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  1. Now now, did you mention the crazy February sale thingy + promo code to Badger?
  2. This time of the month again. Let's see who's still an Insurgent. SOUND OFF! No, I'm not overthrowing ShoHashi if your wondering.
  3. Microsoft is a large, corporate company. They don't give a **** who they're screwing over. If theres 100 modded consoles, and only 10% are pirated, they'll still crack down and ban every one of those dudes. They just lack the care and love of small game companies. All the bastards want is profit. Look at the xbox 360. It's poorly built, has alot of glitches, breaks easily, and theres 4 of the consoles out there! Xbox, Arcade, Pro, and Elite. The last 3 are all the same thing. They just downgrade the software and call it something else. If they can't sell their crappy product for $300, they'll sell an even crappier version for half that. Large companies like microsoft dont give a ****. All their products are peices of crap, and they dont care about the customers experience. For example: THE PC - Peice of ****. Too many bugs. They release a new desktop every few years. Same ****, except they rewired the whole damn thing. Right now, Windows 7 has alot of bugs (Not compatibility) In a few years, they're gonna be out of the game, because Mac, kicks their ass. Only shitty thing about mac is the mouse and keyboard. Look at internet explorer, it's already getting replaced with firefox, opera, and some other clients. IE9 or w/e, is just slow, lacks protection and features, and is made by microsoft. Should i keep going on and on? Point is, dont buy any **** from Microsoft. They've been in the game way too long, and still are making people feel like crap. Sucks for those guys who modded their consoles. They shouldn't **** with their **** unless they get it straight from the company. Im getting a PS3.
  4. They can't spy on you and shut down your computer at will if you pirate it. If their gonna make the prices that high, you might as well make it free, because people are gonna make copies, or post torrents on the internet. Games should be under $45, and not like 75 euros.
  5. Most of the people here have no clue what your talking about, let alone using. Just keep bumping this thread until SC looks at it or someone knowledgeable :/
  6. You could never make startrek into a perfect MMO without investing like a billion dollars into it. Even then, they would have to change things about star trek, that they cant change now, since the original series already exists. It just doesnt seem suitable.
  7. Richard, just go capture some starstations in enemy space, sneak up on some enemy carriers, and go kill every bad guy you see. EXP loss won't be a problem for you then. Hey, if you don't kill friendly assets, don't worry. You won't have a net loss of EXP unless you just float around in space 24/7 doing nothing.
  8. They are likely loaded with the wrong type of missiles. If 5 of them were shot in space, then the other 5 are probably Air to Air or Air to Ground missiles, not Space to Space missiles. No.
  9. Gotta love when that happens Lalala still waiting for those posts. In the meantime, I HAVE SCHOOOL! D:
  10. You shouldn't be screwing with your video card if you don't know what your doing either. The last thing you want to do, is mess around with something you don't understand. It just makes things worse sometimes.
  11. Try setting course to the supply dock instead of the space station. That way you exit hyperspace right by the station. And no, there's nothing else you can do to speed up the process instead of going at maximum speed. And if you dont like the wait, you can always try shooting things around the station (not the spacestation itsself, or your screwed)
  12. Anyways, I am commanding a stargate simming team, and always need good writers and fans of the stargate series. Mission Types: Shoot'em Up, Exploration, First Contact. This will be play by email, or better yet, play by site. Mission posts will be written in the website, but when one is posted or updated, you get an e-mail notification of it. Anyone interested? Just give me a message.
  13. You should rig your controller, for the smoother controls
  14. But of course, mining is only a poor man's job I prefer just to blow up crusiers and carriers. Half the time they drop a cargo pod, and 25% of the time, there's a lot of valuable items in there. That's where i get all my money from essentially. Im having fun while im doing it, and im making good money if my hull doesn't get breached first SC! You shouda made it that R.A.N.D.O.M could blow up a moon! >_< Effects would be so cool. (random! )
  15. Hull plates are labeled as Titanium I, II, III, IV or something like that, i believe.
  16. And you can also lay all your unresolved bug issues with UC:CE on Derek. That way, he can't ban you for asking questions about legit problems on the new ticket system (unless they are obvious/already resolved on forum, then you'll just piss him off >.> )
  17. Could be your graphics card. Could be an error. Try switching around the configuration in-game for like graphics. If that doesnt work, try reinstalling. If THAT doesn't work, your out of luck. Make sure all your drivers are updated, and you dont have a crappy system.
  18. I don't have routes, But i have a list of starstations, their locations, etc. Look in here. Look for my long post, it won't give prices and trade routes, but if you follow my key, you could find it useful. BTW G super carrier ship race is just a super carrier. Nothing special there (if you ask me, supercarriers are only good for their FCs) And when you do trade routes, do it in a shuttle. MUCH faster.
  19. OK You need to make sure your asset can use fighters/shuttles. (Check?) And the only time your allowed to buy those FC/SC assets is when your shuttle(s)/fighter(s) have been destroyed. --You can NOT have more than the original # you started with. (If you start with 4 fighters, you can't have 5 or 6 or 7, etc.) Now, if your looking to get one of those shuttle or fighter assets replaced, go dock at a nearby starstation. Most starstations have them in stock (and they are expensive) Go look in "Spare Parts" and look for FC Asset and SC Asset (or something similar). I havent played in a while, but, you have to go to the logistics menu(go into cargo hold, i think) There should be tabs near the top saying " SC1" "SC2" "SC3" "SC4" "FC1" "FC2", ETC. (Or something similar) Click on the lost asset, and you should have an option to replace the asset (that is, if you have an extra one in the cargo hold.) And your done. REMINDER: YOU CAN ONLY BUY ASSETS IF YOUR ORIGINAL ONES HAVE BEEN DESTROYED (I.E. YOU CAN ONLY REPLACE ASSETS) YOU NEED FREE ROOM IN THE CARGO HOLD THAT THIS ASSET GOES INTO. Ummm... Thats all i can give you, since i was forced to uninstall UCCE . I hope it helped... eh.
  20. Quazar, u can control my character as well for a little bit. I may be the leader of my own simming group soon, so time will drain into that as well as life and school >_<
  21. Cloak isn't useless, never pointed that out in any post. And you said the radiation signature off the ICV-Daedalus is gone, so one can only assume your tracking device was shortlived. And i didn't respond because 1.) I changed my course 2.) The crew and myself had to deal with the engines 3.) Correct me if im wrong, but you were cloaked... so unless my ship is god, or i have a 360 degree window, i can't see your ship. And since my new post, You don't know where the deadalus currently IS
  22. Anyone still getting in touch with Stargate Worlds? I signed up as a beta tester, and wait to see if i get accepted. Its been 3 years, but i still look forward until i get to play it. =)
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