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    Sex drugs (Tylenol..Lol) & Rock & Roll!
  1. A_I

    Null point error

    Thanx! Good info...appreciate the feedback.
  2. A_I

    Is there more?

    I have to upgrade ...my pc..can't handle uc and above. Will upgrade in a bit...but for now I'm stuck with playing BCM. Soooooo does anyone know if there is anything out there other than the probe and stargazer planet.? Thnx....
  3. A_I

    Is there more?

    Hello......hello....hello..... Is the anybody out there......? Just nod if you can here me........ Is there anyone home...? Um...I know this is probably old news but if somebody would be so kind as to reply to the question above ...it would be cool....... Thanx.... P.S. for anyone who gives a hoot...They call me A_I and I have a few In game pics(my avatar is one of them) at: http://zedo.hardwar.org.uk/ I kinda have and interesting history there as I like to be "outside the box" so to speak....
  4. A_I

    Null point error

    Thanx will do...sorta.. But all is not to well in my UC world Lol..... While I can get into the game I get a host of errors...Game locks,,,surface video problems...space video problems...etc. After trying all sorts of settings it comes down to just getting a newer vid card (and a new pc and O/S...Lol!. I just got a new job and it'll will be a while before I can upgrade...but I'll upgrade and then....OBOY!..I'll be online and fighting with the best of ya! Until then...I'll play BCM..(when I can get the chance) to keep me skills sharp... By the way I'm interested in what pc's..vid cards and O/S that you all use that seem to work best for the BC and UC series (and for general gaming as well , offline and online)? I know that's a broad question but I'd appreciate the feedback. Thanx all! Fly high, shoot straight..and take care of that crew! AI....out...
  5. A_I

    Is there more?

    Hey all! After exausting all possibilities I could think of.....from having my team with shuttles and oc's comb Stargazer to launching a probe while in the atmoshpere (to hopfully communicate with the crashed probe) I haven' t found anything that hasn't already been found. SC....I was wondering if you would just answer this one question for me....Is there anything in BCM that hasn't been found. I'm not asking where, when, who, why...I'm just asking if there "is" more. I'd like to know if I should persue investigating the Stargate mystery or just continue playing as usual. Thanx...
  6. A_I

    Null point error

    Hey All! For those who care and may have the same problem. Like I said in the post above I have Win98 installed and upgraded with microsoft update online. It seems that my Via video drivers were at fault. I downloaded the drivers (as well as the bios, sound, & motherboard drivers from the gigabite website. You would think that the manafacturers who made the dang board would have the best drivers. Wrong. After going through SC's UC docs I came across the Via link and went to the site..from there went to the S3 site and downloaded the appropiate drivers and they worked like a chime. All is well now in UC land (or space or sea or air...lol!). All you out there that may have problems with the Via chip sets in their motherboards should just use the link provided by SC in the UC docs and you'll be up and running in no time. Thanx again SC for all the work and vision in your games. Fly high and shoot straight......
  7. A_I

    Null point error

    Hey all, Thanx for the quick response. Yes I'm running Win98 (not SE). I updated it through Microsoft website with the service packs.(although it was some time ago). Yes Win98 is crap Lol! Time for me to upgrade.... Hardware is a bit old too. I thought it might be that I just needed to get with the times Lol! Sooooo I'll upgrade everything soon and see you guys online. Once again thanx for the reply and thanx SC for making one cool bunch of games!
  8. Hey SC and all other Fellow Flyers! My name is A I and it's nice to be a member here. I have enjoyed playing BCM these past few months and have found it quite enjoyable. I've taken over everystar base, gotten every medal, completed the ACM, it was (and still is) great playing. Soooo when UC was released this Feb. I was thrilled. I eventually will be online soon (when I get a high-speed connection & upgrade me software) right now I'm on win 98 and dial-up Lol! Anywho, I have a programing question. I'm fairly good with pc configuring and software but I don't know much about actual program language and don't have a clue as how to fix this problem. I have win 98 (yeah I know it's old) and I was able to run BCM on it by using switches /n /w1 in the shortcut and changing the resolution in the config file to 640 x 480. The game runs fine. But when I tried to run Universal Combat freeware version doing the same thing I get the following error. "uc.exe caused an invalid page fault in module 015f: <memory address>" . This happens right when I start the game. Soooooo.. doing some further investigation I had Doctor Watson running and when the error happended again it gave me this error message: "uc.exe attempted to use a null data pointer variable" system specs Win98 Upgraded through MS online service packs. Atholon 1 GHZ processor 256 MB memory 133 bus speed S3 VIA Savage onboard video agp Amertrends bios GA 7ZMM motherboard from Gigabyte (specs at gigabyte.com) I have since been online and on this board learning about null pointers but I'm no programmer and I can't seem to find a solution to this problem (if there is a solution). My questions are as follows: Is there a work-around for this (or is it that Win 98 is to old an O/S? UC installed fine on a friends computer (Win XP). I've tried everything I know of, changing resolution, changing memory amounts, turning off settings to minimum in the config file, as well as changing bios settings, etc., etc. Is it that the uc.exe program is calling for something that win 98 can't do? Is UC compatable with Win 98? Sorry if these questions seems ignorent but like I said I'm no programmer. I tried a decompiler a couple of times and played with it and I gotta tell ya, it gave me total repect for you programmers out there. I found it amazing that you guys can write up such complicated (at least to me) language. Hats off to you guys. Anyway....please let me know if any of you out there can help with this issue. Thanx!