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  1. From what I infer this is basically a 3D version of FTL. Their team seems to have experience, although not in the space genre, which makes me worry about the little details. I have concerns with replayability considering there is an end, and the amount of sectors and possible dynamic encounter/ways to play. Some of the gameplay footage also makes UI look dumbed down. I'll wait until the last week for updated faq and dev answers. I really want to throw my money at this... but it's also on kickstarter...and well...It's my honest belief that crowdfunded games are less likely to succeed because developers are being handed the money and have less pressure to get things done right.
  2. Aw hell Ben. I kind of really want to re-read your book now.
  3. Didn't you say you had ~$100m before? But yeah. Just open a crowdfunder for the lulz and see what kind of response you get. It would be interesting nonetheless.
  4. Yes it is repetitive shooting of other ships- but you do it it with a capital ship. You get to be a big bully and cause lots of destruction. That is appealing. Good air or space combat is important. But if the missions are repetitive, the game is only fun if it has a dynamic campaign. Star Shatter has a dynamic campaign. But haven't tried it to see if it has as exciting a dynamic campaign as Falcon 4. What's good about universal combat is that the mission orders are complex. Many mission orders have to be read twice to understand. The game is only as good as its missions. And Universal Combat has good missions. And very good combat. I guess it's a capital ship, but it doesn't really look like they did much with it except add size and weapons. I agree that if sandbox is crap then the game deserves to have a dynamic campaign. But if it has no dynamic sandbox either then I'm not really into spending any amount of money to just get 15-20 hours of playtime, you know? Games like starshatter are the exception though. And as for UC, I did not really play it for the missions or campaigns, as I tended to either have technical problems or just did not enjoy the types of tasks. The sandbox, level of ship detail, and the combat(along with those intruders) is really what got me... until I started playing those Engstom super carriers and etc. Killed the fun by being too OP.
  5. Here. Waiting on the weapons too. Make or break point imo.
  6. Wow. You trade, mine, and shoot other ships? This totally doesn't remind me of a dozen other games. Looks like another bundle of boring repetition. As soon as players stop being 'awed' by the combat graphics it will become all too apparent that this game is just another 'credit' grind fest: Pick up quest, spend time traveling, have a battle, travel back, claim reward, repeat. Personally, even if they do have captivating combat animations, employing a worn out economy "quest" system is just tasteless. That's what it looks like they are doing. I thought devs would learn by now...
  7. 1. Salvage code from LOD & previous titles 2. Deceive artists with sketchy papers and threaten lawsuit. 3. ??? 4. Profits! What are you going on about exactly? Forget about it. Going on the belief that creating models and artwork is very expensive, I was suggesting you coerce your art team to work for free, and make ill gained "profits". A bad attempt at humour on my part.
  8. 1. Salvage code from LOD & previous titles 2. Deceive artists with sketchy papers and threaten lawsuit. 3. ??? 4. Profits!
  9. I'm just going to bump this topic...because... we want it. Also, Are any construction features being considered? And is the remake itself still being considered? I mean...we don't want to wear you out...but...if you're going to call it quits after GCO, you might as well allow us convince you to do this. Consider it the ultimate "Fuck you" tribute to Derek Smart's Desktop Commander. Besides, more free advertising to you and your games if you officially announce it. You can issue a press release saying you have hemorrhoids and every damn PC gamer website is going to hump your leg for an interview. You are the buzz of the industry, unlike that Kris Robhards dude, or whoever that scam artist is. You are pretty much off-setting the costs by increasing interest in your previous titles. If anything it might net you another 100 million! Surely at the very least someone will google your name and read the wikipedia article, and maybe even go dig a little deeper and get some biographical information. Does it not become all worth it when you are known by the ordinary man and scrawny teenager? When you have the ability to absorb the life force of another human being and merge it with your own? When you constantly dream of a massive pyramid on a distant planet with a mysterious voice saying, "This is your home now."? Sack anybody on your payroll who is advising you to not do this. They are tools and can never hope to comprehend your existence. If you don't do this remake, I will exhale loudly through my nostrils. You have been warned.
  10. UCCE 1.14 (the last patch before the 2.0 standalone) is the one with the Multiplayer support, so to answer your first question, yes. However, multiplayer is dead for the UC games. There used to be occasional sessions a couple of years ago but we stopped doing those due to lack of interest. It isn't anything special anyways, single player campaigns/roam are far superior. The only 2 reasons to purchase 1.14 are for functional ODS systems and for multiplayer support--which is pretty much useless now-- so I would not bother. Sad but true. I can't think off the top of my head any games that would give you a 'battlecruiser' type MP experience. Galactic Command Online is in the works and is planned to be put out around 2017 for testing (knowing industry, probably 2018 or later), pretty much what you might be looking for. I would link you to the Galactic Command Online website, but it seems the old one got ditched and its FAQ or any relevant information was not transferred to the new website. So here's the thread instead, but it's less informative. http://www.3000ad.com/forum/topic/50026900-and-so-it-begins/. SC is also considering doing a remake of the battlecruiser game http://www.3000ad.com/forum/topic/50027480-battlecruiser-3000ad-remake-worth-doing/ so go post there if you want to support it (I mean, we all do ) (DING DING DING! ATTENTION SUPREME COMMANDER DEREK SMART- Get your intern to update the GCO site, you can grab your own cappuccino!)
  11. "The whole Derek Smart thing is just a part of the industry," Must save you lots of money on advertising
  12. From http://www.3000ad.com/2014/06/line-of-defense-headed-to-early-access/ I lol'd at this, considering SC thinks very poorly of the steam community (or has strongly given the impression). Also, just a question, are the tactical advancement items binded to your character, or can you lose them if you die? Seems like a bad deal if the latter.
  13. It looks like it has what BC/UC has always lacked; the empire part. It is pre alpha so I can't really make any judgments on it yet, but I really hope they do focus on flagship control and internal ship/crew management.
  14. Can we expect the same composer(s) from your previous titles to be working on the music for LOD?
  15. It isn't playable yet. Don't forget about strain on the servers.
  16. You haven't even played LOD yet...
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