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  1. Hahahaha Hahahahahahaaa That idiot selling theft insurance when his own insurance couldn't cover him. What a dope. He had it coming.
  2. Oh come on You dont know if its gonna be like that. The world wants comedy these days, so its gonna be a big hit, not to mention it has a superhero in it.....
  3. oh and i think thge Nightstar is still in OBSEDIA in 'ROAM' i have a memory of overlooking it while i was there looking for the galaxian probe which i found. As for Stargazer. it took me half an hour to get to the UTOPIA place in an OC, but nothing happened expect lighting, alot of lightning, around that region, and can someone tell me how to get your AE out of the damn OC?lol
  4. Wow. The guy is shallow. He can't even appreciate the works. stupid fatso. Anyways I played starshatter since like last year and i have to say that UC is alot better because controls are simplier and its more spcae-simmy than it. A-lot more. Thats what i like about UC. I cant play Battlecruiser Millinium and i bet the whole other series because it crashes when something blows up. So UC is da bomb I hope somebody can send me a full version of UC or UCCE >.> asking for shippin details And the fact that the first 2 BC's can't run on my '08 vista because its "Inadeqaute".
  5. DUDE It takes me 5 minutes just to get to the Menu because that Title takes so long to appear and fade away! Not to mention the game cant go any lower than 800x640 mode and the fact that there is no quality option for like LOW-MEDIUM-HIGH. I played the campaign, it was great but for me the start-up is laggish, maybe because i have 2.8gz or w/e its called. and 1158 megabytes of ram.
  6. Pretty sad to hear Hey! Lets all hope you win the lottery
  7. Hey um, when i go to campaign, for the download version, there only just one campaign and when i finished that one it said, you retired from active duty, and im like 'what the heck?'. I thought there was more
  8. Alright, you wanna know how you can find artifacts? Do victory laps around the galaxy, capture every station and shoot down every frickin' thing that moves out there that's not your ally. That's how you get your artifacts
  9. Heres one of my own w/o screenshots, sorry. -Based on a true story. Well, mostly Day 3. Gammulan Space. Location:Gamma-1 AE:General Landre-GalCom Commander. Ship:ICV-Prometheus Cruiser Ship model:Battlecruiser MK1 Ship type:Heavy Carrier Crew:67 Kills:478. Well it's day three. I started in Terran space as a Galcom Commander. I've used Fluxfields in succession to reach Gamma-1 and i've had some hostility on the way. 128 kills....thats right 128 kills on the way getting here, and about 17 are carriers and 31 are cruisers, the rest are fighter craft, shuttles, and transports including lrt-15,10,mrt-15,10. Anyways, the reason i went to gamma-1 is to go to the best starstation there is.So, why day three i arrive?Special Cargo baby . Well here's my story. On day one, i decided i wanted to own. So, i bought a ship, with a fine crew Galcom had to offer me. There my journey had started. My first day, i traveled to a star-system or two down and screwed over a few cruisers and transports. I got about 6mil worth in cargo that day and i recorded 15 kills, 2carriers, 3cruisers, 10fighters. My PTA system disabled 10 fighters, but i finished all ten off with a single missile to each one to finish the deal. Well so i went to the nearest starstation, sadly, it was in enemy's hands.So, what did i do?I activated my cloak, hyperdrived my self there using a supply station as the fly target for quicker transportationa and shot that b*stered out of the sky, only until it sent out an SOS ofcourse . I docked, bought some upgrades for my Carrier, an engine, reacter, shield, and hull upgrade. They were the best ones, that were'nt artifacts . Anyways, while in my first few fights in the region, i was unprepared, I.E, i had a weak shield, 1500 strength. So my hull got teared a new hole. The damage was so bad my reactor power had only gone to 51 and solar panels were completely destroyed. So i rerouted power into PTA, Launch control, and life support, and cloning modules(My combat officer died and a few of my pilots). So i got my commander into a shuttle, gathered expensive spare parts and weapons, and unloaded the ATV and drone for cargo space. After i got that over with, it took me a 30 trip from my Prometheus to the Starstation to sell, and buy some repair supplies, i had written what i needed down because i needed so much haha. Alright, so i bought 300 peices of iridium, 2000 radium, and 500 plutonium, not to mention the ship upgrades i mentioned above. So actually, i had to make two-three trips to get everything in tip-top shape, it took about 15 minutes for my supplies. But it took about an hour to get my hyperdrive working so i could dock and spend a few hours on repairs at the starstation. That was my worst experience ever, literally. Two and a half hours later all my repairs were complete, for my Carrier, shuttles, FCs, and Ocs. I bought some extra supplies and then off i went. Wooh man, was it a long morning, that whole process took 5 hours. Well, for the rest of the day i was in the gammulan quadrant tracking down and owning nuetral-hostile transports,carriers,and cruisers. It was a fun day. 20 kills. Mostly transports and cruisers(i left their fighters alone and towed them for no reason just to waste a few hours of gametime, more like the whole day. At the end of the day, i docked at a starstation, and sent my whole crew to the medibay for an hour (to end starvation ) and three hours for rest so the fatigue wouldn't add up. Its not a pain if you do it once a day. Day 2. I decided to be a very lazy commander.I took a victory lap around the entire galaxy. Credian and the other quadrant, i got exactly 78 kills. That was in 17 hours, (hate those god-dang misfunctioning fluxfields). It was worth it, i found a tac-ychon shield artifact, helped me alot. Not to mention 60mil worth of cargo. I had a very good spree going there . The other time spent was in the gammulan quadrant...i just sat in Capella near the jumpgate and killed spawning opponents. You won't believe it, i got 93 kills.93 KILLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I