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  1. Here. (also deleted a duplicate thread)
  2. The niche needs a wake up call. Greed, lack of creativity, and incommunicado with the playerbase is ruining the genre, and probably the entire market in general (Stardrive, Horizon, XRebirth, etc). Many developers are so concerned about having their product(s) appeal to the largest crowd possible that they end up alienating a lot of people with their 'casual' little games, more specifically, hardcore gamers. If anything, I believe a modern day remake of BC3K, if done properly, could sway a large majority of the remaining hardcore gamers towards your game. The only problem imo is that you might have to compete with Star Citizen for players. That being said, I would love to see a remake of such a fascinating game. Although, I do have some questions; 1) Will there be a large amount of testers (beta/alpha test access, etc) or only a handful? 2) How heavily will you weigh player feedback, and would you consider doing project changes through polls if enough people felt a certain way? 3) Will there only be 1 capital ship (DLC excluded) that you can choose from commanding? 4) Do you have any "stretch goals" in mind? Do you even believe in stretch goals? 5) What does the 4 million entail specifically (wages, art, etc)? 6) Would you consider lowering your crowd funding goal under any conditions? 7) What stocks are you investing in that are working out really well for you?
  3. Still here. I personally would have liked to see GCO to come first. Can't say that ground combat games are my niche.
  4. Looks a lot like Starsector, which is what I've been playing for the last couple of days.
  5. Light green to dark green? That would indicate that they went from being under your command to just being your allies, ergo you lost tactical control over them. I never really messed with ground combat, but what commands did you issue to the team?
  6. Such is the life of V2. It has several bugs, mostly on the graphical side of things. You just need to memorize where the location of the 'ghost' buttons are and you should be fine. You can switch to the previous version (1.14(assuming you bought the original UCCE and got the free V2 upgrade) to get rid of those bugs, but the graphics won't be as nice and you won't have access to a couple of sweet craft.
  7. FYI, the game isn't being officially released until "week of Feb 1st on all supported platforms", so that is when you should start looking for it. Trust me, I already spent 15 minutes trying to find it before I found that out
  8. I actually haven't played it new yet. The PC reset wiped everything off. I just installed it, and it launched fine. I've got about an hour and a half until my next class so I'll try to crank in some game time.
  9. Holy crap, looks so much different than the last time I saw it. And it's on the front page! Gave you a 10/10 rating. Hope that bumps up your ranking
  10. Here. I will probably give tactics a go after finals. Don't know if it's going to hold me until LoD is released, though. I haven't spent spent full price on a game in years so it's likely I will just stick with the free version and give a review. College students can't afford to spend money on video games lol.
  11. Getting that same EXCEPTION crap again with the desura version
  12. Desura nickname canshow Will probably have time to give feedback this Sunday
  13. Kind of here. Dat college lyfe, yi yi. *cough*
  14. I recognize some of those ...assets
  15. I wouldn't count the opinion of someone who can't read a game manual.
  16. I mean, it really depends. If the game plays like shit, people aren't going to want to play it. If it plays great, then there will be no problem with recruitment. And if there aren't enough people, Derek can always grab Sony by the balls and steal people from their shitty Planetside 2 game, or just spam advertisements everywhere. But yeah, I don't know what to expect. I just hope that the game is stable when it is launched into beta. Nothing worse than a game that crashes all the time or has an abundance of game mechanic bugs.
  17. Aye, starting roll call Report in, Insurgent Fleet!
  18. Personally I like this one the best; I am in the process of scribing this one out for the electric guitar. I get a tingling feeling where I pee whenever I hear it, so i figure it's worth tabbing.
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