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  1. Does this upgrade affect thread links at all like the one several years ago did?
  2. I read your other two interstellar blogposts Derek. I sure hope you keep us updated and give Roberts his just desserts. I was an original backer for Star Citizen, and I might ask for a refund when I get around to it. (In fact, if it does come to a lawsuit, would I get any money from it? In other words, should I hold onto my pledge just to get more money than I backed for, or refund before it gets to that point?) Also, I'm not sure if it's OK to be laughing at these trolls? I lol'd so hard at that Smartzilla image. These people are ridiculous. "Derek Smart vs The Star Citizen Internet Defense Force" LOL.
  3. I'm kind of disappointed. You can read my review on steam. But gameplay turns out to become pretty annoying your first 10 minutes into playing. UI is shit. Crew mechanics are shallow. Yuhg
  4. Still here. Working 50 hours a week on my ass-sitting skills.
  5. I expect a cliche superhero plot to accompany the good visuals.
  6. Is this patch only for the free version or will it be applicable to the 'paid' version as well?
  7. Nah. Like I mentioned in your other thread, you can use them as travel points for your CC to travel closer to the accompanying starstation. The only function they serve is to replenish your character's ammo (the ones marked friendly only do this, I believe). So you have to exit out of your CC and travel within a certain distance of the supply station. Someone else here can elaborate further on that, I haven't really played the fps portion of this game.
  8. lol I've never went through those lengths to capture a station. I cloak, jump to the supply station near the starstation (that gets me within 1km of the starstation, as opposed to ~80km if you jump directly to the station itself), and shoot at the station at full power until its health reaches around 2k, at which point I set my gun power to 10% (click on the button that says weapons on the left side of your screen), disable my turrets and slowly tear its health down until it begins to send out an SOS signal at which point I decloak and cap it. You could just cloak, jump to the supply station, turn on ECM (so station missiles don't 1 hit wreck you), get super close (5 meters) to the station and decloak. That way only a small handful (if any) of the station's turrets are going to hit you. But a firestorm has weak weak default shields, so i would not recommend decloaking unless you like that whole damage control experience (which i do sometimes ). Also be sure to disable your turrets when capping. They could accidentally kill the station when its at low health by targetting the station or the fighters that it will send out (another reason to cloak because those fighters might kill the station too.)
  9. And since you're riding a super carrier, you might want to carry some repair kits for your fighters (hull, engine, weapons, shields) if you are using them a lot. And FYI, if you ever need extra cargo space, you can always turn a shuttle into a mini-cargobay by storing stuff in it.
  10. Wow, really did not see this coming Derek. Good for you, seriously. 25th anniversary and making UCCE f2p.
  11. Wow I don't ever remember station lasers being that nice to me. Also will keys from places like BMT micro for V2 be redeemable on steam?
  12. In the event of an intruder breach into the bridge, do we see the crew slain, with blood puddles littering scene and bodies dropping lifelessly eveywhere? P.S I think the Perscan crew plotting (#10) is a great idea. Are you planning to still have it update every ~15 seconds? If you don't mind my input, I think a deck-by-deck representation in an isometric view might be the least amount work.
  13. Eh. debating any future success is pointless without Derek releasing previous sales information.
  14. Eh, I think that would portray a negative image. A kickstarter for an already released game? :/ Probably would need to spin it off as an expansion or something. But it still might be a good idea, it can let SC get a feel for how much and how fast he can raise funds on kickstarter for any future... *ahem* titles.
  15. It seems like they have the engine and much of the work already finished. As for the gameplay elements...I'm going to call it and say that most of the gameplay will be conducted from that bridge screen, in a similar manner to your BC/UC series. They don't show a lot though, that I agree.
  16. So it is just the visuals, and not any gameplay/mechanics that are being updated?
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