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  1. A shorter list would be when I didn't have a nasty close call. haha, just share one or few that you would enjoy sharing.
  2. Yeah, my tech friend told me to get the radeon card instead of Sho's. Apparently it's better for gaming or whatnot. But if it doesn't fit, ill see if i can get that 9600.
  3. We can set it up with RT. I think his help will make it as painless as possible, as opposed to mine. Besides, i lost all the info to the UCCE server on hamachi.
  4. The game had to be cut short. I think it was Dreamcatcher whose fault it was that made it to be cut short. Bottom line is, a bunch of features never made it into game, including capturing starbases and ground bases.
  5. Alright, thanks for the help you guys. I'm getting a Radeon HD 4670 1024MB GDDR3 PCIe 2.0 graphics card, along with a 550w psu w/ 88% efficiency. But im still gonna look at other models.
  6. Yeah, i'm free for a game of UCCE as well for most of the summer. The 2 main problems will be, 1) Having ourselves connected to a LAN, such as hamachi, or getting us connected to a server. (50% chance the connection to the server will have to be done by manually inputting the IP address of the host server into the properties of a shortcut to the multiplayer client) Which brings me to #2 2) Having someone with a decent internet connection and CPU to have a server running for us to play. Since the master servers for the UC series have been abandoned, it is difficult to find people to host a mostly lag-free server. Other than that, we should have fun blowing ourselves to bits
  7. Ok, so before i get Sho's card, i can just buy a 450w PSU unit and im set? The one i plan to buy has 85% efficiency. And seeing as how i get more power, i won't need the 6pin adapter?
  8. Black Hawks won it !!! YEAHHHH!!! If you saw the shot made by them in overtime, it was INCREDIBLE! Cup well deserved!
  9. Well, if i can get that video card, i need to get a 6pin adapter. But before any of that, i would need to see if it fits, system takes the newer card over the older one, or if i can somehow remove my already integrated graphics card. You think i can get all of this done by bringing my PC to bestbuy and letting them toy with it?
  10. Do you how much watts that videocard uses?
  11. Im not sure. I tried running it on my windows 7 and it crashed whenever something blew up. (Not to mention it also caused a system failure on my crappy windows XP after i tried to run it and had to get a new hard drive) You can try patching it (if there are any patches) and/or then run it in compatibility mode (right click the start up icon, and go to compatibility tab (or something like that)) and then mess around with it until it gives you a result you like. If it still doesn't work, or if you are experiencing alot of problems/bugs, then i would recommend playing the freeware version of Universal Combat or buying Universal Combat Collectors Edition if you haven't done so already. Those old games are full of bugs or problems, and newer systems tend to not like anything more than a few years older than the operating system.
  12. Saw the Season 4 premiere, LOVED IT! Some good bits, but can they PLEASE just focus on one thing like Michael coming back and the gang's reaction. His scene with his mom just felt rushed because the next scene was him going after the B-list client's enemies. I know the client of the week is a running thing, but I do think they could change it up a bit more than they have. It's season 4 now... Still a pretty damn good show.
  13. Yikes Nwah. Getting the shield upgrade first is always a top priority. As for your luck, yeah, the game is occasionally a bitch and decides to cloak a couple of carriers near you or your assets. (I recently lost 2 FCs because of a cloaked firestorm near a jumpgate) As for me, i just went up against an xtender ods orbiting Luna. I had already gotten 20 missile shrapnel penetrated through my shield on the last ODS which diminished my shield strength to 88%, luckily the ODS was busy firing at FCS to notice me, which made my missile shrapnel the only thing hit my hull. I went against this ODS, and the bastard just ripped through my shield like butter when i had the Linear IV shield. It took 5 shots to get through my shield. It took another 2 to destroy Cargo Bay 2, which destroyed both of my artifacts. By that time i realized i had to cloak, so i turned on my cloaking device, not before a third shot ripped through my hull and destroyed my bridge. I looked in tactical and i was surprised that myself and my officers hadn't been killed with the bridge. So i was forced to repair my bridge for a few moments to allow my crew back in. I destroyed the ODS, and then jumped to the Insurgent owned Galcom HQ to get repairs started. I advise not jumping to ODS's with a damaged shield. I also advice carrying repair materials and a back-up set of minerals and supplies in a shuttle incase your cargo bays get destroyed or if you run out of something.
