spoiled now. I just can't get into games that involve hand holding and where you are forced to go a certain path with limited options. So these are the kinda games I really look forward to. (besides being an avid simmer, online racing, flight sims, space sims, ect.) Guess I'm a loyal Bethesda fan.
  5. rtoolooze1


    Thanks for the link, I needed a good laugh today. The few trailers I've seen on T.V have made me think, "what in the world is that movie about, looks stupid". I mean, I guess its a super hero movie of some sort, but jeez wiz it looks stupid, lol.
  6. rtoolooze1

    First Impressions

    Nice read Mano. Thanks alot for the AAR and the pretty screenshots. I enjoyed it. I have the beta downloaded, but have been too busy to install and fire it up. Seems I'll have some time tomorrow. Looking forward to it.
  7. rtoolooze1

    Battlecruiser 3000AD 2.0

    I'd keep it as a collector's edition. Pretty cool you found that.
  8. rtoolooze1


    Ya, first thing I thought about those weapons was "huh?" I mean, mabe if I ran into some alien race that used them, that would be kinda cool, but not me. I wanna use, well, good 'ol earth weapons!
  9. rtoolooze1


    Link? (Nevermind, I found it)
  10. rtoolooze1

    Diablo 3

    I'll tell ya, that twenty min HD gameplay movie was impressive to say the least.
  11. rtoolooze1

    IL-2 for the XBox 360

    Well thats cool, would'nt be IL2 without them. I don't know, if I have the resources one day, I might break down and purchase a console. They are coming out with some better titles these days. Guess its difficult to change when your old and stuck in your ways! (turned 43 April 4th) (p.s. Last console I bought was the Sega Genesis back in '91, lol! I still have it. Payed $200 for it heh)
  12. rtoolooze1

    IL-2 for the XBox 360

    Ya, that seems to be the case. Ah well, since I don't own a console, guess I'm looking forward to BOB. Atho Over Flanders Field Phase 3 should be here soon, and looking forward to that one. ( A WW1 mod for CFS3. Phase 1 and 2 were free and amazing! Phase 3 will need to be purchased, and rightly so.)
  13. rtoolooze1

    IL-2 for the XBox 360

    Ya, I was just reading that over at www.simhq.com. Its almost unbelievable! IL2 played with a gamepad, say it aint so!!! Its suppose to be developed by Gaijin Entertainment, but its still 1C.
  14. rtoolooze1

    Resupply Duty

    Nice read. I think the pics are great. Looking forward for more.
  15. rtoolooze1

    Serenity: Firefly Season One

    Ya, once I started the first one, I noticed those posts down below. If you look at the episodes, looks like someone put the right order number with each episode. So that you have to look for the 2'nd, 3'rd, and so forth. I'm still watching them. Too bad it got cancelled.
  16. rtoolooze1

    Serenity: Firefly Season One

    Just watched the first episode, thought it was very good. Thanks alot for the link. Looks like the episodes are not in order according to someone who posted there. Someone else put them in the right order tho. Will watch them that way. Thanks again.
  17. rtoolooze1

    Dev Status Update

    Sreenies are looking good for KnightBlade, I'm really really looking forward to this! Thanks for the update.
  18. rtoolooze1


    If you finished the campaign, then you are free to roam and play as you see fit, there are no more missions for that campaign. Unless I'm not understanding you correctly. If there are still more missions to complete, then you should already know when the current mission ends, and the next one begins. (By looking at the VDD in the ACM section.)
  19. Have you dug tru the "Tips, Tricks & Techniques section?" Lots of info there. Good place to start. Your free to return to your post commander.
  20. Well, I like the added fighter support, so I prefer carriers. But like you said, each have their own advantages, and it depends on your play style. I think after you have logged in some good gaming time, and used various types, you'll make a good choice for how you like to play. Carry on Commander.
  21. rtoolooze1

    Battlefield: Bad Company boycott video

    Thats too funny, lol! Ya, I about fell out of my chair.
  22. rtoolooze1

    Round of applause for the UC/BC series

    Yep, very few games come close to the depth of Derek's space sim. (Ya, Falcon 4 is pretty deep. I enjoy playing that title also.) I picked up my boxed copy of UC:CE only a week ago, and going back thru the campaigns. (Was glad to have found a boxed copy!) I have never tired of playing this awesome sim. Games come and go, but very few of them stay in arms reach to fire up at will. The Battlecruiser series have alway's been one of them.
  23. rtoolooze1


    Now this is what I'm talking about!!! Finally, we can get revenge on those friggin intruders! ("cmon, try and take that shuttle now foo!") Those shots look great Derek! Can't wait for 2009. Makes me wonder what you will have in store for 2010!
  24. rtoolooze1

    Null point error

    Ya, it really all boils down to your low PC specs. I mean, I have an Athlon 64 3000+, Geforce 6600gt 128 meg, and 1 gig of ram, and I'm singing the blues cause even my PC is low to middle of the road. I'm gonna have to give this 'ol thing to my wife and build me a new one soon. Besides, computer parts are so cheap now, its crazy. Just go look at www.pricewatch.com and see for yourself. For not too much you should be able to move up to at least middle of the road. Just do your research on motherboards so you don't get a crappy one. Make sure it has PCI-Express video slot. (Not AGP) For less than a hundred dollars, you should be able to get a decent video card. (Geforce 8600gt 512 meg PCI-Express, for like $88.00) And Memory is so cheap now its unbelievable. Of course I'm not one to talk since my PC is a walking dinosaur, but I'm really gonna build a new one soon. Look at ebay also. Sometimes you can find a good deal there also. Just be careful of course. If you need more help, tell me what you budget is and I can research some stuff for ya. rtoolooze...over and out....
  25. rtoolooze1

    Null point error

    Glad you got it all figured out commander. Now take care of that shiny new ship and your crew. rtoolooze out.