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    Humble request to consider PhysX hardware support

    Ok What about really widescreen TripleHead2Go,2400x600,3072x768,3840x1024?You are almost there with 1080i/p,I think,aren't you?
  2. Roentgen

    Round of applause for the UC/BC series

    I've been hooked since I got the BC3K demo,way back when.I was impressed by the depth,scope,scale...THIS was the future of space sims,I am Kirk,Iam Adama.The only problem was it ran like an arthritic 3-legged dog on my craptacular machine My 'Ultimate Wishlist' for the Battlecruiser franchise has always been short and have been discussed in their day: Multi-monitors...bridge main veiwer on mon1,tacops ( perscan,logistics,et al. ) on mon2 would have been cool. Ship interiors... even generic floorplans based on ship class would have been enough,but would have still been an un-godly amount of extra work. Multi-player..... given the direction technology was heading and the game practically screams lan-party,we were probably going to get it eventually anyway. The 10+ years of developing the same game into its next iteration sets the SC in a class well above the drones that would have just done a sequel in 'flavor-of-the-month'.
  3. Roentgen

    Humble request to consider PhysX hardware support

    In light of the recent purchase of ageia by nvidia and their intent to run physx on the gpu,could we revisit this? 1. nvidia has to have better dev support than ageia had. 2. I think more of us have GF cards 3. Beyond my abilities,I'll defer to you. 4. Dedicated add-on..yes. Dedicated built-in...no. check out FASTRA While we are on humble requests,what about really widescreen TripleHead2Go 2400x600,3072x768,3840x1024?