  14. I was thinking of getting a new video card for my PC. The current one i have (as you can see in my signature) is kind of outdated and not... how can i word this... what i need it to be. So what graphics card do you all suggest i get? My PCs current power supply is 300 watts or something like that the last time i checked. So i need a good graphics that can run with-in that wattage without making my computer not start properly or turn off the minute i send Resnig out the air-lock. And an affordable graphics card would be nice too if anyone can find some place that sells them for a good deal that aren't used or whatever the case may be. eBay is not an option Something preferrably under $175. If there was a simple pick, i'd choose it, but, there are alot of graphics cards, and some are better than others and whatnot. Comparative shopping isn't my thing. Besides, i don't know if i should stick with nvidia or go with that ati radeon stuff. BTW, my graphics card is built into my motherboard or where ever its built in by default.
  15. Commander canshow -Present And i don't believe there was a muster last month, Sho. Either there wasn't, or Resnig got me killed and cloned. And last time i checked my savefile, It's *raises finger* Supreme Commander.
  16. I'm not sure i follow you SC. Because some ships i see explode a minute after they spawn, and some after 10 minutes of idling in space. Do some ships spawn with their reactors already degraded/at breaching point? If not, can NPCs get intruders onboard like the player does, and could those be the problem? Or is there something you put in the coding that gives a ship some % chance of having their reactor instantly breached or explode?
  17. Anybody ever have some nasty close calls when playing the game? Share yours here. As for me, Just this morning, i was in Capella shooting some Mandarian scumbags, until i had 6 intruders onboard pop out of no where. 1 came in through the hanger doors of the FC bays and the other 5 managed to break into the bridge using some plasma cutters from the outside of the hull. So yeah, i was forced to evacuate the bridge while in a huge dogfight near the Pravis/Capella jumpgate. My two Violin escorts had managed to launch their fighters against a few enemy Cruisers/Carriers and many Mandorian Fighters. So while that was going on, half of my command staff , including me, got shot in the bridge and were badly wounded. I was forced to put everyone in two shuttles. Unluckily, 4 intruders followed us into the shuttle bays. I already had a few marines waiting for them and for us, fortunately, when we got there. But the intruders were persistant as hell, and managed to almost take out a couple of marines and injure another 6, so i was forced to try to micro-manage my officers to avoid the intruders. In the meantime, my new Linear IV shield was being tested out in the field by 8 enemy fighters, countless missiles, and an enemy PTA system. I changed my auto-pilot manuevering when i saw my shields were being heavily bombarded at 30%. That helped ease the pressure alot. For the situation inside, things got better. 4 intruders were taken out, and some of the officers including myself returned to the bridge while everyone injured were ordered to head to the medibay. One intruder was in the medibay himself, and we managed to overwhelm him and take him prisonor. As for the last one, we sent him out an airlock in FC bay 2. No one died during the attack inside the ship. Although, one of my escorts got blown up, and the other one went back through pravis. So i was once again, left alone in Capella, in ambush mode, around the Pravis/Capella jumpgate. NEWS FLASH ICV-Daedalus was taken out in the Gammulan Quadrant by 20 intruders.
  18. Well sonarman.. There's already a WWII naval simulation MMO. But i would definitely like to see derek make one. But space is his thing.
  19. i think u may have to press the button twice or something.
  20. As long as your video card isn't a series 6, you should be able to run it.
  21. Don't know Sir. Got a very fruity letter through the mail telling me to do so. They unplanted all the flowers in my backyard, so i know what they are capable of.
  22. As you were Sir! Prime Fleet has forced me to be at attention. Or else they will tickle me to death.
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