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  1. hellfire64

    Issues with Reversed Roll inputs

    Apologies for not being clear enough on the first post - I'm glad that it wasn't a misconfiguration issue on my end. Thanks again..
  2. hellfire64

    Issues with Reversed Roll inputs

    Hi SC, Thanks for the comments - just to make sure, I've tried it again with only the xbox pad plugged in, and in yaw mode, everything is correct as per your comments. If I then switch the game pad to roll instead of yaw (by clicking in the left stick), then it feels reversed - but that's at least a comparison between what happens if I were to press the left arrow key, followed by pushing the stick left. At least I know I can use the pad properly to yaw, and if I need to do a roll, I'm able to use the keyboard properly.. Thanks again...
  3. Hi, After getting some time to finally get ES up and running (which I'm enjoying - even if I'm getting blasted to too many pieces all too quickly ) , I'm running into a weird issue with the roll inputs where if I hold down the joystick/xb360 pad to the left - I roll clockwise, and vice versa. Just in case it was a system issue on my end - I tried it with both my old Sidewinder Precision Pro & an Xbox 360 pad - and it seems to occur with both of 'em. From playing around with the keyboard, all seems fine there. I've also taken a peek at the VCF - and I don't believe I've seen anything regarding this either as an issue or as something that was fixed - so I was wondering if there was something I had missed - or if anyone had an alternative as to how I could work around it for the time being.. Thanks.