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    UC:AWA Issue

    I isolated the problem by changing one setting at a time, loading up a ground combat mission, quitting, and repeating about 10 or 15 time. Something to do with antialiasing, I think; my workaround was not enabling it in the game options and then turning it on through the NVIDIA Control Panel. I didn't say that the problem is in CE or SE, just that it is likely that the games (because they share a common code) and would likely have similar issues. I don't want to argue with you: I have an incredible amount of respect for you and the work that you do, and consider UC (which I also own) and AWA extremely fine examples of simulation gaming. I share your regret that the gaming industry is moving in a different direction, and would love to see more games of the BC/UC type. Personally, I put you in a league of developers--such as Will Wright, Sid Meiers, and Rick Goodman--who have been pioneers in the industry, developing unique, creative, and enjoyable games.
  2. Originally, Planetfall in a CC wasn't even part of the game--your only option for ingression was a shuttle. So it makes a little sense that you can't directly deploy an OC from the CC. In fluff terms, I could definitely see a possible explanation being that CCs have no bays capable of directly deploying an OC.
  3. BHunterSEAL

    A Guide to Other Castes

    I mean this game is great, and huge. But I guess what I'm wondering is, what do I do as a Scientist? Or an Explorer?
  4. BHunterSEAL

    UC:AWA Issue

    I realize that yours is a relatively small operation, and that you have a lot of other things to work on, but two-and-a-half years is a very short support lifetime. Especially given that you still support UWA:SE and UWA:CE, which, while there have been tweaks and improvements, are still based on fundamentally the same coding (and likely would have similar issues). I just used the resolution example as a reason why I wouldn't necessarily want to keep the game at default settings. But I think the fact that I've replicated the problem on another system means that it's not a problem with my system. The first thing I did was read the FAQ, and did everything it suggested--updated drivers, and so on. Incidentally, was about the same response I got on the old forums over two years ago, when the game was new. I'm not trying to be argumentative or anything.
  5. BHunterSEAL

    UC:AWA Issue

    You've seen my system. Something about running the game at the default 800x600 screen resolution just doesn't sit right with me. I stopped touching the DXT/Optimized Models options and left those as a default, but the problem persists. And, as I said, I have tried OFF/OFF ON/ON OFF/ON and ON/OFF combinations of these settings and restarted (as it states in the manual I must do for these options). So I don't know whether or not it's related to these options, I just thoerized that because the problem occurs ONLY after running the game after the first time--and those two settings should be the only ones that apply non-immediately, according to the manual. I'm not sure which, if any, of the options are doing that. But yeah, having to delete the config file and re-configuring every time is a pain. I can't think of any reason why that'd be happening, though, it shouldn't.
  6. I have quite an issue with UC:AWA. And I am 100% positive it is not a problem with my computer, because I can replicate it on another computer with a completely different set-up (i.e., different version of windows, graphics card, drivers, etc.). I configure the game's options (to their max settings, given the system which I include details of below) and start the game. I can play with no issues, no problem. But eventually, life needs to be attended to, and I quit the game. Firing it back up, I find that I cannot enter first-person mode, either through exiting a ship or starting a first-person mission. The game crashes to the desktop each and every time I try. The only rectification for this is to delete my ucconfig file in the game directory, restart the game, and re-configure the graphics options. I believe the problem could be with DXT Compressed Textures or Optimized Models, and I have tried every combination of these options (with quitting and going back in so they take effect) with no result other than CTD when I attempt to enter first person mode. It's gotten so bad that I deleted the UC icon from my desktop and replaced it with a folder shortcut to the game directory so that I never forget to delete ucconfig before starting the game. But seriously, that's not acceptable. The same thing occured on a previous install on a different computer. My drivers for EVERYTHING are up-to-date. My computers: Dual-Core XPS 1730 @ 2.5Ghz 2 x 512 MB NVIDIA GeForce 8800M GTX GPUs in SLI (that is, the best mobile GPU currently on the market, and I have two of them) 4 GB Dual-channel RAM AGEIA PhysX 100M Processor XP SP2 (it said it came with 3!) Single-Core Inspiron 5160 Pentium 4 @3.06Ghz 64MB Geforce Go5200 512 MB RAM XP SP2 >>>>Note that the game was virtually unplayable on this computer a few years back, and when I tried to get support for my issues, I was treated EXTREMELY rudely by some members on the old forums (including people that I believe were employees of 3000AD at the time), and gave up. I have since got it working on this one. Please help with this issue.
  7. BHunterSEAL

    A Guide to Other Castes

    Alright, so this game is at its best playing as one of the military castes--Earthcom, Military, Raiders, Insurgents, Police, et. cetera. But there are many, many other options available--like commercial, traders, scientists, explorers, and so on. What exactly do you do as one of them? Don't say whatever you want, because that's a given.