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  1. By the way shingen, yes i was playing the game. In fact, i finished it in one day with the use of cheats in the space portion of the game. The AI IS brutal. Which limits your expansion, but i just ignore the piracy and ecosystem calls. I found the space part a disappointment. I mean, the map is HUGE. But really, all of that in just your tiny spaceship? How do u expect me to colonize all of that, or atleast make allies on the way without the use of cheats? It's sooo freakin' boring by the time i meet the Gnox. The missions are the only good part! By the time im in the center, my fleet is dead and im using the same cheat to keep myself alive. The civilization part was my favorite. The game is already dead by the time your in space. So i guess meeting steve is the last part of the game?
  2. I liked it 2. Now their back where they started :/
  3. Happens with alot of games. Its probably because its just the same thing and theres nothing new for you to try out, or it just doesn't have enough randomness in it. And the leveling system is just...blah
  4. the acting is good...but its not going anywhere..... they need to make it more scientific ><
  5. Good thing i decided to bump this thread
  6. [RP] ICV-Daedalus, 1402hrs Canshow sighed as he gave the order to launch. The hanger doors opened and the insurgent craft had no trouble passing the forcefield which kept the docking pylon pressurized. His route would be Khan-Lydan-Tryrus 2-Hadar 9, finally reaching Rinaal. "Set course for Rinaal. In the meantime..." Canshow opened a channel to his research engineer. "Monitor the Nav Module. I don't want the thing to suddenly blow up while we're in the middle of a jump." The two officers replied simultaneously, "Yes Sir." Canshow went off to his quarters shortly afterword. He need not worry about intruders, since his craft's hyperspace engines would recharge instantly and make the next jump making it impossible for anyone to invade his carrier. He opened a compartment in his room and took out a bottle of 20th century wine which he secretly snuck onto his ship while the CO's weren't looking. He took out a glass and started to pour the wine in, swishing it in the glass before taking a taste. "Marvelous. Too bad brewers like that aren't around anymore" canshow thought. Would he rarely taste something this good that was made after the 30tu century. ---------- ICV-Daedalus, 1434hrs After about a good 30 minutes, Canshow returned on the bridge, receiving excellent performance from his crew. They had just exited a wormhole and arrived at Lydan a minute before canshow arrived. "Sir, we just recieved a sub-space message from the New Frontier." Canshow went over to the station and read the message in private. If he was reading this correctly, there were propulsion upgrade schematics right there in front of him. He cautiously read all the details two times over acknowledging he could make the upgrade without docking at a station. This was a relief to Canshow, since there were no nearby insurgent stations he could dock with. But this did require him to cut power to the engines while doing the upgrade. He opened up another channel to his Chief Engineer, "Kendrick, ive just recieved plans of propulsion upgrades. Im sending them to you right now. How long do you think it will take? Kendrick, "These plans are efficient and good. Shouldn't take more than 2 hours if all my men are working on it. "Start it. We'll have the required systems shut off until your done. The longer we stay, the increased chance of intruders." The screen turned off. "Alright, listen up. We'll be in deadspace for about two-hours. During this time, i want the engines, launch control, and all weapon systems offline. To minimize risk of intruders, we'll be doing 5 minute cloaking intervals. Capeesh? Now go back to work." If he was right, he could arrive at Spectre HQ in less than 30 minutes when the upgrade was finished. The plan wasn't even that complicated, which made it do-able in space. His crew was experienced and smart enough. With that thought in his head, Canshow went near the window and watched the scenery... [/RP] whyd i have 2 get the complicated part? lol.
  7. the map link to the map doesn't work anymore... great... btw im on my friends 2004 dell most of the time, so yeah. cant install 3000ad games which come with the maps...
  8. Whats gettin old is the interfaces. UCCE interface is about 2/5 of the screen, and it looks bland. Naumachias or w/e just looks too simple, and with the things on there, it looks confusing with the pictures always flashing or changing. (The 3d is nice tho) I just hope the game engine wont be too big....
