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  1. Um, turn auto-play off if it makes you extract it. Or just press cancel when it shows up. Then double click on the UCCE shortcut on your desktop and play. I've had my UCCE copy for over a year, and it still works fine when i put it in my cd-rom. Just because that one guy had problems buying from the website, doesn't mean you will to. He probably had something screwed up on his computer, and isn't smart enough to find the problem and fix it. The update is still free BTW.
  2. First off, what in your right mind made you think about using a crack? You HAVE to use a DVD, unless you download the damn thing. Go download a crack and risk getting trojaned. Second off, you probably didn't get emailed because there's no little auto-email to every forum user when there's a game update. If you like it, you should bother checking the forums. If you actually bothered reading through the forums, you'd find what your looking for. If you 'Hate' putting the CD in the CD-ROM, then stop using it. It's that simple. It's not hard to put the CD, wait a couple of minutes, and then get to the playing. UCCE is meant to be a long game, so yeah, your going to hate it if you only play for like 15 minutes and then take the CD out. And what makes you think 2.0 will make you play without a CD? You still need the CD. And you need a good rig to handle the newer graphics for it 2. So which UCCE 2.0 link would you like to use? #1 or #2?
  3. As a super stargate nerd, sho, im gonna have to slap you for bringing up bsg in this. *slap*
  4. Well first off it appears to be a ground RTS. Me personally, am not much in the market of ground vs ground type of games. Then i can only play it by pre-ordering it. No beta to try out and it doesn't seem apparent that there will be a demo. The only unique part of the game is time-travel. Otherwise, this can be like a number of different games i've tried/played. C&C, SR2 something denominators, Starcraft, SW:EAW,etc. (all in the ground battles) Sure, you got teleportation, time-travel, and all that other good stuff. But eventually when you beat the game, you'll run out of tactics/fun stuff to play on singleplayer. Then when you get on multiplayer, you'll either play against people that are way better than you, equal in skill, or weaker. You'll find the game boring, or easy. You could find it fun, but everyone has different tastes, and this is just my opinion. But the idea of easing some micromangement would seem to be popular.
  5. Nah, the original UC doesn't have multiplayer support. UCSE, UCCE,AAW, AoA all have multiplayer support and those are the only games you'll find a multiplayer community for. I would suggest UCCE V1.01.04. As it has more content than UCSE and still has multiplayer support. The V2 (latest version) of UCCE cannot support multiplayer and the graphics are a little more CPU demanding. Theres a reasonable community for UCCE/UCSE multiplayer. And there's another smaller but active community for AAW/AOA. You can contact RT for details concerning anything MP hehe. If you are in love with the UC series, i would go and buy UCCE. If you want something new, go ahead and buy AAW/AoA. But be warned! You are using your Character/Fighters/Ground vehicles most of the time in these two.
  6. Alright, just to make it clear, your using UCCE, correct? Alright then. the 2.0 version doesn't support multiplayer. Your going to have to go a patch before that to make that magic happen. ANd even then, the master server is down, so you need Hamachi or something else that acts as a LAN so you can play multiplayer with other people. They too of course, need to be using the same thing. If you have no clue what i'm talking about, or if it doesn't work, go talk to RT about it. He's the expert on this and one of the few who get the MP community semi-active again. NOTE: You need to be connected to a local area network (LAN) (Like Hamachi) or directly to a person's IP address in order for you to see any servers they made in the game lobby and to join them
  7. Happy Birthday SC! *cough*
  8. Does not look very promising
  9. Hi curson. I would suggest Collectors Edition for you. We use that for Multiplayer instead of special edition around here. I would suggesst you get the version before the latest version. The latest one requires a very very good computer to run it smoothly
  10. You can always choose to act as a crewmember aboard one of our ships (shipowner would need to approve of course)
  11. @SC: I'm not sure this was the case. The ship explodes without taking any damage. One had full armor and health. @Others- Well for the battlecruiser, i was mistaken. It was an armored transport. I got it to 20% of it's hull and it had jumped away before i could kill it. I sent some FCs in the system to get them. But they RTB'd before they could shoot it. I was gonna send out my FCs till it randomly exploded. So it could be what SC had said happened. As for the Aestrom, i was near a starstation. I was done engaging a different target until it spawned and was jumping to the station. I sent an FC to mop up the BC i had almost killed. Then i headed for the Aestrom. By the time i traveled 20m, it had cloaked, but it had launched a couple of fighters right before. I shot a few missiles at the fighters as my FC was close to docking. I killed them both and continued to head to where i thought the Super Carrier was. A little later, it de-cloaked quite some distance from me. By the time i got to 40-43m range of it, it exploded randomly. I saw the explosion on the video display. It was not damaged, at all. It was RTBing to the starstation. That's about as detailed as i can get, other than telling you what color it was.
