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  1. Done the two patches manually and it now allows access to the game. Give it a try Rich, it definitely works mate. Hope they can sort the problem before they release a more critical patch, assuming they will release one that is. Beta key for galactic command out of the question then I take it?
  2. Nope it still does not work.. All it says is version 1.00.05 is available. I stepped back but it is STILL wanting an activation code.. Any advice on getting a refund, I cannot waste any more time on this damn game, or better still, is there a newer version altogether of a similair battlecruiser type game Thanks for trying Sup, Comm.
  3. Hello once again, So I went online today and bought the collectors edition of Universal Combat, paid $29.95 no less. Anyway I downloaded the direct to drive game, installed it and ran it using the activation code I was given.. all went well. Then, due to many errors, bugs, call em what you will, I used the online updater to patch up to the latest version, this it did but guess what? Now when I try to run the game I have to enter an activation code again ffs and of course the code I have is not bloody recognised so then I spent hours reading loads of crap online about how to solve the problem, hours that I should be spending playing the damn game!!! And still I await a reply from someone alive instead of some automated geeky system that has not even come close to solving my problem.. thirty dollars and three hours I have lost trying to sort a problem that should never have occurred. The people responsible for this should be bloody ashamed of themselves, at least Dick Turpin wore a mask! Oh and please I beg you, dont give me some arrogant crap about how I am on the wrong forum or the font I am using is the wrong size or that I am not a full member of the tufty club, if you know how to solve this problem please tell me if you dont then dont reply, right now the very last thing I need is more bollox. Cheers Ax
  4. Ok I have now bought the latest edition via direct to drive so fingers crossed.. thank you and delete this post if you dont mind.
  5. Ok then try this Compaq Presario Pentium 4 3.2 ghz 1 gig ddr 512 meg nvidia gforce 7600 gs 120 gig hard drive realtek sound ac97 dx 9.oc A very good machine which has happily played many mmo's with no problems, ie LOTRO, wow, guild wars, and so on.. eve online not least.. Never had this problem before..