  9. [RP] ShoHashi's office door chimed, just as he had resumed reading his book. "Come in." The door opened and canshow led the three visitors in. "Please," the Admiral said, gesturing to the four chairs in front of his desk. "Make yourselves comfortable." As the three took their seats, canshow introduced them as seated across from ShoHashi's left to right, "Admiral ShoHashi, may I introduce Shingen, Richard Garrison, and Badman. Garrison is the EarthCom rep." ShoHashi placed a flexible, paper-thin datapad into his book, marking his place, "A pleasure, gentlemen. May I get you anything?" "I'm fine, thank you." Rick said as Shingen and Badman gave no response. canshow stepped forward. "And now, sir, if you'll excuse me, I have my own ship and personnel to look after. ICV-Daedalus will be departing for Antis within the hour, as you ordered last week." "Very good, dismissed." came the reply from across the desk. The Insurgent Commander saluted his leader and, after the Admiral returned it, made his exit. ---------- canshow descended the escalader from ShoHashi's office and headed for the lower docking pylon. At least this wasn't another cargo run. God only knew why the IHC (Insurgent High Command) didn't allocate more of its armed transports to such duties, rather than leaving it to carriers like his. But not this time, canshow thought as he marveled at the Gammulan Quadrant stars visible through the forcefield roof of the promenade (the actual roof being retracted during these hours of the day). ShoHashi had ordered him and his 117-strong crew to conduct a mock battle with forces from Spectre HQ. Among other ordnance, they'd be firing real missiles with real, but deactivated, warheads. Without an explosion, simple impact from a six thousand kilo missile against even a shieldless fighter's hull plating could be repaired in short order. Commander canshow had even arranged with his combat officer to use actual beam and pulse laser weapons - dialed down to 1% intensity - instead of the harmless stuff that the 'commies normally employed for their training exercises. As canshow passed by New Frontier's Operations section, he saw Crossgrove approach and say, "Commander, a word." canshow glanced at his chronometer and noted he still had plenty of time before scheduled departure. "Certainly, Commander." He replied as they both walked into Crossgrove's office. Crossgrove took his seat and glanced at three pads before speaking. "Commander canshow, you and I have a problem." "Oh?" "I don't appreciate you involving yourself into issues you have no business being into. And most of all, I strongly disapprove of junior officers disobeying orders. The Insurgents have a chain of command to follow and I expect all officers to follow it." Crossgrove pause there, knowing better than to dole out disciplinary action before allowing canshow to deny, admitt, or defend what he did. canshow was offended at being addressed in this manner by an equal ranked officer. However, Crossgrove was technically senior to him in that he received his rank of Commander 3 months before canshow. In any case, canshow took a deep breath to maintain his composure before answering the charge. "Commander, I would hardly call a Lieutenant Commander, such as Williams, a junior officer - not after he and his first officer fought valiantly to save their Garid-class ICV Hornet from inevidable Valkerie destruction last spring." Crossgrove's eyes narrowed, "Don't lecture me about loosing one's ship and getting a desk job to show for it. That's how I got command of this station - by failing my crew! Do you thing I enjoy just sitting here watching you, RT, dreadx and others go out there where all the action is, while I stay here? But back to the point. I was referring to you, Commander canshow, as a junior officer. When ShoHashi put me in charge here, he made me his adjunct. That means I exercise his authority over all Insurgent personnel who operate out of this station - including other Commanders." "Very well then - sir. Even though I'm based at Spectre HQ, not here at New Frontier, I acknowledge your jourisdiction and authority in this matter. I received no orders to 'mind my own business', which BTW is to train with Spectre forces tomorrow before proceeding on to starstation Destiny." canshow consulted his cronometer again, noting five fewer minutes remained until his ship's departure. "I recognize that Lieutenant Commander Williams is not directly under my command, but your command. I simply saw red tape - ironic for the Insurgents to have - and I took unilateral action to correct it. I do apologize for stepping on your toes in the process." Crossgrove pressed a few buttons on his datapad and said, "Apology accepted, Commander canshow. I have sent a report to Vice Admiral Eclipse, your Commanding Officer at Spectre HQ. We are finished here, dismissed." canshow offered no salute as he left Crossgrove's office. His communicator beeped, a message from his own XO. "Report, Lieutenant." "Commander, we're ready to leave." canshow sighed, "Yeah, me too." [/RP]
  10. Anyways, I am commanding a stargate simming team, and always need good writers and fans of the stargate series. Mission Types: Shoot'em Up, Exploration, First Contact. This will be play by email, or better yet, play by site. Mission posts will be written in the website, but when one is posted or updated, you get an e-mail notification of it. Anyone interested? Just give me a message.
  11. Happy Bday Sho (late a few hours as always)
  12. Resnig is a complete idiot. I was flying through space to the Gammulan region, and i noticed my little CAS thing blinking red. I check the (forgot what its called) personell thingy, just below the option where u can choose tac-ops, and i had like 8 intruders on board, and half my marines were stationed, the other half sleeping. My officer had 74 AI, and he still neglected to mention any intruders were on board Next thing later, combat breaks out on deck, and i have to escape to a shuttle while i order the marines to kill the scum. I sent resnig to the bridge, and everyone else to the shuttles that basterd got what he deserved.
  13. Oh man. Is this going to be like one of those Web-browser games, or downloadable games? Either way, Im already getting that warm feeling.
  14. Im using windows 7 (well, i downloaded it and then installed it over vista, so i had to reinstall everything for the programs to work) but, UCCE 2.0 should work for you for the most part, if not a few bugs (probably because of compatibility issues) But i prefer to use 1.4, since my cpu has issues with 2.0. you just might have problems with the saves like i do.
  15. Well, about 50% or more of any planets surface is barren. There are only regions with dozens of small bases where you can find structures and units. Did you try going in tac-ops mode and looking around for those regions on the planet? Because if your just landing on the planet with no pre-set destination, chances are, your not going to appear over one of those bases. If you have the manual, look in there for what im talking about. This also goes for campaign mode.
  16. WOOT! Giggdy Giggdy Giggy GOO!! wait... I DONT HAVE SYFY! NOOOOOOOOOOOO....!!
  17. Uhg. Im pretty sure i signed up for insurgents a while ago.
  18. freespace and x-wing i can play without a joystick. they dont have Inertia and alot of gravity involved with the spaceflight as IWAR does
  19. IWAR-2 sucks ass if you dont have a joystick for a nice soft movement... And now my task manager has stopped working :/
  20. lol i know right. I didnt try it. Mainly because i don't want to waste time crashing UCCE when i bother to save. Edit: Well it does crash for me occasionally and im just not going to right now >_<
  21. Maybe you should make a movie of your own. All anime, UC Space, all star-trek style xD.. Im still waiting 2 see district 9
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