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  1. Too be honest dude, i tried it, and i did not like it at all. I forgot the exact details because ive played so many space games, but i dont like it. Probably too confusing. Like X3 But then again, read the reviews and that will be all that you need to know.
  2. Too bad i cant shoot very deadly shrapnel at my enemies. :/
  3. First off, I'd like to apologize to SC for giving him hell in the past (in the form of stupid messages/questions and topics not being posted in the right forums xD) Then to Sho, for pissing him off a while ago with that back and forth thing about the fleet db >_< And to anyone else who i might've annoyed (not offended ) Thanks for not banning me earlier.
  4. Im still waiting for an answer to question #1
  5. [RP] The ICV-Daedalus has docked at New Frontier no more than 2 days ago. Its Commander and crew had come back from a 2 week voyage into Gammulan Territory. Word was, there was an artifact on the loose. To have time off for his little expedition was no easy task . First off, canshow had to convince his Superiors to let him go(NOT EASY AT ALL >_<). Being a human in Gammulan space, was like being an ant around an 8yr old kid with a magnifier glass. Escape and Entry would not be easy. It took time, effort, and skill. But eventually they found the artifact in orbit around Mantisi. It was a surprise to the crew to find it in a probe in low-orbit around the planet. To their grief, it was an Enhanced Nav Module. The crew was hoping to find something better like RANDOM. But an artifact is an artifact. At least it made the trip back to New Frontier with-in a day. Canshow reported his success to Command and is awaiting for some kind of response from them. Besides the endless amount of patrol duty, that was about all the fun the crew had had. Most of his old crew had still remained. Although his marines got replaced with new recruits, because they were, "...Needed elsewhere..." Life is ...decent [/RP]
  6. Happy Birthday Denny! Now your 31 years old
  7. Um, im gonna say this w/o reading a manual or w/e. Unless your shuttle is your command-ship, just do a cargo sweep with the shuttle until it collects everything in the current system. Or you can do the 'Collect cargo pod' option thingy. But if your shuttle is the command ship, i have no clue. And i have no clue why anyone would want to play as a shuttle unless they're ground combat junkies. Either way, hope this can help you in some way...
  8. They were going to make it, but the companies who were developing it, always went bust, broke, or were bought. FS3 is probably never going to come out.
  9. Ah well, lets use that for now, maybe? I did some edits. Man Was my stuff sloppy a year ago.
  10. Joined as canshowy. I forgot i even had a steam account. LoL
  11. Haha. OWNAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I did hate the lag >:|
  12. any1 else intrested in multiplayer sessions? Because most of the people in our group don't show up when its game day -.-"
  13. Oh, i started a post on the follow up to the resupply mission, which was intended to be an RP, a few months ago. But i guess that's as dead as water.
  14. Not Found The requested URL /site/index.php/ucce was not found on this server. Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request. ---------- Link's broken SC. (if you havent noticed)
  15. any1 else feeling like they want a new role play?
  16. Ok thanks. Yea, its not a windows 7 PC. I just downloaded windows 7 thing. Thanks!
  17. nice job with the bundle packs. im def going to buy the ultimate bundle pack if my PC is compatible
  18. imho, i think stardock games have little replay value at all. I've tried their S.O.A.S.E and entrenchment, along with GAL CIV II, very small replay value. This is why i like the games SC makes. Replay value = important. Along with other on-line RPG games, i have the same opinion of them. WoW was good before everyone started playing and then it became just gay. It gets very boring after a while. Jumpgate online will have the same effect, etc.
  19. just adding something thats slightly related to your question SC, how much compatibility of your games are there on a windows 7 64-bit, 86-bit, or 32-bit? (i just recently upgraded and havent had the time to reinstall my 3000AD games.) Id rather not make another thread.
  20. yea...once the hull is down to less than 70, turn off the PTA's, because those will kill the station if they're aimed at the station, if ur main guns wont. If u got it to where it cant take another shot, and its not sending an sos, wait for the hull to get back up, and then try to capture it. Dont let any of the sub systems go to 0.
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