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    "debugger detected: please close it down and restart"

    I'm using XP, service pack 2. Have tried googling but only seem to find a 'linux' file of some kind (paraphrased) that doesn't seem to address the problem at all. As you may have guessed, I'm not going to win any prizes for my technical know-how anytime soon!
  2. Hi There, I'm a total newbie to this forum so apologies if this an old ghost that has already been laid to rest. I bought battlecruiser millennium gold from Amazon on a whim and I'm having a hellish time trying to get it to run on my machine. I understand that downloading divx 5.05 is the suggested solution to the particular problem I'm having. Can anyone supply me witha reliable link or recomend a source for this download? Alternatively, if there is some other way of resolving this issue I'd love to hear about it. Thanks in advance to anyone out there who can help