  12. Yes well, i was wondering why they explode unexpectedly? I've seen it atleast twice in 1 hour. One i was chasing down, and he just exploded without taking damage. The other one i was going for cloaked, but i still went it's way. It de-cloaked 40m or something away from me. A minute later, it just blew up. No damage either. Why does this happen? The Battlecruiser that blew up was heading towards a jumpgate. The Aestrom that decloaked was RTBing to a starstation in Pluto. BTW, i would edit some things out, but apparently im limited to backspace and enter in these little boxes where i type. And random text deletions.
  13. Well see, there you go. I did warn you in my first post however >.> EDit: i gave a couple of hints that i could be wrong. Thats what im talking about... "
  14. AI is only intended for your crew, and autpilot is only good for traveling.
  15. Well first off, if i remember correctly, auto-pilot is for travel means only. It's not meant to be a solution to engage the enemy if your not ready to yourself. You can't turn your AE into a computer. The attack command was probably interpreted into a follow or go-to command. You gotta do the pew-pewing yourself. And because you said 'Attack' doesn't mean the auto pilot has to dodge enemy missiles or activate anything that doesn't relate to it's attack system But this is BC millenium, so what do i know? BTW, for a player, it's a little easier to take down crafts like anything larger than an unarmored transport. Fighter on Fighter is pretty dificult and intense unless the enemy doesnt use EMD to own your missiles. (I suggest you buy UCCE )
  16. Q can't work on the post with us? >:C Where is he? I need to show him my new STS missiles i bought down at the blackmarket :L
  17. Star dock is probably the hardest company to pirate off. Updates via steam, and they have like multiple expansion packs, not to mention updates every month or so. Impossible to have your client to the latest version, steal product keys, and play online. That's how a company should be run. And hey, there will always be pirates. Thats how they make a living, and you can't really hate them for trying to make one. And paying anything more than 50$ for a game is ridiculous imo. But i guess they have to make money somehow So yeah, i wish these guys luck on anti-piracy. If you're gonna have drastic measures and a super high price for a game, let alone a crappy game, it's gonna be pirated. Can't wait for that day where every game costs 20$ and theres only 1 gamesystem thats perfect in every way and costs 200$ :/
  18. Who knows, you might see STS missiles exploding in the night-sky against other cruiser hulls.
  19. Call me cynical but I can't see how they can do it well.... How can you have a MMO with only one battlestar? who gets to play viper pilots? Meh. it'll be a disaster. Im gonna guess you can control multiple battlestars, select one, and you can rpg with it w/ the option of going to fleet management and rpging with the other one if you wish. As for the viper pilots, i'd assume they are just regular units like in UCCE. Like how you assign pilots to FCs, then launch them. Give them orders and etc... But they would gain more experience/weaponry/skills for every # of missions/kills they have. Thats just my opinion since i saw the show.
  20. Reporting for duty! As for the MP, no can do. My box with the cd-key is in a box at my dads house, and i don't think getting a pirated cd-key is going to do my any good either. (I have the cd, just not the box )
  21. canshow


    Where did you hear that? Well think about it. Avatar was like once in a lifetime movie and you can't really make a sequel to it (maybe a prequel but come on) What would the next movie be about? How they fight off some other clans, or fight off the sky people who came back? I just don't see it being extended.
  22. canshow


    Just saw it the other day, and i loved it. Too bad theres not gunnuh be anothuh one D:
  23. sto will not die in a year do not be rediculous. sto is already in profit. it had a 15m production budget. times that by 500k-1m in sales. its already made back more than it cost to make. then theres going to be at least a couple hundred k subs for a few months. even if it falls off it'll have at least 100k dedicated fan boys. and it was designed to be sustainted by a population of 50k. (all this info from an interview with the owner) star trek was designed to be an innovation or a good game, it was designed to be released, and to make money fast and shelve it. too bad paramount for the second time in a row gave it to an incompetent developer. who thinks cryptic is capable of doing something beyond the scope of COH or champions especially using the same damn engine. sto at its peak had 60 people working on it. and a dev time of just about under 2 years. and cryptic is developing 3 mmos at the time , champions, sto and another one to go beta later this year. its shallow simple and lacks any depth. you cant even fly anywhere in space. only in shoe boxes they provide. My point is, i hope they go to hell for wasting space to create this topic about them, if they never released their shitty MMO, i wouldnt waste 2 minutes posting here everytime i have to. I hope SCs MMO turns out better,which it probably will. I'd pay for that.
  24. STO is going to die within the year and go bankrupt. It's a crappy MMO. Luckily i didnt pay for it
  25. We all love space sims if we're registered on these forums. Unfortunately my windows 7 upgrade expires in 12 days i will be unable to play the mod
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