mean come on! Just go to a one-way planet and sit by the jumpgate/wormhole. It gets you alot of kills, especially with the PTA system. Anyways, i didnt get much loot because 67 of my kills were all fighters or shuttles, the rest were transports, i hardly got any cruisers or carrier, my streak for cargo had ended that day. Suprisingly, i left my station for half an hour to let my PTA systems and FC's do my dirty work for me. It didn't work out as planned. I had went to go to the bathroom for 30 minutes, brushing, washing, showering, pooping and washing my hands. When i returned, i wasn't in good shape.... Here are the details of the unfortunate circumstance....: One fighter-craft left, 390 hull left,the rest FCs were shotdown by some enemy ships. I had two shuttles left. I had a buttload of intruders and i had 4 medics, and 6 marines left alive, all of them were injured and had fatigue over 30% but no higher then 75%. While i was there, my shield had failed. I discovered by all the disabled fighters near me, that i was flanked, and they had literally ripped two new holes in my ship. My hull was left at a staggering 73%. My Nreactor was only generating 46 units of power. And one solar panel had been destroyed. Luckily the other one was alive and generating 38 units of power, without that one solar panel, i wouldn't be here writing my log. Anyways, the ripped hull had disabled my shields and cloak. It destroyed a number of system, including the medibay and the cloning module, and all FC chargers and bays. And two shuttle bays.Hah i couldn't believe that my weapons were still online, but two of my turrets were destroyed and one had been damaged for the PTA. I was a sitting duck. My luck was so bad that my engines were killed in the flanked attacks. And auxilery life-support was destroyed as well. My only options were the two shuttles remaining. So i relocated the remainder of my crew into the shuttles, i took a damaged shuttle and traveled out of Capella, and pravis. It took me 5 minutes to find a friendly starstation. My situation was still not looking good. I had gotten spare parts and 40 of each repair minerals. I hadn't took any spare parts wityh me from the ship because i already had enough money and i needed the space. It took me three and a half hours until i could safely travel to that same starstation where i've been. I had first started repairs on my shield, so i wouldn't take any more damage, i only repaired it up to 5% until i realized i needed to repair reactor related structures. So those were my first priorities. Took me a while but when i got those done i started on life support and then onto engines. Since i only had 7 system engineers, it was a painful wait. And what's even more painful, i was attacked a few times during repairs but luckily my remaining turret and my accuracy with the ion-disrupter saved me before they could break my shields. And besides, my EMD didn't work, so i was very lucky had i shot them down like i did. Well i got my critical systems online. Then it took me half an hour before my hyperdrive could work positively again. And then it took me another half-an hour before i could reach the starstation. That day i did have a bit of luck, otherwise my ship would never had made to the starstation. 4 hours of repairs and cloning to get everything right, but my ship still had battle scars. So my crew went off duty for another two hours...and you know the rest. Day 3. My ship is as good as new again. I spent another hour into day three for repairs before undocking at the starstation and paying the bartender for getting me a hangover and being so drunk, i got married twice in the starstation. After i saw the security footage of lastnight, i immiedatly took some pain pills and got the heck out of there before i got into trouble. I got my name Citzen name changed, but not my military name. I undocked. And spent a full 18 hours getting my revenge by destroying every single enemy starstation expect in gamma-1 and gamma-2 in the gammulan quadrant. It was a good day to fight. And my hull hadn't been penetrated that day thanks to my cloak and wits. Picked up cargo pods battle after battle and sold my stuff to starstations. I got about 73.5mil in all now and i killed 140 ships that day (not including docked ships) And i spent 16 hours off that revenge enjoyed . Well, im off for repairs because of so many intruders today. End Log.
  10. Thanks, that helped me out alot lol, i usually take hits to the hull and my shuttles get stolen and destroyed so its a big help buying those . Especially when i forget to cloak before i enter hyperspace to destroy an enemy starstation, that really screws me
  11. Well it's ok but the performance is a little slower than of the regular UC, i think it's because you put more graphics in there and you didn't put any extra performance options in there to make it a little faster. But overall its awesome, and it wouldn't kill you to mail all of us the full version.
  12. Recently i docked at a starstation and i went to tradecom and spare items. I had gotten a few intruders on board recently and i got a shuttle and FC destroyed. So i looked in the spare part items and i noticed there was an OC asset, FC asset, and a SC asset, and they all were a little expensive. I didnt know what to use them for. So im asking you all now, what are assets for and what can i do with them?
  13. Ah well, but that would kind of complex things alot. I like the Commander Idea but there has to be more than that, but less than Commander And universal combat combined. Universal Combat needs like some boarding action, launch some shuttles, board the enemy ship, and hope to take it intact, something like that. But still, i dont think Derek would want to do it because A. It would take too long, especially with the programming and scripts, and making a new game. B.We're in an economic crisis right now, so spending money is not smart at all. C. It would again, cost money. Unless he can make a very successful space simulation, like UC, then it's a good idea, 3000ad isn't commercially marketed as much or anymore so you gotta go to a nerd convention and make a fundraiser
  14. Hah nice log i really liked it. Looking forward to more of it
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