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  1. Elite Dangerous

    Well for starters I felt there was a sore lack of actual multiplayer. The trading grind was expected, nothing particularly nasty about it imo. It just seemed like the end-game was more shallow than the NPC interaction. Faction system looked like filler content so I didn't really fiddle around with it too much. The exploration system was a double edged sword, and maybe one of the few worthy things of actually doing. However, just getting to be able to explore undiscovered systems is a huge grind in itself. You're basically grinding just to literally spend hours of your time traveling. lol. And then yeah, traveling was a PITA all the way from entering supercruise to slowing down to a nav point I guess one of the bigger issues for me was the rate of progression given time played. Travel alone just kills so much of your time. I work and go to university. Maybe I have 3 hours to throw at gaming one night. If I choose ED i will likely spend 1,5/2 of those hours staring at my screen in supercruise, because if I don't look out for interdiction attempts from NPCs (or the occasional player if you're in a hot tiny patch of space) I might get killed. Like what the fuck dude. It gets old. It also makes death (which is inevitable unless you're meticulous about everything) so much worse because you'll have to spend more time traveling to re-grind. A game is supposed to be a game. After a while ED feels like monotonous work for no wages.
  2. Elite Dangerous

    I have it as well. Didn't turn out to be my cup of tea, especially after I found out about an expansion.
  3. 1st Quarter 2017 Insurgent Fleet Muster

    Aye I am here
  4. 4th Quarter 2016 Insurgent Fleet Muster

    Stress to put it shortly.
  5. 4th Quarter 2016 Insurgent Fleet Muster

    Here, albeit in the process of killing myself.
  6. March 2016 Insurgent Fleet Muster

    Reporting in.
  7. December 2015 Insurgent Fleet Muster

    Reporting in. Happy holidays.
  8. October/November Insurgent Fleet Muster

    Is our existence a reality? Are any of us really "here"? Is there even an "us" or are we mere fragments of an overarching consciousness? Who knows... who knows...
  9. Soundtrack?

    What do you want, a youtube playlist you can shuffle around or edit, or something compiled into a fixed album? Assuming Derek doesn't have any issues with me uploading some of his game's music to youtube, I can do something like that over the weekend.
  10. Many people start with some of the older games. Freelancer, Freespace 2, Starshatter: The Gathering Storm, Nexus: The Jupiter Incident, Privateer, Some of the newer games I would recommend are Starpoint Gemini 2, Rebel Galaxy, Reassembly, and X3: Terran Conflict. I would also recommend to avoid games that are in early access on steam if you ever decide to go browsing. Some of those are dead projects, while others are not even finished such as Into The Stars. Same goes with completed titles as well. Read the reviews before you buy. But it really depends on what you want. There are fighter sims, starship sims, ones that are inbetween the two, etc. Personally, I like flying capital ships in a sandbox environment because fighter sims have been done to death. If you have questions about certain things in the 3000AD games, I would recommend to browse the forums. Especially if you get into the Universal Combat or Battlecruiser series, there's some good reading in a lot of the old threads.
  11. Forum Upgrade

    Does this upgrade affect thread links at all like the one several years ago did?