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  1. All right. After lotsa time being a mercenary... it seems that now i'd like to... ehem... be quite more formal in my duties. So i'd like to start a carrier with gammulan military in a G Super Carrier (OK, i know i said it's slow and things like that... but the amount of fighters and other vehicles makes them... tempter). But before going into a galactic killing spree, i'd love to know some things.

    1. What artifacts can the G-Supercarrier use? (i know it can't use the T.A. nor the K.R.).

    2. Is it possible to gain rank, so i might command a fleet when being gammulan? (Not Galcom, not Terran Military).

    thank you...

  2. Well... right now i'm acting as merc and (i recommend you so) in order to trade, what i do is to...

    1. Land my ship on any empty region of any planet.

    2. Deploy mi shuttle and start trading with it.


    1. Since shuttles are faster, you can make great amounts of profit in a short time (i got 120 millions in 23 hours).

    2. With your ship docked you earn...

    a. No radine nor pluto spent

    b. The fact that your marines will increase their experience safely. Just by keeping them alive.

    So, when you reach about 4 or 5 days (dont forget to resupply your ship with nutripacks and to let them rest from time to time) you will have lotsa money and experience to fight whoever goes in your path.

    That's the only way to prevent it buddy...

    P.D. There is also a useful bug on it... f.e. Lets see you have a trading route between Polaris and Earth. You go from galcom with your shuttle and loads of weapons to Polaris space station. Now, after selling them all fall back to Polaris 2 (the planet). When in planet (shift 9 to planetfall) just "select" your own ship in priority list and "dock" into it.

    You will apear in your ship and not in polaris but in earth. Saved half of the time, useful don't you think so?

    And finally... does somebody know how to planetfall into specific locations of a determined planet? I mean, it's quite boring to wait until my cruisser reaches 12000 km from one point to another...

  3. Bueno, este tema es para sondear-buscar para ver si hay alguien aqui que hable este idioma... digo no, alguien que venga de Espa±a, o algun pais de America Latina (como yo que soy del Peru).

  4. Well... for me... BC's... i mean, with BC's one gets huge firepower (Warmonger, Starcarrier and so on) and propper maneuverability. So it's quite easy to take on those other Cap ships and even stations... but what about you?.

    P.D. I would preffer G Super Carrier, but it seems to slow and vulnerable for me...

  5. Hello. Well, one thing i could not find in the manual of BC millenium was a trading route. I mean, i would like to have a chart of planets so i might know what thing does any planet produce (if bio, water, and so on) without having to go to the station of the planet.

    Also, a place where to find a description of each of the items found as tradable in tradcom. Just to know what to buy.

  6. OK, i got to play millenium... and it runs reasonably smooth. However, i guess i shouldn`t try to download universal combat, as it requires P╬V 1.7 and mine one is PIII 1.1. It`s quite old don`t you think so?.

    By the way... does somebody there know where can i get a pdf manual of the game (of millenium). Just since i got no idea on how to trade, fight and such as things (specially being the commander of my own ship).

  7. Hi... i`m Pedro and i`m from Peru. Since i love spacecraft theme games (i came from playin old FFE)... i just wanted to play something more. Unfortunatelly, my PC does not let me play something more advanced than millenium (i am testing it right now) and i do not have the money to buy a new one. But by the way... could somebody tell me more about the game? I mean i downloaded it since other people has talked a lot about it XD.

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