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  1. This is great news, I do realize that it isn't a dedicated FPS - but it always nice to have fully fleshed out features, they're far more satisfying. I think moving to normal bases is probably a better idea then the cities which a great concept lacked the complexity and the gameplay motivation that a city should bring with it. As a bonus, as the FPS parts get better the bases become more and more interesting. Twenty five years of source control? Thats is amazing - so many games and applications with lost source from the 90's and even the 2000's. Must have been nice moving from tapes to real source control. And, since you can go all the way back, you could always compile in a easter egg and have BC3K running on a console inside a base - you know so they have an excuse for when you destroy them - they were too busy playing it.
  2. This is amazing. Ever since AAW I have wanted an updated version of UCCE! I do have a questoin though - you say you're revising the FPS GUI from AAW, but is the gameplay going to be modified to be like AAW? I loved the concept of FPS combat in UC but the gameplay left a bit to be desired - especially after the release of AAW. I thoroughly enjoyed playing AAW and thought that it was a very nice way to play. This is purely theoretical since the GBS isn't planned to be released - but if it was would it be possible to recreate the tight spaces that are similar to the ones from AAW to use in ground combat? I'd love to bring to bare a full carrier and all its assets on a small base - something you didn't really have the ability to do in AAW - and then go down and see it all happening from the ground while having it actually be fun and sensible. Edit: Also purely as a fan comment - I find it amazing your source control - your ability to get your older games up and running with (apparent) minimal ease years after release is quite remarkable. Even from what, 2009 with UCCE2.0 to now there has been enough changes and alterations that there must have been hurdles to cross. I wonder how far back you could go to get a running version of the older games from source compiled in a modern IDE. BCM? The beta window build of BC3K 2.0? It'd be interesting to see.
  3. As an update to this, almost a year later on a random ftp server I came across the 3.0 demo and got it working in DOSBox. I have uploaded it here to dropbox! Run using dosbox BCINTRO for some interesting cutscenes, and BCFLIGHT for a mission, if you want to go into free-flight mode run SETUP21.EXE and change the gameplay type. Also have a look at the manual in demov300.txt it gives some interesting instructions and information on what to expect and see in the demo and what is to come!
  4. According to the Capsu BC3K faqs there were a number of demo/prerelease versions of 3000AD and I was wondering if anyone has them laying around anymore - it'd be neat to play with them (also trying to see if I can get it to emulate, even in a primitive form on my phone would be nice... since they have not been rereleased for Android hint hint) Demo v1.0, 1992. This was previewed in Computer Games Strategy Plus #18, May 1992. Possibly not released publicly at the time, but was re-released by Smart around 1998. Demo v1.01/v2.0/v3.0 (varies by source), 1993. Public freeware release. Demo versions include basic space simulation, document but often note as "inactive" certain battlecruiser management features, and seem to omit strategic or ground operation aspects completely. Demo v1.01C5 (?), May 1997 (?), released on the cover disc of Computer Gaming World. Unconfirmed limitations: "Free Flight, Xtreme Carnage and 1 ACM mission all taking place in only two space regions containing up to 4 planets." It would be a shame if there wasn't a copy of these somewhere, BC3K is a historical treasure, and shouldn't be lost in time.
  5. No problem. I keep both BC3K v1 and v2 setup and ready to go to keep testing on my phone to see if DOSBox gets good enough to play the game. A mobile BC game would be wonderful. Sadly the emulators aren't quite there yet.
  6. I know this is slightly late in replying back, however I have taken the liberty of extracting the freeware versions of the game and zipping them up for anyone to use. Both are the actual install folders ( BC3K for v1, BC3000AD for v2 ). They should both work as soon as you extract them, however for BC3K you will need to change the PATHS variable in 'BC3000AD.INI' both cdrom= and home= have to point to where you've extracted the game. I have it setup for C:\BC3000AD but as long as its DOS friendly you'll be fine. BC3K.zip - Battlecruiser 3000AD v1 Freeware - 99MB BC3000AD.zip - Battlecruiser 3000AD v2.09 Freeware - 129MB Hope this helps.
  7. So, yesterday Section 8: Prejudice came out, and I picked it up because it is only $15 and wow - it is like a limited streamlined version of All Aspect Warfare. If you remove the vehicles for the most part and introduce dynamic missions in multiplayer it feels very very similar. It even has the XP system that lets you deploy assets in the battlefield as you go. The art style also looks amazing familiar in the general feel of things. It is quite fun, jet packs and sci-fi how can one go wrong though? Anyone else seen this? Overall I play it and I wish there was more people playing AAW since it feels like a watered down demo of what you could get in a lot of ways.
  8. Probably the best way would be to set it to your monitors desktop resolution, and then put it into Windowed mode, that way it'd stay full screen, and wouldn't minimize?
  9. So, GamersGate is currently having a sale on UCCE (not 2.0) at $8 for the next week, grab it here! I did, nice to finally have a digital copy. Edit: I just realized they have Echo Squad for the same price
  10. I keep meaning to, it is just a matter of free time and the ability to play uninterrupted, I hate joining multiplayer games and then having to leave soon after.
  11. I've been playing a fair amount of both AAW and Tribes, and I feel like AAW definitely has the same type of feel as Tribes did, it feels very similar - which is quite nice, because the frantic fast paced nature of Tribes is a beautiful thing that is quite rare in FPS these days. Any thoughts?
  12. For a moment there, I thought perhaps BC3K was going to be ported to the iOS, I always thought the NDS could probably deal with the game pretty well.
  13. But, I want to be me! However, I can't wait for this to come out. Seeing 3000AD games patched just brings a little glee to my heart.
  14. So, I'm going to need like 1TB of hard drive space, 4GHZ overclocked and a Crossfire system to run that, right? To be honest, I didn't have a system that could run BC3K v1/v2 until after '00. Which when I think about it is actually kind of sad. I am however, quite a DOS-junkie myself, though I've always been more of a fan of RPGs from that age than sims. (Sims are I will admit, my second love to RPGs - but still a love!) It would have been wonderful to get a 'making-of' from that time period, I bet today it'd be quite a video to watch. There is not nearly enough media that documents development from that era!
  15. I don't have AoA installed, but I am also getting a CtD immediately after the 3000AD logo plays in AAW.
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