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  1. Ok, I do have Universal Combat: Collector's Edition DVD version of the game. I un-installed it, then fresh installed (no patch yet). I clicked on the icon & the game started. Then I d-loaded the latest patch from 3000ad's site, put it in my game directory (1.00.05), and the game did NOT start now. So I d-loaded and installed patch version 1.00.04, and it DID start. So I have concluded that there has to be something wrong w/ the latest patch version 1.00.05 and my DVD version of the game! I guess I will run the game at the 1.00.04 version for now...... thank you all for your ideas!
  2. Just purchase my copy from EB Games ($30). Install went fine, patched it (put patch file in game folder, ran from there). When I click on the game icon on my desktop, OR in the game folder itself, the game does NOT start, NOTHING happens!! just my desktop picture stays. Need help as to why it won't start. I'm thinking it could be a driver issue somewhere. My system specs far exceed the requirement, heck I play Crisis & COD 4 on highest settings! I did fill out a support ticket 2 weeks ago, but no one responded as of yet, so I'm trying these forums now! I tried to register my game, it asked me for my serial #, well where is that? The only # I found is my multiplayer code, & usually they don't ever ask for that #, but is that the one I need to put in.